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Professional Home Automation Package (LA5570)

Professional Home Automation Package (LA5570)

  • CAT.NO: LA5568
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Professional Home Automation Package (LA5570)
A professional package of home automation control system to make your life less complicated. This is an ideal kit of professional home automation products that allows you to protect your family and valuables with 24/7 secured monitoring.

The included Main Alarm Controller enables you to easily build up a fully secure home environment to protect your home, family and property. It offers total control of your home appliances, lighting and power outlets.

This package includes a 240V AC plug in mains controller that is able to remotely activate any mains appliances. The module is designed to be hardwired to a 230VAC source, which then connect up to devices such as lighting, mains switches and appliances which can then be controlled wirelessly. The package also includes a wireless PIR sensor that detects infra-red radiation in 95 degree up to a distance of 5 metres. The LA-5576 siren is designed to receive signals from Home Automation sensors. It can interface with wireless PIR detectors, reed switches and smoke detectors. This package also has 4 x AA Batteries (SB-2425) for siren, 2 x AAA Batteries (SB-2426) for PIR and 1 x CR2032 (SB-2522) for Reed switch.

This home automation package include:

•    Main Alarm Controller – LA-5570
•    240V Mains Switch – LA-5578
•    240V Lighting Controller – LA-5575
•    PIR – LA-5582
•    Reed Switch – LA-5584
•    Siren – LA-5576
•    4 x AA Batteries – SB-2425
•    2 x AAA Batteries – SB-2426
•    1 x CR2032 – SB-2522
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