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Android Apps - Programming Step-by-Step

Android Apps - Programming Step-by-Step

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Android Apps - Programming Step-by-Step


When it comes to personalising your Smartphone don't feel limited to off the shelf applications. Creating your own apps and programming Android® devices far is easier than you might think. This book is an invaluable introduction to programming apps for Android® devices. The book explains the operation of the Android® OS in a clear step-by-step method.

The book offers a wide range of applications based on hands-on examples, covering everything from simple math programs, reading sensors and GPS data, right up to programming for advanced Internet applications. Besides writing applications in the Java programming language, this book also explains how apps can be programmed using Javascript and PHP.

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244 pages

Page count

244 pages


Android Apps - Programming Step-by-Step

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Bound back soft cover

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Second Print


978 1 907920 15 8


Elektor International Media


Stefan Schwark

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