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2.4GHz AV Sender/Receiver

2.4GHz AV Sender/Receiver

  • CAT.NO: AR1836
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2.4GHz AV Sender/Receiver
Pipe your audio and video all over the house wirelessly on the 2.4GHz band.
Use your cable, TV, CD, DVD remote to change channels, volume and settings from the receiver end of this 2.4GHz system.

Features a phase-locked loop (PLL) electronic circuit that constantly adjusts, locking onto any input signal and avoiding any reception drift. Send stereo audio and video pictures around your home, shop or office, allowing you to watch video or listen to hi-fi quality stereo sound anywhere. Send surveillance camera images to another part of the building. All without the need to run cables.

AV Transmitter
• Operating frequency band: 2.400-2.4835GHz
• Transmit power output: 10dBm
• Modulation: FM (video and audio)
• Video input level: 1V pp @75ohm
• Input port: 3 phono (L and R audio, video)
• Antenna: Integrated omni directional
• IR-remote IR output: 940nm with ON/OFF keying
• Power consumption: 9VDC, 400mA

AV Receiver
• Operating frequency band2.400-2.4835GHz
• Sensitivity: 80dBm minimum
• Video output level: 1V pp @75ohm
• Audio output level: 1Vpp @600ohm(stereo)
• Output port: 3 phono (L and R audio, video)
• IR-remote Transmit frequency: 433.92MHz
• IR freq.. Input: 32KHz ~ 38KHz
• Power consumption: 9VDC, 400mA
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