Tech Wars 2019

A look back at our first Tech Wars:
Battle of the Uni's 2019 from our Flagship store in Broadway. Team UTS and USYD - you are both champions!

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The burden of proof

Discover the IP code that has nothing to do with your computer's location on the internet

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A safe trip

Learn about 4 top ways to cut power in potentially dangerous situations

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Mics and their mechanics

Discover the details and implications of translating sound to electrical signals

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The hard cell

What makes some batteries rechargeable, and what do those letters describing them mean?

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Bright ideas

Low-voltage lighting is just as suitable for domestic applications as it is for off-grid use

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Play to win

DVD players are increasingly becoming relegated to e-waste as blistering network speeds propel a revolution in home entertainment

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Check the pulse

From solar charge controllers to dimmer switches, PWM is an ingenious way of adjusting power delivery

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Full STEM ahead

Teach young people in your life about engineering, physics and mechanics with toys they can assemble themselves

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Swing a Cat5e

Why is Ethernet cable so useful for networking much more than just computers?

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Ubiquitous USB

Take a closer look at a protocol that we now rely on for virtually all peripheral connectivity

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Sense of security

From pressure-activated mats and wireless sensors to a good old-fashioned siren, today’s security systems include a bewildering array of features.

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The shocking truth

Practise safe techs and you’ll never have to worry about an unpleasant discharge

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Sine on the line

An inverter is the crucial accessory you need to run mains-powered devices from battery-supplied DC.

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Speaker engagement

Long gone are the days of cumbersome stereo systems existing as permanent fixtures in the living room.

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Take control and stay in charge

Learn how to manage the power generated by your solar panels to ensure efficient charging and long battery life.

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Heat of the moment

Using a liquid-filled glass tube to check temperature is positively a relic of the last millennium.

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Tag, you're it

Discover the applications of RFID and how easy it is to integrate it into a security system.

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Starting from scratch

Developed with children in mind, Scratch and similar block-based programming applications represent the perfect entry point for learning to code.

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Three colours into millions

As children, we learnt that red, yellow and blue paint can be mixed to form other colours – so why do visual displays rely on red, GREEN and blue?

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Iron mighty

The soldering iron has come a long way from the days of a pencil you plug into the AC.

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We have opened our first concept store...

The new Jaycar flagship store is open and it is unlike any other Jaycar store you have ever seen.

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This is it... A look into our flagship store and maker hub

A traditional retail store with modern collaborative maker spaces dedicated to the electronics enthusiast. It's Jaycar like you've never seen us before.

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Downloadable Guides

Here you will find extensive primers* and valuable application notes on many subjects.

Ammeters and shunts
Primer-Ammeters & Shunts-Jaycar.pdf


Batteries - lead acid

Batteries - lithium rechargeable

Car amps






Indoor TV antennas


Primary cells and batteries

Speaker crossovers

TV broadcasting in Australia
Primer-TV Broadcasting in Australia-Jaycar.pdf

Video camera basics

Deutsch plug connection guide

Breadboard breakdown

*Primer n. any small book of basic instruction.

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