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8-Zone 2-Partition Alarm Panel

8-Zone 2-Partition Alarm Panel

  • CAT.NO: LA5361
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8-Zone 2-Partition Alarm Panel
An alarm control panel with 8 protection zones and 2 zones for panic and duress alarms. Designed for home and office protection, the system gives local alarm warnings when an alarm occurs. Supplied with one alarm control panel and one master control keypad.

Alarm features:
• 8 Zones, programmable for instant, delay, 24-hour instant or 24-hour silent alarm
• Programmable master code and 8 user codes
• Programmable time for exit, entry delays and alarm duration
• Arm/disarm from keypad or remotely
• Programmable response time for each zone
• Audible warning for entry and exit
• Built-in battery charger and tester
• Up to 4 keypads can be connected
• Low-power watchdog
• Non-volatile memory
• Suitable backup battery: 12V, 7.2Ah available separately - SB-2486
• Suitable 17VAC plugpack: MP-3022

• Operating voltage: 16.5VDC
• Entry delay: 15 - 90 seconds
• Exit delay: 60 seconds
• Alarm duration: 3 - 5 minutes or unlimited
• Alarm outputs: 12VDC, 2.5A

Dimensions: Control panel - 168(W) x 168(H) x 78(D)mm
Keypad - 117(W) x 117(H) x 27(D) mm

Note: This alarm panel includes a functional alarm dialler, however, it is not approved for use in Australia / New Zealand, as such we recommend that you do not connect it to the telephone network.
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