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Anti Static Floor Mat

Anti Static Floor Mat

  • CAT.NO: TH1786
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Anti Static Floor Mat

This anti-static floor mat is made from conductive PVC sheet combined with high density PVC foam. The top layer isgrey in colour, and the bottom is black. Resistivity is: 10(9) -10(11) Ohm /in. for the top layer, and 10(4) - 10(6) Ohm /in. for the bottom layer. Size of the mat is 2 metres x 1 metre x 2mm thick. There are 2 stud fasteners on the mat, so it can be earthed to the right side, or left side (by turning the mat around). Note - only use one stud! Grounding leads available separately.

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11.83896 l

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3.56 kg

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1 pc

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Packaged Length

101.5 cm

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10.8 cm

Packaged Height

10.8 cm

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14.976 l

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