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0-9 BCD Pushwheel

0-9 BCD Pushwheel

  • CAT.NO: SR1250
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0-9 BCD Pushwheel
These pushwheel switches can be ganged together to make any combination and can be panel mounted using the optional pair of endcaps (SR-1254). Switch positions (0 - 9) indicated via large numbers (white on black) and outputs are BCD coded. Optional spacers (SR-1256) can be ganged together to provide spacing (7.62mm each) between the switches.


Switching Current: 100mA Max
Continuous Current: 500mA Max

SR-1250 - 0 - 9 Pushwheel switch
SR-1254 - End caps to suit (pair)
SR-1256 - Spacer
Electromechanical Switch

Switch Type


Cycle Life

100000 cycles

Contact Resistance

200 Ω

Insulation Resistance

100 Ω

Dielectric Strength

500 V

Mechanism Material


Switch Colour Coded


AC Voltage Rating

AC Voltage rating

50 V

DC Voltage Rating

DC Voltage

28 V

DC Current Rating

DC current rating

500 mA

Operating Temperature and Humidity

Operating Temperature

65 °C

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Volume

0.00651 l

Packaged Weight

0.005 kg

Packaged Qty

1 pc

Packaged Type

Loose Packed (no packaging on unit)

Packaged Length

0.8 cm

Packaged Width

2.2 cm

Packaged Height

3.7 cm

Packaged Hangs


Package Stands


Package Stacks


Shipping Volume

0.0192 l

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