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Since it's inception the Short Circuits learning system has become the preferred platform from which students can confidently tackle the various levels of modern electronics. The system consists of Short Circuits books and their own series of construction projects. Although written with beginners in mind, the books are incredibly thorough without being intimidatin and more importantly, they're written with an emphasis on FUN!

Short Circuits 1 Book and Project Kit

A great way to teach kids about electronics - no soldering required!Kit includes baseboard, springs and components to make 20+ projects,and 96-page coloured Short Circuits Vol. 1, which is complete withcomprehensive assembly instructions and a full technical discussionexplaining exactly how the circuit works.
Short Circuits Volume 1
Our first book in the series uses a learning system designed around a baseboard, which you use to mount their projects. Some of the exciting projects that you can build from this book include:

• Short circuit tester
• Magic Eye light alarm
• Police siren
• Electronic organ
• Sound effects unit
• Light chaser
• Solar powered radio
• 3 types of transistor amplifiers s
• Computer type circuits
And many many more
Click here to download the free complete PDF of Short Circuits Volume 1 (18MB)
Short Circuits Volume 2
Once constructors have the basic skills and knowledge either from a School Design and Technology course, or tackling Short Circuits Vol1, you can now have some real fun! In this edition you can construct

• Mini strobe light
• Police siren
• Mini organ
• Radio transmitters
• An FM radio
Click here to download the free complete PDF of Short Circuits Volume 2 (16MB)
Short Circuits Volume 3
This is the definitive training manual and is far more than the weekend "fun type" superficial approach to electronics. This volume presents more than 30 individual printed circuit board-based construction projects.

Naturally, soldering techniques are discussed in detail, as is the proper use of a digital multimeter. We describe projects that take from just 20 minutes to make to a fully fledged Guitar Sustain which may take several hours to complete but will give constructors an accessory that can last a lifteime.

Each project contains a full technical description.
Click here to download the free complete PDF of Short Circuits Volume 3 (12MB)