I Robot, Therefore I Am

Robot Kits are the perfect entry point for anyone wanting to learn about coding Arduino, programming or robotics - children and adults alike!

Do you constantly notice or hear about Arduino, but you're not sure where to begin? Are you a soldering demigod, but programming seems like it's for the birds? Wheeled robots provide a positively painless introduction to these and other fields, and can be a great way to enjoy family time.

Our many robots are available as kits aimed at children, with little or no assembly and simple block-based programming. However, discovering these with the young people in your life can give you an inspiring insight into the amazing possibilities, and potentially spark a whole new field of fascination for you.

Tobbie II is a build it yourself robot kit and when paired with a Micro:bit board (sold separately) lets you program it using MakeCode or Python editors to create the coolest projects.

Apitor Superbot is a programmable Robot Kit with 400+ pieces of blocks that kids can build into more than 18 cool multi-functional models. Allows children to do coding with their creations by graphical programming language.

Smart Car Robot is a fun to build robot that uses a Micro:bit board (sold separately) that kids can control using their smartphone via Bluetooth®.

The wall-dodging robot project is a perfect first project for discovering Arduino. It's built from first principles and uses a Duinotech UNO to interpret information from an ultrasonic sensor, autonomously navigating its surroundings and avoiding obstacles.

-Updated September 2020

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