The 4 Best Security Systems

Our top security systems to protect your family, valuables, home or office.

In the big wide world of home surveillance, figuring out which system is right for your needs isn't always an easy task. That's why we've compiled our four favourite kits to really help you narrow down your search.

Get the clearest vision
Having another pair of eyes on the case is always a good idea, and this package has six!
Why we're fans: Not only are these 6 cameras ultra-HD and weatherproof to safeguard your home, they also protect your data by storing footage in FTP storage or Dropbox™, and send push notifications to your phone.
When it'll save the day: Forget squinting at blurry video to work out what's going on, these cameras build a crystal-clear picture of all activity around your building. If you're out and about, a buzz in your pocket will alert you of any movements, which you can then check in real-time or via playback video on an app.

Have total control
Keep your home safe day and night, wherever you are, with these Wi-Fi battery cameras.
Why we're fans: They are easy to set-up, you can watch live or playback video from anywhere in the world on your iOS or Android Smartphone, the built-in microphone and speaker enables you to listen and talk via your Smartphone to the person on camera and the optional solar panel means the battery can be continually recharged in off-grid environments.
When it'll save the day: If you're at work but you suspect suspicious activity at home or you want to check if a package has been delivered, connect your camera to the internet via Ethernet to view the motion-triggered footage.

Look out on the yard
No power? No problem. This trail camera will give you peace of mind in remote locations.
Why we're fans: With motion detection, night operation and up to 3 months of battery life, mount this water-resistant camera on a tree or wall and record from anywhere.
When it'll save the day: If you need to monitor livestock and protect supplies from intruders on a farm, this camera is an excellent choice. It's also a great way to help deter trespassing and theft in your backyard, or to check on employees on construction sites.

Go wireless
If you want a security system that you can count on and tuck out of sight, then wireless is for you.
Why we're fans: These four 1080p bullet cameras have built-in microphones, infrared LEDs and thermal detection. Setup is easy, plus you can opt to send notifications to your smartphone.
When it'll save the day: If you're renting or unable to drill into walls for some other reason, just place these cameras in strategic locations and you're ready to roll.

-Updated April 2022

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