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Remote Control AV Selector

Remote Control AV Selector

  • CAT.NO: AC1674
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Remote Control AV Selector

Say goodbye to connecting and reconnecting cables because you have run out of A/V inputs on your home theatre system. This device eliminates cable hassles, using the Remote A/V Selector you can add up to 3 A/V sources to your Home theatre's A/V inputs. Easily switch between devices like DVD players, Satellite receiver or game consoles using the front panel or remote control.Specifications:• Input: 3 Sets• Output: 1 Set• Connectors for input: 3 TOSLINK Optical Jacks• 3 S-Video Jacks• 3 Composite Video jacks• 3 Stereo Audio Jacks(R/L)• Connectors for output: 1 TOSLINK Optical Jacks• 1 S-Video Jacks• 1 Composite Video jacks• 1 Stereo Audio Jacks(R/L)• Power: DC Power Jack• Power Requirement: DC 9V / 500mA• Dimension: 240mm(L) x 110mm(W) x 51mm(H)• Weight: 691g• Accessory: DC9V / 500mA power adaptor• Remote Control

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3.542 l

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0.989 kg

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1 pc

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28 cm

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23 cm

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5.5 cm

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4.836 l

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