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New Remote Luxury Pack - 4.0kW Solar New Remote Luxury Pack - 4.0kW Solar MP9006 35,900.00

New Remote Luxury Pack - 4.0kW Solar

CAT.NO: MP9006

Click here for more information ProdCodeDescriptionQtyZM9088Powertech 200W 24V panel20MI525324V 3000W SuperCombi2MP3733SunStar 80A MPPT2SB180212V...
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1-1 $35,900.00
2-3 $35,900.00
4+ $35,900.00
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ProdCode Description Qty
width=45 ZM9088 Powertech 200W 24V panel 20
width=45 MI5253 24V 3000W SuperCombi 2
width=45 MP3733 SunStar 80A MPPT 2
width=45 SB1802 12V-1350Ah Powerstack Battery 4
width=45 MI5278 Battery temp sensor 1
width=45 MI5277 Combi Parallel stack hub 1
width=45 PS5110 MC4 2M-1F joiners 8
width=45 PS5112 MC4 2F-1M joiners 8
width=45 PS5100 MC4 Fem connector 12
width=45 PP5102 MC4 Male connector 12
width=45 WH3121 4mm2 Solar Cable 200
width=45 TH1950 Supercrimp tool 1
width=45 TH1959 PV crimp die 1
width=45 SF4160 HRC Fuse holder/discon NT00 2
width=45 SF4164 HRC Fuse 80A NT00 4
width=45 SF4170 HRC fuse holder/discon NT1 2
width=45 SF4172 HRC fuse 250A NT1 4
width=45 SF4158 4 Pole IP65 dist box 5
width=45 SF4154 10A 2P DC MCB non-polar 10