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KlikR KlikR Smartphone Controlled IR Remote Module KlikR Smartphone Controlled IR Remote Module AR1956 22.90 In stock

KlikR Smartphone Controlled IR Remote Module

CAT.NO: AR1956

KlikR Smartphone Controlled IR Remote Module

CAT.NO: AR1956

Organize all devices in your home via your smart phone.
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KlikR is a small Bluetooth product that can be stuck onto or right next to any infrared remote controlled electronic product, making it almost instantly controllable from your Android or iPhone. The KlikR mobile application - Klikrnext - allows you to organise all of your devices in your home, room by room. Using the app, you can then navigate through your remote controls in each room by swiping or by selecting from a horizontal list. If you want your family or friends to use KlikR, there's no need for them to set it up again. Simply share your setup with a QR code from the application's home screen. Furthermore, all your setup and devices are backed up on the cloud in case you lose or change your phone. Finally, KlikR is more than a universal remote. KlikR comes equipped with voice control so you can give commands directly to your smartphone. For example you can instruct the app to "Turn on the TV" or "Change the channel". KlikR also has optional smart pausing and muting in case you get a phone call while you are watching a movie.

Classified as dangerous goods

DG UN Number 3091
DG Class 2
DG Pack Group Not Required
DG Hazardous Chemical Code N/A
DG Ship Name 3091 - Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment
Product Dimensions

Height 32mm
Width 32mm

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