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Dual Input 20A DC/DC Multi-Stage Battery Charger Dual Input 20A DC/DC Multi-Stage Battery Charger MB3683 339.00 In stock

Dual Input 20A DC/DC Multi-Stage Battery Charger

CAT.NO: MB3683

Dual Input 20A DC/DC Multi-Stage Battery Charger

CAT.NO: MB3683

Manage charging from multiple sources.
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This is the ideal device for managing charging from multiple sources. It’s really designed for managing solar + alternator power inputs, charging an auxiliary (house) battery system. The system will preference solar, providing lower loads on your engine when solar is available. With automatic ignition detection enabled, the system will isolate the starting battery when the engine is off, preventing discharge of your critical starting bat-tery. It’s fully automatic, with a set-and-forget type operation. A remote LED indicator module is included to provide in-car feedback of the system’s status. Heavy duty screw down terminals are provided for power con-nections. Works with Lead acid, AGM, Calcium, GEL and LiFePO4 batteries (selectable), and accepts solar input of up to 30V open circuit voltage.

- Dual input - solar and / or alternator/ car battery
- 20A max charging current (automatically controlled)
- Automatic starter battery isolation

Rated Output Power: 13.8VDC @ 20A
Efficiency: ≥90%
DC Input Voltage Range: 9 - 16VDC (12VDC Input) / 18 - 32VDC (24VDC Input)
Max. Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage: 30VDC
Output (Charge) Voltage:
               Lead: 14.4V (Absorption), 13.5V (Float)
               AGM: 14.7V (Absorption), 13.7V (Float)
               LiFePO4: 14.2V (Absorption), Stop (Float)
Over Temperature, Low voltage Cut Off, Output Over Charging Current, Output Over Voltage, Input Over Voltage, Input Under Voltage and Input/ Output Reverse Polarity

Product Dimensions

Width 130mm
Height 188mm
Depth 55mm
Weight 870g
Battery Charger

Type of Batteries Sealed Lead Acid (SLA),Deep Cycle SLA,Deep Cycle Gel Cell
Controller Type Multi-Stage
Connection Type Contact Plate
Reverse Polarity Protection
Charger Output Voltage 13.8V
Charger Output Current 20A
Vehicle Powered

Required Voltage 12V-24V
Warranty: 12 Months