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MR16 Mount LED Light MR16 Mount LED Light ZD0346 1.31

MR16 Mount LED Light

CAT.NO: ZD0346

  • MR16 Mount LED Light
MR16 Mount LED Light

MR16 Mount LED Light

CAT.NO: ZD0346

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Using the latest in high intensity LED technology, these MR16 lamps pump out a brilliant 160 lumens of white light thanks to a single Cree XR-E LED. This double the light output from the more well known brand LED.

At just 3 watts, these new Cree XR-E LEDs have unprecidented efficiency levels - outperforming flouroscent lamps with around 60 lumens per watt. Built into a well designed aluminium housing to sink heat away from the LED, these MR16 LED lamps are cool to touch and will not emit heat onto the spotlighted object. They also feature a precision collimator lenses to concentrate and focus the light, and 12VAC/DC input to allow direct replacement for existing halogen MR16 lamps without having to change the power supply.

Available in two types - 38° or 60° angle.

Two types:
• ZD-0346 160-Lumen Cree LED MR16 Lamp, 38°
• ZD-0348 160-Lumen Cree LED MR16 Lamp, 60°

Note: These MR16 LED downlight replacements have sensitive electronic circuitry inside them, which makes them unsuitable for use with most switchmode 12VAC-output halogen downlight transformers, commonly known as electronic transformers. They are, however, perfectly suited to be used with switchmode and linear DC power suplies, and linear AC transformers. We have found that using these MR16 LED downlights with the cheap and nasty electronic transformers can not only produce an unwanted flickering light, but can also severely reduce the life expectancy of the LED downlight - which is caused by the high level of electrical noise that is output from such electronic transformers, which is not an issue for a normal Halogen downlight.

Warranty: 3 Months