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Sensor Achievements: About Environment Sensors | Jaycar

Sensor Achievements: About Environment Sensors | Jaycar

Updated August 2023

Environment Sensors

Get readings on everything from your gas bottle to your fish tank with these ingenious devices

Digital thermometers and weather stations might be old news to you, but how useful would it be to know how much is left in your rainwater tank? Or perhaps more importantly, whether the barbie is about to run out of gas? Sure, there are analogue gauges that might give you an indication of these types of parameters and others, but for convenience and accuracy, digital instruments win hands down.

Check out these top 10 tools for sensing and measurement.

 Detecting a gas leak could be a matter of life and death. Rather than trying to rely on your nose - which might be tricky if you're checking for escaping gas in a confined space - use a digital tester which can identify acetylene, butane, propane and natural gas (methane).

 You'll never have to worry about running out of fuel at the worst possible moment during a barbecue, thanks to an LPG level monitor that magnetically attaches to a steel gas bottle.

 Measuring pH level in a swimming pool or aquarium can be an arduous task of comparing test strips with a colour chart, which is often inconclusive at best. Save yourself the stress and frustration with a reliable and accurate pH meter.

 Regardless of whether you're testing firewood, floorboards or other materials, the moisture content of timber can have significant implications. A pocket moisture meter is a minor investment for major peace of mind.

 Keeping track of temperature and humidity is imperative for warehousing, food storage and other applications. By the same token, if you're worried about the conditions of a garage or basement where you're keeping sentimental items, a USB datalogger is a must.

 Take the guesswork out of sidestepping water restrictions with a remote water level meter that tells you how much rainwater you have in the tank. The sensor can be installed up to 100m from the base unit, so you can keep an eye on the water level without going outdoors.

 Stay safe during alpine or maritime adventures with a handheld anemometer (wind speed sensor). It also has altimeter, barometric and temperature/wind chill functions, making it like having a weather station in your pocket.

 Whether you're passionate about photography or planning an upgrade to your home or office lighting layout, you'll need an accurate light meter. A unit with a sensor on an extendable cord makes it easy to get a precise reading from exactly the angle you need it.

 Setting up a new 7.1 surround system or checking the ambient noise levels of a home you're inspecting are just two of the many situations when an accurate sound level meter can be an invaluable tool.

 For a whole suite of environment-sensing functions, choose a unit which includes built-in metering of sound and light levels. As if that wasn't enough, it also measures temperature and humidity - and let's not forget it's a full-featured Cat IV (600V) autoranging DMM.

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