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Smart Test Screwdriver Smart Test Screwdriver TD2055 15.90 In stock

Smart Test Screwdriver

CAT.NO: TD2055

- Capacitor check- Diode check- Transister check- Globe/relay/fuse/speaker/resistor check- Locating broken wire- Picks up static radiation of TV or mo...
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- Capacitor check
- Diode check
- Transister check
- Globe/relay/fuse/speaker/resistor check
- Locating broken wire
- Picks up static radiation of TV or monitor
- Instantaniously checks AC power
- Earth disconnection check

Smart screwdriver is the latest in hi-tech test screwdrivers.It allows you to check / test the following safely:

- AC voltages: Contact method from 70 to 250V AC Non contact method from 70 to 250V AC
- DC voltage test up to 250V DC
- Continuity check - L = 0 to 5M, - H = 0 to 2,000 Mohm
- Polarity check 1.5V to 36V DC
- Microwave leak detector greater or equal to 5MW/CM2
- Wrong mains connection check
- Check operating condition of negative Ion generators
- It is also a screwdriver!!!
- Supplied with comprehensive instructions
- Brightly coloured
- Batteries included

Warranty: 12 Months