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55F 2.5VDC Super Capacitor

55F 2.5VDC Super Capacitor

  • CAT.NO: RE6704
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55F 2.5VDC Super Capacitor

This is not a misprint!

These specially engineered capacitors are actually a high-tech energy storage device - not the standard capacitors which they look identical to. Using a new combination manufacturing process where nano suface structured carbon is combined with an organic electrolytes, this technique enables these capacitors to store 100 times the energy of a standard electrolytic capacitor.

The main applications are energy storange at a circuit board level replacing the bulkier secondary batteries which are currently used. Essentially anywhere high energy storage is needed.


- High density of energy
- Long lifetime (10 years)
- High cycle life (over 500,000 cycles)


Capacitor type

Super cap

Polarised Capacitor


Passive Component

Passive mount type

Through Hole

Passive connector type

Solder Legs

Component package


Passive number of legs

2 count

Passive marking code



7.5 mm

Component Type

Electrolytic Capacitor

Pack Quantity

1 pc

DC Voltage Rating

DC Voltage

2.5 V

Capacitance Rating

Item capacitance

55 F

Product Dimensions


40 mm


18 mm

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Volume

0.01792 l

Packaged Weight

0.014 kg

Packaged Qty

1 pc

Packaged Type

Loose Packed (no packaging on unit)

Packaged Length

1.6 cm

Packaged Width

1.6 cm

Packaged Height

7 cm

Packaged Hangs


Package Stands


Package Stacks


Shipping Volume

0.05 l

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