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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are core to the advancement of Electronics, and we can’t see Electronics disappearing anytime soon.

What’s great about Electronics is that it reaches all parts of the STEM spectrum, and it also encourages critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are at the very core of STEM learning, and are also great abilities that apply in other walks of life. Electronics is of course very close to us, and our staff don’t just sell Electronics, but know and understand it as well.

As you can imagine, we’ve got products that will let you not just learn electronics, but to take it as far as you can imagine.


LittleBits are circuit modules that snap together by means of magnets. Children are able to fit different pieces together and observe how they interact. The bright colours and ease of use make LittleBits feel more like a toy to children. Apps and online resources available.

Ages 8+ recommended.

Circuit Scribe

Draw circuits with a conductive pen and magnetic components. Templates included. Also teaches electric circuit principles, but allowing an artistic element- circuits can be drawn artistically but still work electrically. Good for engaging kids with an artistic leaning.

Ages 8+ recommended.



World of Arduino

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Arduino Compatible Projects Page

Arduino was designed as a way to allow anyone, young or old, to easily start programming and building circuits with microcontrollers. There is now a huge community of Arduino enthusiasts, prepared to share their wealth of knowledge and continuing to support its growth. Visit the arduino.cc website to learn more about the world of Arduino. We've amassed a huge collection of Arduino compatible boards, shields and modules, and the range continues to grow. What's great about the world of Arduino is that once a circuit has been built on a breadboard, we have the components to turn it into a completed, permanent project.

Recommended for Ages 12+.




Short Circuits 1

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Before STEM was even heard of, kids were learning electronics with Jaycar’s very own Short Circuits. It has a focus on understanding of electric circuits by building real circuits with real components and learning circuit principles without soldering. In depth project guide with explanations. If you have a child who really wants to learn about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of electronics, then Short Circuits is the way to do it.

Ages 8+ recommended



Short Form Kits

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Just like Short Circuits 1, Short Circuits 2 and 3 are the real deal for learning electronics. Using PCB’s and components just like you would find in many real-life products, Short Circuits 2 and 3 encourages genuine electronics and assembly skills, including soldering and troubleshooting techniques. Recommended as the next step for someone who has already completed Short Circuits 1 or even Arduino projects.

Varying skill levels and equipment required, minimum ages typically 12+.




Snap-On Kits

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These kits allow children 6 years and older to learn about electronics whilst having fun. All of the brightly coloured parts simply snap together without any need for screws or soldering. The parts can be easily taken apart to be reused for other experiments over and over again.

• Suitable for ages 6+
• No tools or soldering required
• Powered by AA batteries (Sold separately)
• Includes coloured instruction manuals





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