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6V 4.5Ah SLA Battery

6V 4.5Ah SLA Battery

  • CAT.NO: SB2496

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6V 4.5Ah SLA Battery
1 Year Warranty

These versatile 6V Sealed Lead Acid batteries have a huge range of uses and are found in everything from kids toy cars to portable hot water systems, emergency lights to medical devices. 

Tech Specs:

Initial Charge current: Less than 1.35A at 7.2V~7.5V @ 25degC
Discharge current: 20 hr rate 225mA (4.5Ah)
Max Discharge Current (5 sec): 45A
Weight: 700g


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Product Dimensions


70.0 mm


106.0 mm


47.0 mm

Battery Charging

Recharging Voltage


Standard Recharge Current

500.0 A

Recharging Time

12.0 hr

Batteries and Battery Packs

Battery usage


Battery Chemical Composition

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

Battery Peak Current

67.5 A

Amp Hour Rating

4.5 Ah

20 Hour Capacity

4.5 Ah

10 Hour Capacity

4.05 Ah

5 Hour Capacity

3.6 Ah

1 Hour Capacity

2.7 Ah

Internal Resistance

22.0 mΩ

Connection Type

Spade Terminals

Type of battery

SLA Block

DC Voltage Rating

DC Voltage

6.0 V

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Dimensions

7.6cm(Length) x 11.9cm(Width) x 5.6cm(Height)


14 September 2023

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