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5.8GHz 1080p HDMI Sender/Receiver

5.8GHz 1080p HDMI Sender/Receiver

  • CAT.NO: AR1877
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5.8GHz 1080p HDMI Sender/Receiver
Transmit real time 1080p HDMI signal without any video loss or compression to a flat panel TV in another room. It uses the WHDI® standard for transmitting uncompressed HDMI signals wirelessly to a receiver in any room up to 25m away. The unit is able to transmit to up to four receivers, however will only display to one receiver at any given time. An IR receiver can be plugged into the sender unit so you can use any remote control to operate the source from the receiving end. Setup is truly plug and play, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

• Operating frequency: 5.8GHz
• Video input resolution: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480i
• Audio format support: Up to 10Mbps, up to 192kHz x 24bit AC-3 and DTS
• Infra-red Carrier Frequency: 38kHz
• IR Frequency: 38kHz
• Data transmission rate: 3Gbps
• RF Power: 38kHz
• Latency: < 1ms
• Power consumption: 6-7W
• Receiver/Sender dimensions: 154(H) x 92(W) x 20(D)mm

Add-ons available separately:
Extra receiver - AR1876
4 input HDMI switcher desinged to plug directly into the transmitter - AR1874
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4.845 l

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1.15 kg

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28.5 cm

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20 cm

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8.5 cm

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5.377 l

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