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Economy True RMS Autorange Multimeter Economy True RMS Autorange Multimeter QM1321 39.90 In stock

Economy True RMS Autorange Multimeter

CAT.NO: QM1321

Economy True RMS Autorange Multimeter

CAT.NO: QM1321

Technician multimeter suitable for a host of applications. Lifetime warranty.
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Our Technician range of multimeters are suitable for a host of applications. They’re accurate, and have a huge range of features to suit various applications. Every multimeter in this range carries a Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.

This is a great multimeter, with the accuracy of true RMS measurement. Ruggedly designed for heavy-duty use, this multimeter features data hold to assist with onsite analysis and four input jacks (three positive and one negative) for conducting tests in conjuction with the rotary dial. The built-in alarm and LED indicator clearly alert the user to issues, faults and test results. The 10 second screen backlight makes this multimeter ideal for use in low light conditions. Included user manual provides test instructions and technical specifications.


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Count / Maximum Reading 4000 count
True RMS
Safety Rating Cat Cat III
Safety Rating Max Volt 1000V
Data Hold
Relative Measure
Records Minimum
Records Maximum
DC Voltage Ranges 40mV,400mV,4V,1000V,400V
DC Voltage Accuracy -0.500000%,0.5%
DC Current Ranges 400µA,4mA,40mA,400mA,4A,10A
DC Current Accuracy -1.500000%,1.5%
AC Voltage Ranges 40mV,400mV,4V,40V,400V,750V
AC Voltage Accuracy ±(0.8%+5)%
AC Current Ranges 400µA,40A,400A,4A,10A
AC Current Accuracy ±(1.5%+5)%
Continuity indicator On Panel
Continuity buzzer
Resistance Ranges 400Ω,4kΩ,40kΩ,4Ω,40Ω
Capacitance Ranges 10nF,100nF,100µF,10µF,10µF,1mF,100µF
Casing Rubber
Carry Case Included
Measures diode
Foldout Stand
Meter Input Impedence 10MΩ
Measures transistor
Non-contact Voltage Indicator
Battery type 9V
Battery Quantity 1pc
Are batteries included
Batteries can be replaced
Disposable battery required to power Main Product
Display Type LCD
Display Backlight White LED Backlit
Warranty: 9999 Months
Special terms or exclusions: Lifetime Warranty