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Coding, programming and the creation of software is another growing field. Indeed, some people are comparing programming languages to written and spoken languages in the way they allow us to communicate and reflect on our own thoughts. Having an understand of coding allows us the lateral thought to process information in different ways. In addition, Coding adds an extra dimension when combined with electronics and robotics.

But Coding doesn't have to mean sitting down in front of a screen full of indecipherable symbols. These days, Coding is as simple as clicking some icons in an app or even scanning a barcode. Thanks to products from the world of Arduino, Coding has become more and more accessible, but is by no means limited in what it can accomplish.



MBot is an Arduino based robot kit with multiple sensors including ultrasonic distance and line following capabilities. It pairs via Bluetooth with an app for control and programming. mBot can be programmed with Scratch based drag and drop language or Arduino IDE. The solidly made body is a good basis for Arduino robot projects, and is designed to be easily expanded.

There are numerous lesson resources available online.

Recommended for ages 12+.


Edison Programmable Robot - Ideal for school classroom education

Compact programmable robot with many online and printable lesson resources make this robot ideal for teachers and educators or parents who don’t have knowledge of robotics and coding. MeetEdison can be programmed via barcodes printed on booklets, using a graphical drag-and-drop language, or even a high-level Python-like language (EdPython). With a wide range of programming methods and compatibility with many toy block systems, MeetEdison is the robot for all age groups.

Recommended for ages 5+.

World of Arduino

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Arduino was designed as a way to allow anyone, young or old, to easily start programming and building circuits with microcontrollers. There is now a huge community of Arduino enthusiasts, prepared to share their wealth of knowledge and continuing to support its growth. Visit the arduino.cc website to learn more about the world of Arduino. We've amassed a huge collection of Arduino compatible boards, shields and modules, and the range continues to grow. What's great about the world of Arduino is that once a circuit has been built on a breadboard, we have the components to turn it into a completed, permanent project.

Recommended for Ages 12+.





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