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Master / Slave Powerboard with Auto Off

Master / Slave Powerboard with Auto Off

  • CAT.NO: MS4080
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Master / Slave Powerboard with Auto Off

Energy saving made simple. This auto powerboard helps save you money by ensuring your equipment is not left on unintentionally or in standby mode wasting energy and money.

To operate, simply connect your main device (eg. TV or PC) into the control socket, plug the pieces of equipment you wish to turn off automatically into the 'auto' sockets and equipment you wish to leave on into the 'always on socket' (eg. DVR for scheduled recording). Once the powerboard senses that the main device has turned off or gone into stand-by the 'auto' sockets will turn off. Once the control device turns back on, so will the 'auto' sockets.

This model also features an auto power-down feature where the 'auto' sockets turn off after 60 minutes. If no IR signal is detected from the IR sensor that you place under or in front of the TV within 55 minutes an LED will indicate that it will shut-down in 5 minutes time. To prevent shut down simply press any button on your remote control (eg. volume) or press the button on top of the IR sensor.

• 1 Control socket, 4 auto on/off sockets, 1 always on socket
• Automatically turns off your peripheral equipment
• Power on indicator light + board activated light
• LED Surge protection function indicator light
• IR sensor with 5 minute power down warning light

• Power rating: 240V AC, 10A
• Maximum load: 2400W
• Surge protection: 700 joules
• Clamping Voltage: 775V
• Response time: 1ns
• EMI/RF noise filtration: 40dB
• Power & IR cord length: 1.8m
• Dimensions: 340(L) x 120(W) x 35(D)mm

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From 28th of April 2016 onwards, this product can no longer be sold to New South Wales customers.
Powerboard or Multi-adaptor

Type of adaptor

Power Board

Number of Sockets

6 pc

Global Switch


EMI Filter


RFI Filter


AC Voltage Rating

AC Voltage rating

240 V

AC Current Rating

AC current rating

10 A

Additional Surge Protection

Clamping Voltage

775 V

Surge Protection

Response Time

1 ms

Product Dimensions


340 mm


120 mm


35 mm

Cable length

1.8 m

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

36.5 cm

Packaged Width

16 cm

Packaged Height

4 cm