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300W Hot Air SMD Rework Station

300W Hot Air SMD Rework Station

  • CAT.NO: TS1645
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300W Hot Air SMD Rework Station
1 Year Warranty
SMD rework is a challenging task, but this rework station helps you get it done. With 300W of power and a selection of tip sizes, it allows you the precision and flexibility required to get it done. By using hot air rather than a soldering iron, you provide a more uniform heat transfer and can melt all solder pads at once, providing a method to remove the chip safely and effectively. You can then clean up the PCB, and use soldering paste (not included) to solder your new chip in place. Temperature selection is done via the digital display and push buttons, while air flow is controlled via the rotary dial. The base unit features an integrated dock for the blower to keep it from burning anything, which also puts it into automatic sleep mode. Lift the blower and it will quickly come back to temperature.

• Automatic Sleep Function
• LED Display
• Variable Air Flow
• Suitable for SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA & more
• Air Flow Control: Rotary Dial
Soldering Station

Temperature display


Temp selection method

Push button

Analogue or Digital?


Mains powered

Rated for AU Mains


Mains Voltage Range

240 V

Soldering Iron

Soldering iron type

SMD Soldering Iron

Soldering Power Rating

300 W

Spare Tips Available


Alternate Tips Available



100 °C


500 °C

Temperature Regulated


Soldering Iron Tip



Display Screen

Screen Type

Flat Panel Screen (LCD)

Screen Backlit

LED Backlit

Product Dimensions


160 mm


113 mm


123 mm


1 kg

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Volume

6.435 l

Packaged Weight

1.325 kg

Packaged Qty

1 pc

Packaged Type

Gift Box

Packaged Length

27.5 cm

Packaged Width

18 cm

Packaged Height

13 cm

Shipping Volume

7.511 l

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