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miniMaximite Controller Kit

miniMaximite Controller Kit

  • CAT.NO: KC5505
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miniMaximite Controller Kit
Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine November 2011

Note: We supply all of the surface mounted components already pre-soldered to save you time and frustration.

A versatile and intelligent controller to interface with your creations, such as home automation. Features 20 configurable digital/analog inputs or output ports, 128K RAM and 256KB flash memory to hold your program and data. Design and test in MMBasic over a USB link from your PC, then disconnect the PC and the programs continue to operate. Alternatively, hard wire a PC monitor, keyboard, SD card reader and amplified speaker to work independent of a PC. Requires 2.3 - 3.6V DC (2 x AA or use plugpack MP-3310). Kit supplied with PCB, pre-programmed and pre-soldered micro, and electronic components.

* PCB: 78 x 38mm
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Blister Pack - Single

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10 cm

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