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Studio 350 - High Power Amplifier Studio 350 - High Power Amplifier KC5372 83.00

Studio 350 - High Power Amplifier

CAT.NO: KC5372

  • Studio 350 - High Power Amplifier
Studio 350 - High Power Amplifier

Studio 350 - High Power Amplifier

CAT.NO: KC5372

Ref: Silicon Chip Jan / Feb 2004
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Assembly Required

Ref: Silicon Chip Jan / Feb 2004. STUDIO QUALITY DISTORTION, STUDIO QUALITY NOISE, STUDIO QUALITY POWER! Introducing the Studio 350. This is not for the faint hearted. The Studio 350 power amplifier will deliver a whopping 350WRMS into 4 ohms, or 200WRMS into 4 ohms. It offers some real grunt without any compromise, using 8 (yes, EIGHT!) 250V 200W plastic power transistors - four MJL21193/4 complementary pairs to be precise. It is super quiet, with a signal to noise ratio of -125dB(A) at full 8 ohm power. Harmonic distortion is fantastic - just 0.002%, and frequency response is almost flat (less than -1dB) between 15Hz and 60kHz!. We have mentioned the power, but we forgot to give you the music power figures of 240W* into 8 ohms and 480W* into 4 ohms! An incredible amount of power, at an incredible quality. If you want a serious power amp, with some serious grunt, you can't go past the Studio 350. Kit supplied in short form with PCB and electronic components. Kit requires heatsink and +/- 70V power supply (a suitable supply is described in the instructions). * Power figures applicable when described power supply is used. Stu See in store for our great deal on power supply components for this kit.

Note: The following parts are not included with the purchase of this kit.

Items required to build power Supply:
• 1 x MT2146 50+50V 500VA Toroidal
• 2 x RM7165 470n 100V Capacitor
• 4 x RR2802 15k / 1W Resistors
• 6 x RU6710 8000U 80V Electrolytic Capacitors
• 1 x ZR1324 35A 400V Bridge RectifierM

Recommended fan cooled heatsink components:
• 2 x HH8532 254mm Fan Assisted Heatsink Half
• 1 x YX2510 240VAC 80mm Fan

Assembly required
Warranty: 3 Months

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