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Riston PCB - 152 x 152mm

Riston PCB - 152 x 152mm

  • CAT.NO: HG9970
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Riston PCB - 152 x 152mm

This is basically blank printed circuit board, with a photoresist, factory deposited on it. A photo resist is a chemical that changes composition when exposed to light. The PCB Riston is placed on a flat surface, and your negative artwork is then sandwiched between a sheet of glass and the Riston PCB. You can expose PCB pattern and board in broad daylight, however a controlled source of UV is recommended. After the recommended exposure time, you remove the PCB pattern. Where the Riston was in shadow the photo resist will not have changed chemical composition. Where it has been exposed it will. You then apply the Developer (HG-9964) to complete the process. The copper tracks will still have the Riston present, and this must be removed with Stripper CRS-40/5 (HG-9968).

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0.127872 l

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0.08 kg

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1 pc

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14.4 cm

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14.8 cm

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0.6 cm

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0.171 l

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