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Green Power Desktop 10W Switchmode Adaptor

Green Power Desktop 10W Switchmode Adaptor

  • CAT.NO: MP3236
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Green Power Desktop 10W Switchmode Adaptor
Electronic equipment suppliers are now having to get green. Legislation is being introduced in California and Europe which requires external power supplies to comply with minimum energy efficiency requirements. From July 1st 2006, it will no longer be possible to sell external power supplies which don't comply with these new Green Power requirements. With other regulations coming in around the world, it is only a matter of time before these units become the norm.

This 10W 5VDC adaptor is the first in what we expect will become a series of these power supplies. Meeting the requirements of Energy Star, the European Commission Code of Conduct, and of course California's new legislation, suppliers of electronic equipment requiring an external power supply can ship their products worldwide without needing to understand the complex new systems.

• Input Voltage: 100 - 240VAC for worldwide use
• Input Current: 0.5A RMS Max
• Input AC Frequency: 47 - 63Hz
• Input Connection: IEC320 C8 socket
• Output Voltage: 5VDC Regulated
• Output Current: 2A
• Output Power Cord: 1.8M long terminated with 2.5mm DC plug (centre positive)
• Power saving state under 0.3W
• Size:75.5(L) x 44.5(W) x 26(H)mm

Approval Number: V05226
Power Supply Units

Type of Power Supply


Voltage Display


Current Display


Output Lead Length

1.8 m

Product Dimensions


75.5 mm


45.5 mm


26 mm

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Length

5.7 cm

Packaged Width

6.1 cm

Packaged Height

12.5 cm

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