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Garry, who shops at Jaycar Ipswich

"Hi, I live on a semi rural property near Brisbane and have a garden that needs a constant water supply and no town water so we have water tanks situated higher than our residence and are able to pump excess rain water up to these tanks but they are aprox 150 M away and I always had an issue with leaving a tap on and loosing our water supply and has happened. So being totally a teckno nerd asked an electrical friend about my problem and over about 12 months have come up with this. Needless to say have learnt much about tech stuff in process. Had underground power run from property pole up hill to shed and also ran cat5 and Telstra cable at same time not sure why but sparky said good idea. So to my device I have a small solar panel charging a 12V battery sending 12V up the cat5 to a float switch on tanks when full they trigger a buzzer to let me know they are full or empty works a treat, also have three 433mhz transmitters and recievers to transmit up hill to trigger a 24V relay to open and shut water valves. Would have liked to show internal picks of boxes but all equipment is Jaycar solar panels, charge controller, buzzers, batterys,tranzmitters,boxes and cable I love how all works and am planning some more projects. Regards"

Matt, who shops at Jaycar Gore Hill

"This has to be the simplest entry ... All components from Jaycar. It's just a couple of microswitches (one for each door) at the top of the pantry, which then turns on the LED strip lighting that is on the left hand side front surface when either door is opened. Transformer power cord feeds through a hole in the cupboard and plugs into the powerpoint behind the fridge. It's simple, but the difference is night and day for my wife! This is her favourite project of mine."

Calvin, who shops at Jaycar Silverdale

"So these little guys are getting spoilt, they have nature sound effects at day time and night time, temperature/ humidity sensors for all lights with timers on replays, mini cameras which will soon be installed, all runs off a smart system ( raspberry pi - mini computer), all can be remotely controlled/monitored, there will be a touch screen on the side to control the 2 cages along with voice commands (Echo Alexia) for those lazy days :D Even have a vacuum ventilation system for the bottem cage which gets smelly poop smell out the window before it effects the room! Haha"

Kim, who shops at Jaycar Castle Hill

"Espresso Computer The system uses an Arduino to schedule turning an espresso machine on/off, and the grinding of coffee. A timetable can be set to control when the system turns on, e.g. 6:00am, Monday, 8:00am Saturday. It grinds the set number of cups, e.g. 3, and turns the machine on to warm up (about 15 minutes required). So when I come downstairs in the morning I have exactly the right amount of coffee ground and the machine is ready to go. After a set time the espresso machine turns off. The time per grind can be set for a cup as some beans require more time than others, and the coarseness of grind. The system can be used manually and you can dial up the number of cups to grind. So if you have 6 people over for dinner dial up 6. The number can be incremented and decremented while grinding. All the setting are set up using LED menu, and stored in the real time clock battery backed up memory. Hardware: Arduino uno, 2 relays, real time clock, 240V power supply, 16*2 LED line display. Power on and grind/espresso relay on LEDs. 3 push button switches. In the process of adding wifi, esp8266, and web user interface. Also moving the LED and buttons to seperate small hand held control."

Luke, who shops at Jaycar Tweed Heads South

"I upgraded my homebuilt 3D Printer with a raspberry pi and google home device. The printer is now partially voice controlled and connected to the internet allowing for much easier printing from anywhere in the world"

Damian, who shops at Jaycar Fyshwick

"I turned my "dumb" TV, HDMI Switchers, Wireless Audio, DVR, and blind controller into a network of Raspberry PI controlled interfaces. I then built a network protocol for their communication and built a front end home automation web app. I then integrated this with Apple's HomeKit through an open source "hack" called HomeBridge so it could all be controlled from Siri. There was a lot of learning done over Christmas... I did this all over the school holidays which ended last Monday."

Shane, who shops at Jaycar East Kew

"We have a old second-hand fridge at work that we use for Friday arvo drinks. We wanted an internet-enabled fridge, so I added an arduino powered monitoring system, which uses DS18B20 sensors to collect the fridge temperature, the beer temperature (through a sensor in a dedicated sensor bottle), as well as the room temperature. The data is transmitted to the cloud every via a clone of a Yun shield every three seconds. Now we can access up-to-date beer temperature through Slack (our office collaboration tool). There are also plans to write an iOS app so we can check the current beer temperature through our phones."

Nicholas, who shops at Jaycar Sydney City

"My creatation is a bushfire alerting automation system. It is built around Arduino UNO with weather station sensor with a smoke and flame sensors. This unit also has a rainwater tank level sensor. This powered by Solar with a battery backup. Send data via LoRaWan to my home assistant. This enables my home activate my fire shutters if conditions are met."

Brett, who shops at Jaycar Maitland

"I design this 3D printed "Vertical blind controller" It uses modified servo motor and a ESP8266. It connects to a Raspberry pi via Wifi and is controlled by Home-assistant using MQTT commands. you can see my youtube video for more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG65AO9D8U0"

Lincoln, who shops at Jaycar Woolloongabba

"Living in the bush means collecting your own rainwater. To deliver water to the house it needs to be pressurised, in this case by gravity from a tank up the hill. The process to fill the tank used to involved turning on a pump and looking out the window with through binoculars until it overflowed. Now this smart box, connected to a float switch in the tank, does it automatically. Based on an Atmel microcontroller programmed in BASCOM, the system also safeguards against water leaks and pump failures to prevent loss of precious rainwater. The input cable from the remote float switch is heavily protected to try and prevent failure from surges associated from lightning. The design is housed in a Jaycar box and uses a number of Jaycar components within. Bespoke covers over mains components were designed and built on a 3D printer.."



Rosemary, who shops at Jaycar Sydney City

"My 9 year old son Christian loves electronics and has his own Jaycar Nerd Perks Card. He invented an environmentally friendly robot named called Trash X360- a bin that comes to you. Someone holds a remote and controls it. There is also an infra-red motion PIR sensor on the front of the robot which sounds a siren and detects intruders. He purchased many components to build TrashX360 from Jaycar. It is trying to make the world a better place and also act as an alarm. Trash X360 can also fit a small bowl of chips or some other small object so people can serve it to their friends and family, or carry something small. My son loves to create stuff with his mind. He loves Jaycar- it's his favourite place to visit!"

Bailey, who shops at Jaycar Dunedin

"(Age 12) Hi Im Bailey and I am working on a tractor that I am converting from a static 1:32 scale. I am using Some arduino Nanos from Jaycar and lipo batterys and charger. The Low Loader you see behind the tractor Is a finished project. It uses an arduino Nano, a 9G servo and a pack of jumper cables. All of the parts from the project are all bought from Jaycar. That money will help buy me some parts to finish the project. Bailey"



Luke, who shops at Jaycar Woolloongabba

"I made my ukulele electric by using Jaycar parts, now I'm finally able to let the monster be heard by the whole neighbourhood. Thanks Jaycar."

Jason, who shops at Jaycar Reynella

"Cooked my main loom in the Pajero. Jaycar had all matching gauge wire on shelf. Easy"

Alfonso, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"This is Shelfie, an automatic robot that moves, inside supermarkets aisle at same time takes pictures of the shelfs and founds the missing products and allerts the staff of the supermarket if anything is missing so they want lose costumers. Shelfie is powered by 2 12v batterys to bridge to 24v. With 5 raspberry Pi to control the for cameras and the distance sensors. Shelfie works also at night with out problems thanks to his 2 big led lams powered by the batterys. All build by hands."

Alfred, who shops at Jaycar Aspley

"Two axis motorised camera slider for timelapse/video photography, several components from Jaycar. Movement controlled by two 12 volt DC motors, speed controller and an interval timer for camera to move and stop every two seconds and record a single picture. A switch allows for continuous movement for video recording."

Rob, who shops at Jaycar Ipswich

"When I turn off my key-less start car, everything goes off. This little box keeps the radio on for 30 seconds after accessories goes off, giving you time to cycle through the start switch to accessories - uninterrupted listening. If you leave it, the radio goes off as per normal."

Abe, who shops at Jaycar Springvale

"I developed a product which translates serial NMEA0183 waypoint informational data coming from Furuno branded fish finders into a format that allows the waypoints to be stored and displayed on various brands of nautical GPS units. This allows the waypoints to be used for navigation by autopilot systems etc."

Ian, who shops at Jaycar Frankston

"This may not be all that exciting when it comes to the complexity of the build, but the application was brilliant, especially when we proved to a major Australian Telco that they were routing traffic over satellite rather than over an Optic fibre, despite their insistence that this was not the case. The cables made using Jaycar products connected a PC audio card to two separate VoIP telephones that were registered in different countries. We were able to transmit over between the two phones through different carrier networks and determine the Audio Latency down to the millisecond using the Jaycar components. When using Carrier A the latency was significantly higher that Carrier B. Discussing this with my son, (High School student) he commented that the difference between the two speeds was about one third of the distance to the moon for a standard Radio signal. Although Satellites are not that far from the earth, by the time the signal goes up and back the timing was too close to be a coincidence. We took this evidence and presented this the Telco, whereby they promptly resolved the issue. Their Technician asked how we did this for Audio traffic and we gave them our design. We have since used the same Jaycar cables for other Audio latency tests involving global IP networks and have been able to resolve many other VoIP related issues for several large corporations."

Adam, who shops at Jaycar Reynella

"This is actually 2 projects in one: The first (on the right), is an Arduino Nano reading the temperature and humidity from a DHT22 and displaying the result on a standard 1602 LCD. Simple. The second (on the left, and arguably better) is an ESP8266-01 which is pinging select IP addresses on my home network (all devices have a static IP). The "G" at the top is Google (pinging to help me diagnose internet connectivity issues. The rest are computers on the network, like mine, my wife's, the home server, etc. The output is a Neopixel 12-bit ring. Red indicates the IP address has given no response (offline), with any other colour showing a ping result. I have given some addresses different colours, like my son's computer ("C" - yellow). This way I can tell if he is sneaking online after he is supposed to be in bed. It is also useful to quickly check what is working and what isn't."

Adam, who shops at Jaycar Melton

"This little project is in my current model Hilux. It causes the mirrors to automatically retract when you lock the vehicle. Once the ignition is turned on, they extend back out. From factory, this can only be done manually."

Adam, who shops at Jaycar Tuggerah

"This was originally a smoke cabinet. I stripped it out refitted it back out with a hydro dipped door speaker box with jay car speakers new wiring monitor with menu buttons to operate the menu on my program ran from a pc. 100% originall"

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Erina

"Solar garden bed with Arduino controller for running and data logging. The water is heated via solar and pumping and control is set by the Arduino. There is hysteresis programmed in. There are three sensors measuring the ground temp the ambient temp and the water temp. This allows the garden bed to be warmed in late winter allowing a longer yield time. Once the ground is a 25deg C It is no longer needed till autumn. There is a LCD display to show all the current stats and a SD logger to gather the data."

Alistair, who shops at Jaycar Port Macquarie

"My brother and I randomly decided to build a cnc machine. I use it to cut and carve jobs out of timber. Next project I'll be installing a 3d printer head on it."

Alan, who shops at Jaycar Castle Hill

"Bird Scarer. When PIR detects birds landing on the seats, this device triggers an electric motor geared down to 8 rpm which revolves the arms over the seats for 8 seconds and removes the birds from messing the seats."

Aidan, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"I have made a 12v light controller with 4x output with switches and a volt meter. Most of the part I brought at jaycay and some I had at home."

Christopher, who shops at Jaycar Gepps Cross

"Voice controlled garage roller door, home theatre amp, home theatre projector and (not pictured) wifi enabled bed lamp."

Alireza, who shops at Jaycar Perth

"The grinding system which I invented is capable to replicate the particle size distribution and the pulp chemistry (pH, ORP, DO and Temperature) of the plant mill at a laboratory scale."

Allan, who shops at Jaycar Warners Bay

"New electronics in my boat"

Alexander, who shops at Jaycar Coburg

"The project is an RFID door lock system (prototype). Its intended purpose is to go on all the doors of the school and replace the roll marking system along with allow students access to rooms during spare periods or lunch. It logs the time, date and card ID."

Jon, who shops at Jaycar Adelaide City

"As a maker and a Magician, sometimes I need a prop that's smart enough to be an assistant. This magic wand, based on the open source Tiny Saber platform has 16 RGB leds, 6 tough pads and a 3 way accelerometer. Now reprogrammed within a byte of its capacity and in a custom designed "Steampunk" case - it can now flash magically in any colour you need, tell you what card you are thinking of or even incite a room full of 6 year olds to stand up, clap and cheer! Now saving for a 3D printer so I can produce more of them!"

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Ringwood

"A Dual arm kit for kinematics development."

Robert, who shops at Jaycar Tuggerah

"This is a rack I built to keep my satellite radio and computer on a portable platform to pick and take on a removalist trolly. It is all run by 2 x 12 volt batteries in the base , next level is an inverter to keep supply up for the computer. Next is the operating desk with a HP mini running XP and Satpc32 to take care of the doppler shift for the FT-847 which has a null modem cable and serial to usb cable to the computer. As I don't have an automated antenna rotator yet I am using the ioio hand held antenna. There is a green phone holder on the boom to fit the iPhone which runs Satellite Tracker Plus for very good tracking. This set up can be seen at Wyong Field Day 25th February 2018."

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Albury

"Who needs Cortana or a Google Assistant when you can build your own? I connected a Raspberry Pi HAT and can completely automate the house with it and voice control. Turn lights on or off and get today's weather. Play some music or water the lawn! Really Cool!"

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Melbourne CBD

"This project intends to allow someone with a completely paralyzing disability the ability to control a wheelchair with their eyes. The entire system is based on a manual wheelchair and so conversion from manual to electronic had to occur, as well as the implementation of a custom electrooculogram analysis subsystem run on an Arduino Leonardo using two instrumentation amplifiers and analogue filters thus controlling the direction of the wheelchair."

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Mornington

"I have built a web connected watering system controller using an Omega 2 Linux IoT computer. It can control a sprinkler via a 12 volt solenoid valve, upload web cam images of the garden and runs a cron job on schedule or is controllable via Wi-Fi and the internet."

Anthony, who shops at Jaycar Melbourne

"My handmade nixie tube clock has no external controls. Using wifi its settings are configurable from a web interface. If there is an internet connection available the time is synced. This clock always has perfect time and never needs to be reset when power is lost. (even handles daylight savings!)"

Tony, who shops at Jaycar East Kew

"The device in the black box (at right) is a controller for a personal humidifier at left. It was designed to maintain high humidity in a cheese maturing fridge used by home cheesemakers. The controller receives input from a humidity sensor mounted on the left inside wall of the cabinet. The controller uses a Picaxe08M2 chip programmed to set the humidity to three levels (70, 80 or 90% relative humidity). When the humidity sensor senses that the humidity inside the cabinet has fallen bellow the set level, it switches on a relay that controls the power to the personal humidifier. You can see that humidity is at 89%."

Adrian, who shops at Jaycar Belmont

"I built my own brewery then upgraded it to run of a Raspberrypi using the Craftbeerpi software."

Ashley, who shops at Jaycar Frankston

"Remote and manual test box for testing lights and electric brakes on trailers, caravans etc."

Anthony, who shops at Jaycar Hallam

"I added Wi-Fi capability to my 1988 Macintosh SE/30. Now I can connect my old mac to my home network to access the Internet. For the project I used many parts from my local Jaycar in Hallam - the team were really helpful in helping me find what I needed. I'm now writing my own app to view my Facebook feed on my old Mac!"

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Port Macquarie

"My solar tracker with 12 panels tracking east to west and returning east over night Driven by 24volt actuator and a light sensor looking for the brightness spot in the sky."

Toby, who shops at Jaycar Perth

"The Steam Machine - is a prop we made for our Street Theatre show called STEAMPUNK’D ~ “it’s not all hot air”. The machine itself is electric, has two large 12V batteries which independently power the main motor and air pump for the pressure dial and the bubble machine. There are 3 switches and a lever which dials the motor and pump speeed up and down plus an air air tube allows us to bump the air pressure up and down so the dial goes ‘crazy’. We also have a mobile Antare fog machine hidden in the chimney stack which runs with a wireless remote so we can produce ‘steam’ at will - Generally when the ‘Pressure’ is right on the dial - which we are also controlling manually. It’s great fun to make a mobile, electric machine that is emulating an old steam powered machine, that’s part of the joke too as we tell people is powered by “clean steam energy”"

Daniel, who shops at Jaycar Launceston

"3d Designed and Printed bracket for 360° Video cameras such as the GearVr. 3 Bright halo L.E.Ds front and back with PWM controller and box for lipo battery and Gopro mountingbracket for bottom of Tripod. Works great for Vr Photos and Videos in no or Low light situations."

Carsten, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"With multiple radios and devices in my car, I wanted to be able to turn power on and off for each separately. All power runs through an isolation switch inside the car, and the illuminated switches activate relays to switch the power :-) the hole in the bottom left is for a USB charging power. All parts bought from Jaycar :-) PS: you forgot all the Perth stores in your dropdown box. My local store is Belmont."

Benjamin, who shops at Jaycar Bunbury

"Removing rust by electrolysis"

Bernd, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"A pair of 3-Way Floor-standing speakers that can be operated as active, wireless (Wifi & Bluetooth), multi-room capable individual speakers (can also be paired as stereo pair), or from an external amplifier as traditional passive speakers (switchable). Active amplifier ~ 60W RMS, 100W max . Top insert is actually a 'Soundmax 1' multiroom speaker which can still be used separately when not providing the smarts for the floor-stander.,"

Beau, who shops at Jaycar Newcastle

"This awesome device turns a normal, everyday wine fridge into a fully automated, climate-controlled humidor for long-term cigar storage! The device enables automated, fine-grained controlling of cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification based on user-defined settings. Once the user sets the desired temperature and relative humidity, the device automates the rest by activating cooling, heating, humidification or dehumidification when necessary. If the sensors pick up results outside of set points for temperature or relative humidity alerts are sent to the user notifying them to check why (e.g. the humidifier might be out of water and needs a top up). What's even better is the device has a full web-based console and real-time graphs that can be accessed from anywhere so you always know your cigars are safe. Lots of internal components were sourced from Jaycar so without you guys this project wouldn't have happened! Cheers!"

Daniel, who shops at Jaycar Coburg

"Here’s an electrically-safe music control system for the shower. A magnetized puck is moved over an acrylic plate, these gestures are translated into an action (Play, Pause, Next, Previous) and sent over WiFi to a Raspberry Pi-controlled speaker system. A PIR sensor is used to calculate the user’s shower lengths."

Brenton, who shops at Jaycar Newcastle

"I do not have a tap outside, I also work away most of the time and want to keep some plants on my balcony. So I bought a water tank, a small pump, control the pump with a raspberry pi, rpi 7inch screen, arduino, float switch and soil moisture sensor/ heat humidity sensors. I created a GUI with python TK module which can run the pump, set timers, create plots of data ect. Video - https://youtu.be/q598M7_Ar7A My local store is newcastle street Perth... newcastle was the only choice? Probably the one over east..."

Brett, who shops at Jaycar Capalaba

"My friend Willem and I are building a hexapod robot. We have 3D printed all the mechanical parts that we have modelled in 3D CAD. The mechanical and electronics for the robot has been mostly completed and we are currently writing the software for it. The robot contains eighteen 20kg servos, and two independent power supplies, powered by two 7500mAh LiPo batteries contained in the quick release base. The servos are connected to a custom made PCB. Two 12 channel PWM Adafruit boards drive the servos. The I2C boards connect to a raspberry Pi 3, running ubuntu Mate. The robot also has an I2C 1602 led display, two voltage regulators, a 5V relay, and a fan for keeping the internals cool. an RGB LED strip shall be mounted in the head along with a Pi Camera. This robot is mostly populated with components purchased from JayCar. We have plenty more robotic ideas in the pipeline for when this platform is complete, including a wheeled and aquatic platform."

Brett, who shops at Jaycar Maitland

"I design this 3D printed "Vertical blind controller" It uses modified servo motor and a ESP8266. It connects to a Raspberry pi via Wifi and is controlled by Home-assistant using MQTT commands. you can see my youtube video for more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG65AO9D8U0"

Dave, who shops at Jaycar Port Macquarie

"‘Built valve Regenerative Receiver 1950s. Retirement fun trying modern methods. Works well 5-25MHz. Colpitts oscillator detector circuit. Unique feature: extreme sensitivity at point of oscillation. Varicap & 10-turn pot tuning. “Dial” $24 freq counter. 12V batt, monitored LM3914 & 3 LEDs. LM386 drives speaker. Drain: 21mA & 79 with counter."

Brian, who shops at Jaycar Maitland

"A Data Logger using Arduino UNO to measure kWhr at meter board to determine whether Net metering or Solar batteries were best for my existing Solar panels. Voltage and current measured 5 times per second and written to SD card every 5 minutes. MS Excel used to graph results. Plastic box holds Arduino and associated electronics while Acer Netbook used to upload program I wrote as well as monitoring to 5 minute recordings. Result: Batteries not Net metering."

Brody, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"This is a retro arcade fight stick. Made completely from scratch, it features a raspberry pi, usb encoder, arcade buttons, joystick and more. The housing was cut, glued and put together by hand (With the retro grid pattern to boot)."

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"I have always struggled trying to get my kids to brush their teeth for a full two minutes so constructed this little device which makes it a bit more fun with lights and sounds. This is a dual 2 minute toothbrush timer for the kids, it has 2 independent timers that count down from 2 minutes and emits a series of sounds and flashes LEDs once the timer stops. There is an off button in the middle and 2 independent momentary buttons which start and stop the timer."

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Aspley

"Home made battery box, has a led light on top, USB and 12v aux sockets, and it charges the 12ah battery via a 10watt solar panel. I built it after our last blackout so we could run our camp lights and charge our devices, I take it camping to run lights and camp shower pump. Total cost $63."

Cameron, who shops at Jaycar East Kew

"IR to RF signal converter - Standby Power Reducer - waits for an IR signal from my Logitech remote and transmits the corresponding RF signal to turn Power points on or off Controls power points for TV, Amplifier, Subwoofer & HTPC with a total standby power reduction of 145w. The Logitech Harmony has activities for TV, HTPC, Music and Radio but does not produce RF signals and therefore the corresponding power points for each device could not previously be controlled and a secondary remote required. When a device is required for the appropriate activity the Logitech transmits an IR signal for the power point and the converter reads the signal and transmits the associated RF signal to control the power point for the device. This allows all devices to be completely powered down when not required for the activity. It also allows the HTPC PC to be automated as it is set to auto turn on if there has been a power failure and the power points being turned off emulates this. When the power point is turned on the HTPC boots up. An additional feature is the Arduino has a 5v feed from the HTPC to detect it’s state ensuring that the HTPC’s power point is not turned off whilst it is still running and will wait until the PC powers down before turning off the power point. The Arduino was used with the IR sensor and an RF receiver to read the IR and RF codes for the existing remotes then the Arduino programmed to receive the IR code and transmit the matching RF code. Parts Arduino - IR sensor - RF transmitter - PCB - pull down resistor Black Case 3 x RF enabled Remote PowerPoints"

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Underwood

"This is a CNC that I am building, I got the plans from Thingiverse, it is 800mm X 800mm with a work area of 600 X 600 all parts were printed on my Jaycar TL4100 Printer. The controller for the CNC is a Ardunio Uno and a GRBL shield, Power from a computer Power Supply. It is using 16mm Aluminum tube, I am also working on a larger one using 25mm tube (all parts printed and are in front of the printer in the photo) I am on a Disability Pension but I am doing 2 hours a week with students in there STEM class at a Vocational School, the students really enjoy learning and building these."

Carl, who shops at Jaycar Warners Bay

"A water level sensor for my motor home, each light represents 100L, there are 6 sensors on the outside of the tank, I have a selector switch that I can select how full I would like the tank, once it gets to that level it turns off the electric ball value tap and sounds a buzzer. Also works in reverse. The buzzer turns on when the tank is almost empty:)"

Murray, who shops at Jaycar Maddington

"I am showcasing my Cessna simulator utilising parts from Jaycar to help with my flying. It has a compete switch panel that switches relays back to mu PC to emulate software switch through the sim program. Having a Jaycar store nearby helps in getting that Arduino board for further integration."

Colin, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"KITCHEN CABINET DOOR ACTIVATES SWING-TIDY GARBAGE-BIN: On the inside of the cabinet door is a stick-on plastic hand towel holder (eBay,one$). From its slot I ran a knotted cord. This passes through a plastic pulley (curtain fitment from Spotlight) hot-glued to inside wall of cabinet.The end of the cord,cut to the right length,is hot-glued onto a disc magnet. On the top of the swing-tidy lid I hot-glued another magnet. The bin is easily released for cleaning by disengaging the magnets. The whole device cost less than five dollars. It has been working without a hitch for six years"

Simon, who shops at Jaycar Fyshwick

"Portable 12 volt remote trailer light tester no need to put foot on the brake no need for vehicle to be connected for power I use it when checking semi trailers (leds) electric brakes trouble shoot poor earths ect. Also has Anderson plug 50 amp two sockets with USB for charging phones, amp/volt metre Made it years ago as there was noting on the market.......photo is out of shape"

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"It's an automated home brew machine. Inspired by the Braumeister. Has a pump and heat element. You program the temperatures and set times as required for each individual brew."

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Rockhampton

"It's a simple garden watering system using a raspberry pi, a set of relays and webio. It has a schedule and can also be started and stopped from by using the interface at the relevant IP address by any device on my local network. The web interface uses some python, some html and CSS to allow the functions to work. Probably cheaper and less time consuming to by a commercial watering system but where is the fun in that."

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Thomastown

"This is my Open Baffle speaker project. I have 2 Eminence Beta 15 in bass drivers, with an Electrovoice Dh1506 compression drivers mounted on Azurahorn AH 425, and in this iteration my own 1.8m ribbons. The crossover is at 800hz, whith the ribbon cutting at around 10khz. This is still under development .....at a few different stages they sounded great, then not as good then great again,,,,, Chris"

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Browns Plains

"Converted my wood band-saw to variable speed, in order to cut any material, including metals, by replacing Single Ø motor with 3Ø motor + VFD. Added a Micromite controller with touchscreen, to display recommended speeds for various materials when idle, & actual blade speed when working. Speed readout is selectable between mpm and fpm. Uses a Hall effect device to pick up 6 pulses per rev from 6 rare earth magnets bonded to upper wheel spokes. Mate Greg programmed the Micromite in Basic. Works as designed."

Brian, who shops at Jaycar Wollongong

"I have an aquarium growing live coral, and have built a controller for the lighting with a PIC16F88. It slowly raises the blue lights, later raising the white lights, simulating dawn. It does the reverse at the end of the day. It is fully programmable with LCD display and push button programming"

Corey, who shops at Jaycar Perth

"It’s a control box for a shaker machine,used on the mines"

Terry, who shops at Jaycar Wollongong

"Twelve months ago I decided to make a CNC machine, I went down to Bunnings and bought some MDF and other timber and made what I now class as the easy parts of the project, I really didn't realise how much time was involved in teaching myself all the disciplines required to construct a CNC Machine, for example, electrical, electronics, mechanics and robotics, I really didn't know what I was letting myself in for and on many occasions over the last 12 month I was ready to throw in the towel but on reflection I am glad that I persisted as now I have a fully operative CNC machine that works extremely well."

Ross, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"I’m an American living in Australia. I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 from Jaycar in Canberra, Australia and turned it into a wireless access point and dedicated VPN to the United States."

Daniel, who shops at Jaycar Jindalee

"I manufactured a switch control box for an auxilary battery box in the car. Took it to Bathurst last week and ran the fridge for 5 days and continuously charged phones/devices from the usb port."

Daniel, who shops at Jaycar Jindalee

"This is a Raspberry Pi project witch with a help of a relay controller can turn on and off the house lights as well as control the garage door. This can be also done using voice commands with Google assistant api. Also the system allows music streaming to the ceiling speakers and display the forecast."

Daniel, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"Gemtendo! Raspberry Pi cardboard enclosure. Designed, printed, cut out, folded and clipped together. Running "RetroPie", plays most old games, up to playstation 1. Functionality suffers using original Nintendo controller. Called "Gemtendo" because it's built to impress chics in my car (holden Gemini). Smaller, cheaper, more games than the mini NES!"

Rodney, who shops at Jaycar Tweed Heads South

"I will make speed controllers and lights for my model railway"

Darren, who shops at Jaycar O'Connor

"I built a surveillance system to research endangered Black Cockatoos. Using a security camera with motion detection, two Arduino voltage regulators, a 5 Watt Solar panel, solar controller and sealed lead acid battery I created a system that would never need to be recharged. The camera has been in place for 12 months and a female cockatoo settled into the artificial nest yesterday. The photograph is a screenshot looking down the nest, the weldmesh ladder can be seen going down to the base."

Darren, who shops at Jaycar Maddington

"5Ah camping battery pack using 8x5Ah batteries and intelligent control. Monitors current flowing in / out of batteries to calculate charge and detect charge completion. Discharges in parallel through diodes and charges sequentially, switching each battery out of circuit to individually charge. System shuts off when panel voltage drops. WiFi allows a smartphone to monitor."

Darren, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"I just used a relay board and an Arduino to control a bunch of fans for a VR project at University. So the 3D application, Unity would send code to control the Arduino and that would intern control the fans to create a physical stimulus in time with the VR work."

Shane, who shops at Jaycar Tuggerah

"The 30A MPPT solar regulator controls the 12V 200W panel And the cheapie regulator regulates the panel battery with 37.7V trickle charge from DC to DC step down converter off a 24V truck to12V auxiliary battery."

Dave, who shops at Jaycar Geelong

"20 cent speed governor spring broke on the mower. The UNO compares engine RPM read from the photo-interrupter to the pot setting, and adjusts the carbie butterfly via mini servo to keep revs constant. Tough patch of grass? Servo opens throttle to suit :)"

David, who shops at Jaycar Hallam

"Wanting the freedom to take my kayak where ever I want; lake, white water or ocean, I devised a system to easily extract the water from my boat, without having to get out of the boat, go to shore and lift the heavy item to drain. After adding a access hatch to the boat, a small bilge pump was fitted using a combination of silcone and frame made from electrical conduit and electrical clips (which allows the whole system to be easily installed / removed and with no penetrations into the boat). Pump is then connected via a hose to a new outlet added to the rear of kayak to expel the water that has made its way into the boat and wired to a 12 volt battery which is housed in a waterproof ipx8 enclosure and then bagged in a dry bag for that extra layer of water protection. Having filled the boat a few times recently, has shown it only takes about five minutes to pretty much empty the full boat, allowing me more time to enjoy kayaking and eliminating the energy required to empty it."

David, who shops at Jaycar Thomastown

"Sick of tripping over bikes in the garage, so I built an Arduino based, remote controlled, 5 way motorised hoist. Using old wheelchair motors, some rope and a bag full of Jaycar goodies, I now have 4 bikes plus an access ladder neatly stored in the roof space. Awesome!"

David, who shops at Jaycar Jindalee

"Home automation electronic blind interface. Using an 8Mhz pro mini arduino and nrf24 wifi board this unit adds bidirectional comms with my home automation system to control 5 separate electronic blind systems. Interface via original remote includes movement percentage tracking."

David, who shops at Jaycar Townsville

"I made a timing system for the local car club for their Go to Whoa driving events. It displays (xc4621) the current elapsed time of their run. It runs on three Arduinos, one at the start line and one either side of the finish line. All wireless. The finish line has two IR beams and when both are broken and the car has stopped it transmits via nrf24 to the start line display to stop the timer. It saves the members a heap of time running the event. The drivers and spectators can see exactly what times they achieved. The main box (pictured) also switches three traffic light leds to start the run. It will be used this weekend at their club fun day so I can get more photos if needed. It is a bit hard to show the whole setup in one picture. You can email if you need more info. Regards David."

David, who shops at Jaycar Shepparton

"I have built this sign to be mounted on my local fire station to inform the public of whats happen during summer . Project happened with kind donations from local businesses for certain parts of the project and all electric’s bought from jaycar . Some coding still to be done and mounting the sign will happen"

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Melbourne CBD

"After a trip to america I was hooked on barbecue, but not on staying up all night to maintain my smokers temperature. An arduino Yun, a blower fan & some temperature probes allowed me to set up a PID controller for my charcoal smoker that holds a steady temp all night by controlling airflow to the fire, monitors the doneness of the meat, and alerts me when it's ready. All controlled via REST API from my phone. This shot is of me tuning the PID algorithm parameters"

Deon, who shops at Jaycar Gepps Cross

"Home Automation 433MHz transmitter and receiver to control motorised blinds throughout the house whilst receiving weather station, door and window switch status. ESP8266 powered to enable MQTT communication to NodeRed which provides the automation logic."

David, who shops at Jaycar Wollongong

"Project to control garden automation including pond pump, temp/humidity monitoring, soil moisture monitor and control of garden and via presence detection, shed lights."

Justin, who shops at Jaycar Ipswich

"Solar Charger Controller: Totally DIY built device including aluminium panel. This device charges batteries and runs loads from solar power. It has switched LED lights and an automatic 35 degree thermostat that controls a fan to cool the heat sink on the solar controller. It has the capacity to run fridges, lights and power. Loads can be wired directly at the terminals for ease."

Warrick, who shops at Jaycar Shepparton

"Digital Notice Board for Schools is a project is made with a raspberry pi and a computer monitor. The school that I work at wanted to have some way of communicating to the students without using the PA or having to run around change notice boards everyday. The screen automatically updates a website, and will turn off if no one is around. Several notice boards were built with the students and I document the build on instructables so your school can have one too. https://www.instructables.com/id/Digtial-Notice-Board-for-Schools/"

Daniel, who shops at Jaycar Capalaba

"Lighting and sound prop controller for Halloween display. 6 switches (with LED indicators) to control individual features, 25 digital IO's on a custom made breakout board for sensors and props all connected to an Arduino Mega. Status updates of props and a full menu system on the LCD which is navigated by a rotary encoder. Used to control my Halloween maze which consisted of 5 "automatic doors", 4 PIR sensors for detecting position in the maze, a main "event" in the middle of the maze consisting of strobe lights, a prop on a motorised carriage and some loud sounds. Two smoke machines were also connected to the controller for automation in the maze."

Douglas, who shops at Jaycar Reynella

"Built this Test Rig for security systems a few years back, most of the parts were sourced from Jaycar, can change resistors to suit each manufacturer, can select either 8 ohm or 12v siren, and can short/seal/open each zone/input."

Dylan, who shops at Jaycar Werribee

"i made a phone tap! just as a experment but its pretty cool, i used a crystal earpiece, old audio transformer, CAT male and female, 3.5mm jack, and a jiffy box."

John, who shops at Jaycar Alexandria

"Added over 4500 LEDs to our Modified Bell Jet Ranger to keep us safe when we are cruizing..."

Will, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"I built a holographic display! Well, technically it's a volumetric display...My friend Gavin and I used to have Thursday night lab sessions just trying to invent things over a few beers. We wondered why no-one had invented a Star Wars hologram yet, so we set out to do it. 10 years later and here's the results of a lot of hard work!"

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Labrador

"A variable length of coax for tuning RF devices. Specific lengths of coax are needed for tuning VHF/UHF repeater duplexers and to make quarter wavelength stubs, among other purposes. The extra male/female connectors give a bigger shift, the telescopic length is a fine adjustment. The variable coax is used to find the right length for the project, then its electrical length is determined with a spectrum analyser and tracking generator to make a fixed length of coax. The telescopic coax is telescopic brass tube for the inner and the outer is made from wrapped copper shim secured with a zip tie or solder."

Dean, who shops at Jaycar Tweed Heads South

"Designed and built a CNC machine for machining wood, plastic and aluminium. All electronic components, cables, switches etc (except drivers) were purchased from Jarcar"

Tony, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"I have built the world's first full 3D interactive multimedia training product, comprising 54 modules across 40 different 3D scenes. It teaches the fundamentals of quality improvement. I have just released it on both Apple and Android App stores. The link below will take you to a demo on app store (if you access with an Android or IOS device), or running in the PC browser, if you are using the latest version of Edge, Chrome or Firefox. www.q-skills.com/3D.html"

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Altona

"Allows the connection of up to 4 items requiring 9 volts DC (up to 2.5 amps). 3 outlets are negative center pin with a standard plug size and the fourth outlet allows for positive or negative center pin and any size plug connection."

Duane, who shops at Jaycar Caboolture

"Off grid power setup, where we live our grid fed power is dodgy to say the least. I put this together for my parents so they dont have to live by torchlight. Needs more work, namely Arduino's and heavy relay's to automate the charging cycles and to kick it all in when the grid power goes down, its all manual at the moment. Monitoring the usage in and out of the inverter and batteries needs to be looked at too, need to keep those precious batteries safe!."

Dustin, who shops at Jaycar Maroochydore

"i used a Bluetooth module with an sd card to create a boom box out of an old ammo tin. it uses 4" marine speakers and a 10000mah 3s lipo battery to power it. i also added a volt meter and usb socket to charge my phone."

David, who shops at Jaycar Aspley

"Old slide projector with functioning optics, retrofitted with 10W LED and some recycled heatsinking and fans. Oil projector wheel with customized rotator. Controlled by an arduino to monitor LED cooling and control rotator speed. Next step is to add a DMX shield to control from a standard lighting controller."

Lorenzo, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"I was lucky to find an old Playstation 2 console. It was broken but in good condition, with no major scratches on its outside, I absolutely had to do something with it! So I removed all the internal components and fit a computer inside, turning it into a smart media centre/computer. I did it using a miniITX motherboard, an SSD, some fans, an IR remote, a pico-psu and a bunch of bits and pieces I purchased from Jaycar such as: a 12V power supply, cables, RCA connectors, heat-shrink cables, etc. This is by far my smallest PC build and it acts as a smart media centre (thanks to a SW called Openelec) and as a computer as well. I made a video about this project and is featured here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyto2FVXFks"

Andrew, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"Solar powered timed LED lighting system for my en-suite bathroom. It switches on from early to late evening and on again in the morning instead of an audible alarm clock. This synchronises my circadian rhythms and reduces sleep inertia which increases my daily productivity by up to 3 times."

Edward, who shops at Jaycar Rydalmere

"Chicken Coop Door Opener (COOPENER) automatically connects to the internet to get sunrise/sunset times and use a servo to open/close the chicken coop door. Also has webserver so you can log in and control it manually. Uses Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and electronic servo. See: http://makeitbreakitfixit.com/2016/08/30/diy-home-automation-chicken-enclosure/"

Eion, who shops at Jaycar Townsville

"A HO model railway. DPDT biased switches, grain of wheat 12v bulbs and panel mounted red and green 12 bulbs all mounted on a mimic panel. The panel shows the position of the track points after they are changed as well as which track is live. Also a DPDT switch is used to operate a turntable and change polarity of track."

Marc, who shops at Jaycar Elizabeth

"I wanted to know when and what was setting my carport sensor lights off. I connected a Raspberry PI and Jaycar camera module to the sensor output. On power it boots, creates an animated GIF and posts it to twitter. See the gif of me taking this photo: https://twitter.com/OzEraSensor/status/961535811664543746"

Fausto, who shops at Jaycar Blacktown

"I designed this voice circuit for a piñata, so when the kids hit it, will sound like a Mexican mouse (speedy Gonzales). All the components are from Blacktown Jaycar. Wonderful staff. Regards F.Mino"

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Sunshine

"Using lots of parts from Jaycar, I have built my own Boeing 737 Simulator cockpit in a spare room of my house. Lots of soldering, cabling, drilling and interfacing etc.. I fly online with other pilots and realtime weather and Air traffic Control following the same flightplans and procedures real world pilots use. It also uses servo motors for gauges like flaps. This is a single seat sim, I am about to pull it all down and build a full size dual seat simulator."

Bob, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"For the helicopter controls, I made all of the metal shafts and levers, of which there were many, on the metal turning lathe my wife purchased from your Sunshine Store, for my birthday many years ago. Without the lathe and my engineering experience, I would not have been able to complete the project."

Frank, who shops at Jaycar Gepps Cross

"I designed and produced an Arcade 'Supergun'. Play original arcade game boards without the need for a traditional arcade cabinet. This device squeezes the internals of an arcade cabinet into a 112 x 50mm PCB and connects to a regular consumer TV."

Frank, who shops at Jaycar Elizabeth

"This is the 4WD also I build 2 WD, is lotes of funny, Run all over the house ,my idea is to make delivery my cup coffee to my study, I have to say this only was possible by the Arduino project ,and Jaycar Electronics, from Elizabeth South Australia. Thank you to made me young again ,I m 81 years old."

Frank, who shops at Jaycar Warwick Farm

"Turbo charged lawnmower Jay car supplied electrical switches"

Mick, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"I used to have a pinaclesys Rokuru internet streaming device (now known as internet radios) before they were a thing, alas the last modem upgrade meant it would work no longer. So with my RaspberryPi, a touch screen and some coding I made myself a new internet radio. I get the shoutcast station list through the shoutcast api, parse it and load up some drop downs for easy selection. The software is written using Node.js, Express and Angular2/4. It will run on my windows machine, my linux lappy and of course on a Raspbian distribution on the RaspberryPi"

Graham, who shops at Jaycar Gepps Cross

"this is my fishing rod lathe /spinner it is powered by a 12v jcar power supply or direct from a car battery it allows me to wind the cotton on the rod. which holds on the guides it has forward and reverse it also is fitted with a drying fan and work light it also allows the rod to slowly rotate to allow the resin coating to dry (aprox 6 to8 hours ) all switches wiring and motors etc are from my local jcar store this unit saves many many hours of winding ( by hand aprox 15 hours. now under 2 hours ) PS thanks jcar guys for your helpfull advice with this build"

Greg, who shops at Jaycar Redcliffe

"This is a schmick motorcycle trip computer. Using an Arduino Mega connected to the bike's electronics, features fuel consumption accurate to the millilitre, totally accurate speedometer and odometer, real time clock, GPS, temperature & humidity, lean angles, suspension compression, tyre temperature and more. Controlled with a handlebar mounted joystick."

William, who shops at Jaycar East Kew

"I used an infrared LED and a micro controller to connect my air conditioner to the internet. The infrared LED mimics the signals that the normal air conditioner remote sends to allow automation and phone control of the existing air conditioner. You can control it through Apple's HomeKit platform."

Gerard, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"My work wanted a legacy Point Of Sale system to display and print different text on the POS's pole display and receipt printer, but didn't have the ability to change the POS's software. Using an Arduino, MAX3232 RS232 to TTL converter chip and some discrete components I built a device that could intercept the RS232 data from the POS, reformat it to the desired text, and pass the modified data to the devices. This worked flawlessly, and at 9600 baud there was no discernible lag in the display or the printer."

Graham, who shops at Jaycar Cheltenham

"It was a colour changing water feature on our back deck. The colour change light failed, the water pump failed and the supplier went out of business. Solution - fit a standard LED colour changing globe (low wattage) and power up through a timer, so that in the evening and until about 11.00pm there is an ever changing colour glow on the back deck. It is very attractive in the dark and not in-attractive in the day."

Greg, who shops at Jaycar Thomastown

"I wanted to be able to have my own personal cloud as I have read that all the cloud services in the world are consuming an incredible amount of energy and I did not want to contribute to that. I found a modem/router with a USB port, and found the correct software to install. Now I run my own cloud that I can access from anywhere, is password protected and consumes very little power."

Geoff, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"My grandson was getting whiplash trying to make is car go slow enough to navigate the obstacles in the garage by repeatedly tapping the go button. I installed the Jaycar 12/24VDC 20A Motor Speed Controller Kit and a Hall Effect accelerator pedal to replace the button on the floor of the car. He now has smooth acceleration with soft start. The charging and reverse still works as normal and has good torque at low speed. I needed to add a LM358 to invert the accelerator signal to get it all working."

Gary, who shops at Jaycar Taren Point

"I'm using an Arduino Mega and various components for a model railway project. The sensor is a Line Trace Sensor normally for robot tracking. I am using it to detect a train in specific locations. The Mega, sensor, cable parts and tools were all purchased at Jaycar."

Glen, who shops at Jaycar Maitland

"I built this digital R.F. Power/SWR Meter for use in my Ham Radio Station. The meter is auto-ranging up to a maximum power of 1500 Watts. This project was built using a Jaycar case, and mostly Jaycar components including resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, switches and connectors. The PCB was etched from copper clad board also purchased at Jaycar. The heart of the circuit is a Microchip PIC which does the A to D conversion and displays the results on the front panel LCD. Most of the components were purchased at my local Jaycar store in Maitland, NSW."

Bill, who shops at Jaycar Mackay

"Maintainable batteries for cars are no longer generally available. This is a problem for many 1920s/1930s vehicles with "third brush" generators which are effectively constant current devices. Electrolyte can be boiled off and there is the real possibility of explosion due to gas build up. My simple circuit sits in the field circuit of the generator to provide temperature compensated voltage regulation. Importantly it requires no modification to the existing generator or cut out."

Graham, who shops at Jaycar Erina

"This is a 4 channel irrigation control that runs across a Z Wave home automation network. Currently there are no ZWave irrigations controllers available so I used a 4 channel Arduino relay unit purchased from Jaycar Erina coupled with an Z-UNO processor."

Graham, who shops at Jaycar Elizabeth

"I became concerned with my cadymatic electric cart for golf on hilly course I am using a 21ah lead acid battery the solar panels tweaked to 7.5 amps is a big bonus no more struggling up hill"

Brian, who shops at Jaycar Fyshwick

"This is my Keytar build. Made from an old keyboard that I circuit bent to allow pitch control, distortion control, chords played via touch sensors and push buttons. The audio output is via Bluetooth, 1/4in jack or built in speaker. The keyboard is fitted to a custom Jarrah wooden base."

Guy, who shops at Jaycar Perth

"I have converted my gas guzzling BMW 2005 120i to an all electric BMW 120e . I started the conversion in September 2016 and finished it in January 2017. It involved many trips to JayCar! (wiring, switches, lugs, fuses, relays, emergency off buttons, and a far amount of solder!) It's got 28 LiFePO4 batteries in the front and 12 in the back (where the fuel tank was) It's a direct drive DC motor connected to the rear tail shaft. A reverse contactor reverses the coils to make the car go in reverse. Takes about 8 hours to charge at 10 amps or 6 hours at 15 amps - it does 150km on a charge. More images on my blog: http://evblog.wsit.com.au/ Yes, it's much faster than before."

Adam, who shops at Jaycar Wagga Wagga

"Just made a start on this portable Power pack/ stereo"

Herbert, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"This project was built to measure Electromagnetic Radiation, i.e. radiation radiated from Power Transmission Lines (330KV etc). It has a speaker and emits 'pulses/clicks' just like a geiger counter, (it has a voltage output as well to measure the actual level)."

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Capalaba

"It’s a stand alone solar 12 battery system for a camping trip I’m planning with my family. Our destination does not permit and generators or any fuel driven engines and no fires as it’s a national park. We are there for 12 days and this will take 400watts of solar Input charging into 3 x 105AH agm battery’s the run my fridges lights and any other required 12 v Power"

James, who shops at Jaycar Joondalup

"This is a series of electronic pressure relief valves and solenoids used to control front and rear air lockers in a 4wd, as well as airbags for towing and tyre inflation, this allows for complete control over pressure and the ability to inflate or deflate to a set psi."

Hamish, who shops at Jaycar Perth

"Smart Crutches! They greatly improve the life of people who need crutches! They have a water bottle holder, portable phone charger that I made, phone case, front and back lights for night time crutching, a carabiner to hold things like shopping bags and a clip to hold paper and mail"

Tony, who shops at Jaycar Adelaide City

"My radio station VK5ZAI. For over 20 years I have worked with ARISS volunteering my services to students around the world so they can ask the astronauts on the ISS questions as they circle the Earth at 27,000kph. Being specialized a lot of the equipment needs to be home brewed."

Jesse, who shops at Jaycar Coburg

""Crate Expectations" is an absurd roaming interactive sculpture by artist duo "Cake Industries" that entertains and shocks audiences at festivals. As well as roaming, boxes open and close, music plays, and telephones ring. Audiences around Australia have been shocked and amused for the last 12 months by this work, and this 250kg monster continues to bring us much joy. Link for video: https://vimeo.com/208583849"

Adam, who shops at Jaycar Bankstown

"Pictured here is a 240v 15a PID heat controller with K type thermocouple socket on the front of the enclosure and a 12v 80mm ball bearing fan from none other than Jaycar Bankstow- my fav place in town!"

Greg, who shops at Jaycar Rydalmere

"Cooling fans for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Two high powered fans blow 180 CFM of air over the cylinder heads to help control excess heat when traveling in slow moving traffic in Sydney's summer heat. Especially helpful for modified bikes with higher power output. Electrically very simple: fans, fuse & switch. Getting the mounting plate right was the tricky bit. Simple but effective solution - and much cheaper than similar products from the USA. coolmyhog.com.au"

Danel, who shops at Jaycar Smithfield

"Was built to have laser lights reflect back to a uno board for a client of mine in parramatta. They run a amusement Center and needed a game that had laser lights to activate certain things in the rooms"

Ed, who shops at Jaycar Launceston

"Smart home automation utilising Amazon Alexa as central voice control. Pictured top left is an Amazon Echo Dot as the voice interface. She is connected to and controls via wifi; Wifi 4-gang relay switches x2 - Chinese made “Sonoff Pro”. Wifi universal IR/RF blaster - Chinese made “Broadlink RM Pro”. Pictured bottom left is the old watering system control PCB (? late 1980’s) that failed; I upcycled parts to incorporate a 4-gang wifi switch to allow Alexa full control. Pictured bottom right is a robot vacuum cleaner (nicknamed Eva from the movie Wall-E). She is relatively autonomous but has an IR interface that allows Alexa to send commands via the Broadlink IR blaster if needed. Pictured top right is the Broadlink RM Pro (not in its usual position) and the second Sonoff Pro wifi switch housed in a modified wall cavity DIN switch compartment. The Broadlink allows Alexa to control numerous devices such as Daiken Aircon, Panasonic plasma TV, Xbox ONE and Yamaha 2-zone Amplifier. The combination of the Sonoff wifi switch also allows Alexa to control wired speakers that are in the room with the Yamaha amp, the kitchen, the main bedroom and a pair of weather proof outdoor speakers. This turns the 2-zone amp into a 4/5-zone amp. Alexa allows full voice control of all devices with very few, to no limitations e.g. can control volume of speakers and temp of air con etc etc. I have set it up using scene type controls e.g. “Alexa turn on outdoor speakers” - turns on the amp, adjusts amp settings and only turns on the outdoor speakers. Many parts of this setup can be/are automonous in behaviour e.g. watering system does it’s own thing unless we want to adjust parameters. I have designed, built and modified all aspects of this smart home setup with the priorities of real world robustness, recycling/upcycling and unobtrusive smart home design. It’s probably worth mentioning that Amazon Alexa hasn’t been officially released in Aus and therefore tinkers such as myself have to find ways around problems such as software/hardware compatibility issues. It also goes without saying that as this is a smart home setup all of this design is true IoT; being accessible from anywhere on the net (security is obviously in place) and total integration with devices such as phones and tablets etc. is a given. This is a basic starting point for our eventual ‘truly’ smart home. I will move onto automate other things such as environmental sensor feedback control for heating/cooling, opening/closing blinds and other useful additions such as home lighting. While I know there are many proprietary solutions to home automation none of them allow truly universal use of existing non-smart devices like I have outlined here. Also having a lifelong interest in AI’s and their evolution I find Alexa to be the single most advanced, engaging and real world useable low level AI I have come across. Lastly probably should mention that lots of the hardware infrastructure that make this setup possible e.g. wire, soldering supplies and joiners etc etc. I purchase from your store. Sorry for the long description - have tried to adequately describe the setup without going into too much detail."

Ira, who shops at Jaycar Caboolture

"Power saver for pool chlorinator. A very simple modification to a good unit ,such that modern concerns about power usage can be addressed. Because I have a large salt water pool, 100 thousand litres, my chlorinator works for long hours to keep it pristine. Because the pool pump is switched on while the chlorinator is working, our electricity bill recently went through the roof….the pump is a 900w filter pump. I un-plugged the pump from the chlorinator control unit and removed the chlorinator cell from the piping so that I could change the system. The piping is now bypassed so that water is filtered when it needs to be, without the chlorinator having anything to do with it. I plugged in a pond pump of some 55w and connected it to the chlorinator cell, which I removed from the regular housing so that it could float in the pool from a large UV (sunshine) proof dish and pump water up through the cell and into the pool. The wires connect inside this dish and a plastic lid keeps rain water out. The wire for the pond pump drops down into the water and powers the pump to send water up and through the cell, so that chlorine can be produced and sent into the pool. This idea creates a huge amount of chlorine in the pool water, while using only 55w more than the controller itself. I can and do run it for 16 hours a day in the hot summer, and it costs very little, my bill is much better off for this idea. I have added a polystyrene collar to the dish as a further development so that when I bomb dive the deep end, the waves don’t flood the unit and shorten its life. I would not be surprised if Chlorinator manufacturers used this idea to produce a more economical type of device to save electricity for pool users. They are welcome!"

Wayne, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"Just fitted a dual battery and Managment charging system with charger and inverter and solar panel and monitor with 10 12 v outlets and 6 USB charge points in my caravan so I can freedom camp with some luxuries."

Juris, who shops at Jaycar Frankston

"As a joke I made this “Zero Point Energy” device and put it on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKfFt9aS9dc&feature=youtu.be I had enquiries from all over the world wanting the plans. To explain what it really was I made a follow up video. https://youtu.be/0yZxF0AoNfM"

Jesse, who shops at Jaycar Coburg

"I made a totem pole that lights up brightly at night so my friends can find each other at music festivals. It's programmed with different patterns, a BPM button to sync it to the music and an LCD to display the current settings."

Jacob, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"I’m entering my beer fermenting fridge, in which I used an old UPS enclosure to mount an Arduino controller & solid state relays. There are 2 temperature sensors that keep the fridge & beer at a set temperature throughout the fermenting process. There is also a 3rd sensor to monitor the ambient tempter. It is controlled through the LCD and encoder, as well as a web based interface for more advanced configuration."

Jake, who shops at Jaycar Joondalup

"The receiver on our garage broke for the remotes, so I used a raspberry pi and a relay to make it HomeKit enabled to open with our phones."

Jake, who shops at Jaycar Erina

"I built a wifi-enabled thermal printer that connects to my home internet network. The printer has a self-hosted web-app that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. It allows you to write notes into the app that then automatically print them out on paper, like a post-it note."

James, who shops at Jaycar Tuggeranong

"It didn't take Binka the Burmese long to wonder why he walked through the garden to his litterbox... a light fence made with diode laser modules and LDRs now guards the garden - and turns on the sprinkler if he strays from the path! The courtyard smells sweet again :)"

James, who shops at Jaycar Altona

"I used an Arduino to make a temperature controller for the beer fridge. The fermenter goes right the fridge and the controller holds the temperature constant for the ferment. When finished, the fridge set point is adjusted and it works just like a normal fridge again."

James, who shops at Jaycar Capalaba

"This project counts macadamia nuts as they come in to the receival bin on the harvester. A sensor plate produces a string of pulses, one for each nut striking the plate, and the count with GPS coordinates and date-time is stored every 2 seconds on the USB. A Raspberry Pi v3b is used as the processor, with GPS and touch screen top hats. There is an active GPS antenna and battery to give 10 minutes reserve power. Capacity is more than ten times the maximum expected delivery rate, and discrimination is less than 50us. The objective is to allow individual growers to gather data from their own farms and to be able to conduct small-scale field trials. Until now this has been restricted to small research plots."

Jan, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"Hi, this is Jan from North Bondi. I have been visiting your store at Bondi Junction for the last 4 years to purchase material and tools to develop the prototypes of our surface-supplied diving product, AirBuddy, which eventually became one of the most successful Australian product on Kickstarter. AirBuddy is the world's smallest and lightest recreational diving gear. The air compressor pressurises surface air that is then delivered to the diver through the supply hose with a regulator. AirBuddy allows 45 minutes of diving at a depth of up to 12 meters. Our vision is to bring the ease of snorkelling into the fascinating world of diving, so that more people can explore and appreciate the beauty of our marine life. Best regards, Jan"

Jason, who shops at Jaycar Woolloongabba

"My caravan is in storage and I wanted to check that the mains were connected (to ensure battery charger runs) and battery voltage. I built this Arduino box, it checks both variables then uploads the data via nearby wifi to an sql/php site. The site emails me if voltage drops under 12.4v or 240v is disconnected."

Jeremy, who shops at Jaycar Labrador

"I built this power transfer switch for my brothers yacht. It automatically switches from shore power to solar or battery using a bunch of relays. It has a maximum out put of 6000 watts. It also recharges batteries automatically using either shore power when plugged in or solar when out at sea. It really simple to operate, all you have to do is pullout the shore power plug on the wharf and it does the rest."

Jerry, who shops at Jaycar Underwood

"I have setup a Raspberry PI to gather generated power data from my solar system with an Aurora inverter, and periodically send the data to PVOutput.org. This data is then available on my mobile device in almost real-time."

Jeffrey, who shops at Jaycar Caboolture

"This is a Core-XY based laser engraver/ pen plotter that can be a laser engraver as shown or the laser can be replaced with a pen to draw or plot on paper. Most of the components were spares gathered from many years of playing around with 3d printers."

James, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"This is a CNC router which I built from scratch using parts obtained from overseas and Jacar. It has much electronics to control the 3 stepper motors plus one extra for feeding filiment when you install the 3D ptinter attachment. I use it to egrave misalaneous signes and make parts for my many other projects. I am retired and have a "man cave" in which I spend much time making electronic and mechanical projects."

Jonathon, who shops at Jaycar Penrith

"This is a hovercraft and controller, built from a self-designed and manufactured PCB and parts, all boxed up in a 3D designed and printed case I built to hold all the bits! It has been designed for students as a kit, so they can put them together and learn about electronics, circuitry and the physics of pressure, air and friction. So many great elements!"

John, who shops at Jaycar Elizabeth

"This device uses Arduino technology to water my lawn with six zones. It connects to the network via an Ethernet WiFi router and I control it from my iPhone via a local website I have created. A lot of the components were sourced from my local Jaycar store. I have built a similar device that runs the pool solar heating. A good mix of electronic hardware, networking and coding. Essentially the "Internet Of Things"."

John, who shops at Jaycar Modbury

"I restored a 1960's doorbell which came with my house, but was broken. In addition to making it work again, I made it internet enabled. It now sends push notifications to my wife's and my iPhone/Apple Watch when someone is at the door."

John, who shops at Jaycar Tuggeranong

"I build 1/3 scale museum quality WW1 flying aircraft (These are big very big) This would not be possible without Jaycar, they provide fantastic support in so many ways. The technical advice is second to none, they are so helpful. The electronic bits, and there are many many in my aircraft are designed around Jaycar components, Just being able to see and hold a part to check for fit and function is fantastic, this would not be possible without Jaycar. Examples are: The sound systems for the gun noises/ audio amplifiers built into the aircraft and flashing gun muzzles just to name a few.."

John, who shops at Jaycar Ipswich

"I needed to quickly test VGA cables so I thought up this useful VGA cable tester. You simply plug a VGA cable into the box and use the shorting link connector on the other end of the cable and the appropriate red LEDs light up if the leads are continuous."

Jon, who shops at Jaycar Midland

"3D printed humanoid robot project - so far I have the head which has 2 motors for the eyes, 1 for the jaw, 1 for the neck rotation and 1 for the neck nod. Driven by combination of Arduino for servo control and raspberry pi for video and compute power. 100+hrs of printing and 5 hrs of coding."

John, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"I have provided solar energy for additional lighting for safety warning and night vision, together with Go Pro Camera, Phone and Tablet charge points and 240 volt inverter, and siren. Without compromising the main battery power. All main components purchased from Jaycar Electronics Clovelly Park."

Jon, who shops at Jaycar Melton

"I have repaired and then modified a Sega Megadrive 2 with RCA and S-video so it now works on modern TV’s."

Jack, who shops at Jaycar Tuggeranong

"It’s a Tesla cool with an output of about 50000v. The sparks can get up to 6inches long"

John, who shops at Jaycar Geelong

"I converted this old manual lathe to CNC (computer numeric control). It involved removing the gearbox, leadscrew and cross slide screw, and installing ball screws, stepper motors and controllers, new saddle, breakout board, variable speed drive, optical indexer, manual pulse generator. Many parts sourced from Jaycar. A successful conversion."

Jose, who shops at Jaycar Sydney City

"I modified a QuakeAlarm device, I connected it to an Arduino Uno, and then I connect this Arduino to Internet using an Ethernet Module. This smart device send a twitt ( @quakealarmcl ) alerting more than 15K followers in Chile about the possibility of an earthquake in the following seconds."

Kathleen, who shops at Jaycar East Kew

"It's a "Teabag jiggler". It automatically jiggles tea bags, and, most importantly, always leaves the tea bag at the top out of the water so that the tea doesn't stew."

Kim, who shops at Jaycar O'Connor

"The 'Curlymobile' is a standard 48VDC electric utility cart that has been fitted with a 315W Solar panel hidden above the roof and set at the optimum angle. An MPPT solar controller maintains the batteries and a 2.5kw pure sine wave inverter produces 240VAC power for jobs around the farm where power tools are needed. It also allows the house fridge and some lighting during rural power failures (we get lots of them). The Curlymobile is a multi purpose fun and nerdy portable power solution!! Don't you wish you had one? (we are lucky Jaycar O'Connor isn't far from our city shed, because we spent a lot of time there for this project!)"

Will, who shops at Jaycar Frankston

"GoGoGate2 - iOT Garage Door Opener Pretty easy setup and installation. Access control, IFTTT, Access and ability to open & close your garage/s via your smartphone device."

John, who shops at Jaycar Mandurah

"Low cost CNC & Laser machines - modifications to electronic controllers, adding limit switches, rewiring, safety controls, reduction in noise and workshop air pollution with dedicated housings and vacuum, remote screen and keyboard for both to run Vectric, Mach3 & CorelDraw software. Finished product using MDF / Acrylic & Electronics"

Kevin, who shops at Jaycar O'Connor

"This assembly is a cable-testing tool to test all combinations of conductor in a multi-core cable with the conductors at the other end of the cable. It uses a resistor to pass a substantial current. This prototype version used LEDs to indicate continuity and cross-links."

Lance, who shops at Jaycar Capalaba

"This is a discrete electronics organizer that I did up to hide all the modem and things."

Xavier, who shops at Jaycar Thomastown

"The laser harp is a chromatic musical instrument played by intercepting an array of laser beams. It’s controlled by a raspberry pi which performs vision processing, and outputs MIDI data. The pi also hosts a web interface over WI-FI to change the octave, note velocity, MIDI channel and power state."

Leslie, who shops at Jaycar Shellharbour

"This wifi unit monitors the garage door. The "On" & "Off" buttons are extended to 2 reed relays mounted on the plastic angle which is fixed to a door panel near an N50 magnet. Relay logic ensures an accurate door state, a fast flashing coloured led shows an open garage."

Lee, who shops at Jaycar Melton

"Mine seems a bit small, but; I got a sega master system 2 on ebay for some alex kidd nostalgia and couldnt hook it up to my lcd tv. A trip to jaycar & $10 later, I have stereo output and a 50/60 hz switcher (and led backlight) running full screen on a 62""

Leon, who shops at Jaycar Rockingham

"This is a programmable tissue culture incubator. It uses an inexpensive Jaycar 2100 Lumen LED light, a second-hand esky, and a programmable timer. There is nothing like this out there. - this is the only home tissue culture incubator I know of. It provides approximately $5000 plus functionality for 50 dollars. Once I had done the science to check that the wavelength of light was correct and heating was not excessive, it was a straight forward build. I have written it up as an instructable, and it is getting quite a bit of interest from native plant enthusiasts, biohackers and general citizen scientists. The art to intelligent designs is robust and modular functionality. I could (and have) written a prototype to run on an Arduino. This version works very reliably, and puts the technology in the hands of the community, in a smart, effective and affordable way. I'd also like to thank the guys (and gal) at my local Rockingham store. They were very helpful in working with me to diagnose why the 12V model did not work (the driver chip doesn't like switch mode power supplies), and were very tolerant of the many light intensity measurements I made before selecting the correct light. They were an asset to my creative process, and provided value that no online market could."

Leon, who shops at Jaycar Aspley

"I love fish tanks but hate the maintenance! So I automated via wi-fi and server based scheduling of the tank light, feeder (feeds morning and night), water refills (once a week 20% empty, then refill)."

Ron, who shops at Jaycar Browns Plains

"This is a three stop Lift Control Using a variety of relays, Light timers And other Jacar components. This system stops a lift automatically up to three levels"

Wesley, who shops at Jaycar Newcastle

"I made a brewery controler based on raspberry pi, that is blutooth and wifi enabled. It has intergrated spotify and i control the whole thing from my phone or touchscreen. It controls two elements, two pumps and monitors temperature tldr: makes beer and plays music"

Lionel, who shops at Jaycar Gold Coast

"l wanted a Harley Davidson could not afford one so l took my 50cc scooter to bits made panels and engine out of fiberglass . l made everything and registered business name as ((((((HARDLEY A DAVIDSON ))))"

Mark, who shops at Jaycar Launceston

"Tracked Rover with dual tank tracks, manipulator arm, spotlight, camera and multiple sensors. 4 retractable solar panels for battery charging. Retractable senor arm on side. Multiple LED lights. Manual control of some functions from panel on top and 2 X 6 channel radio control for manipulator arm and tank track control. Project built during spare time onboard a ship as an inspection / security robot."

Nicci, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"This contraption was made for an art exhibition. It is a sort of 'synthesizer' to play drawing sounds from my DIY speakers ¬– planar ones either etched or flat wire coils, plus a cone speaker. Between the buttons and the speakers are amplifiers, voltage regulators and plenty of wires."

Malcolm, who shops at Jaycar Coffs Harbour

"This project need many more photos. Off grid power with solar tracking panels, status and control on the home network, the primary power have grid-inject feed available as a supliment from one of our sheds. Where can I send my other pics of the system?"

Manuel, who shops at Jaycar Sydney City

"This is a Temperature Reader and it will send the temperature data to the SAP Cloud that will be used by our company for analytics"

Mark, who shops at Jaycar Tuggerah

"This is an Arduino controlled spot welder. The arduino delivers 2 pulses: 50ms as a cleaning pulse, and then the main welding pulse, which can be up to 1 second. It has a cooling fan and a temperature sensor so that the transformer windings don't overheat. It is effective to weld thin stainless steel, or mild steel up to 14 gauge. It is great for building metal boxes. As well as the manual trigger button on the top, It has a socket for a remote control foot switch. The welding current comes from a re-wound microwave oven transformer, which the Arduino switches via a large opto-coupled triac. The arms fold up when not in use."

Matthew, who shops at Jaycar Rydalmere

"I built a surround sound system in my room using one of you’re amplifiers and parts I found around the house. It works great."

Matthew, who shops at Jaycar Gepps Cross

"I built a terrarium climate control system for my Son’s lizard. It runs off a Raspberry Pi and developed in python. It controls the UV light and Heat Lamp."

Sean, who shops at Jaycar Townsville

"Designed and built my own 3d printer at 16 years old with Arduino and aluminium from around the house. Used it to fix broken parts for mum."

Warwick, who shops at Jaycar Maroochydore

"Wazzacow Cutter, mechanic cow controller. Over the last 10 years with the help of Jaycar Electronics supplies, we've designed and built these units which are sold world wide. The unit drives a pulley system whick runs a simulated Cow over 30 metre's.They're used to train young horses to rate a real Cow for competition."

Josh, who shops at Jaycar Hallam

"My Dad and I built the Arduino robot for a yr8 school project. I used a Mega2560, 4way-relay, led strip, DC geared motors, and wrote my own Android app in AppInventor that connects via bluetooth. We had a stack of fun together building it."

Mike, who shops at Jaycar Reynella

"Tired of my mobile fone which I use for PayPal transactions running out of power and all the small backup batteries seemed slow, low capacity, flimsy and didn't last very long... So I built my own...in an army surplus ammo can. Used a 9ah deep cycle battery, some USB connectors and a voltmeter. It charges via standard car plug in the 12v socket. Even runs the wife's CPAP machine when camping!"

Dean, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"I had an rfid implant installed in my hand. I created an rfid central locking system for my car. True keyless entry. Hard to demonstrate with a photo. But schematic is proof of design. feature video on street machine website."

Mark, who shops at Jaycar Mackay

"Built with Jaycar led lighting and power transformer"

Ewan, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"Designed and built dual battery volt meter using atmega328p chip with pre-installed bootloader and the jaycar 128x128 screen. Programming provides for two screen options with 3 different settings in each. Can either have voltage read out with 3 options of layout (see photos) or the program uses eeprom to store the last 25 voltage readings for each battery and displays on chart. Options for screen are for each battery or combined (see photos). It's all integrated into my central cubby box with electronics housed in a small box with a sub to serial adapter; usb end protrudes outside box to allow upgrades to be performed with minimal impact."

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Ferntree Gully

"A Raspberry Pi IoT Home and Security Controller. I built a RPi app to drive relays and observe security sensors, and an iPhone app to control everything, from security to garden lights, garage door, beacon proximity, and more. All connected via Azure IoT Hub in the cloud."

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Tuggeranong

"With the introduction smart phones built without headphone jacks, there also came a risk of losing individual Bluetooth headphones as well as expensive corded headphones becoming obsolete. I have put together a Bluetooth headphone jack, turning any corded headphones into Bluetooth headphones. The twist tie connecting the receiver and jack also allows you to keep the cord tidy and out of the way."

Michel, who shops at Jaycar Rockingham

"It's a smoke machine pivot, it pivots left and right via wiless remote, and also has a auto mode so it pivots left and right and blows smoke all at the same time, on a timer set up. It also can be hung upside down, for dj's."

Mick, who shops at Jaycar Shepparton

"Building a Boeing 737-800 Full flight simulator, running Arduinos and Freetronics Shields, also converting the real instruments from the aircraft and interfacing with Arduinos/PCs and ARINC429 control boards. Arduinos shown run the PWM Dimmed cockpit lighting & instruments."

Mike, who shops at Jaycar Belconnen

"I connected my garage door openers to a raspberry pi and using open source node.js to integrate with Apple HomeKit so I can operate them with my phone and watch."

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Townsville

"As a Vet I made a monitoring device to deliver the sound from an oesophageal stethoscope (that is placed in a anesthetised patients oesophagus near the heart) to an external speaker. ie the heart beat sounds. So the anesthetist can constantly hear an audio output. The good thing about this is there is no possible negative readings. I used the project SC2#15 bionic ear kit to pick up the signals from oesophageal stethoscope using the directional microphone (made an attachment), and then channeled the output of this into a CHAMP amplifier kit to then drive a external speaker on the back of the above casing. Can all run off a 9 Volt supply or 9V battery. (battery holder and input jack on the back)"

Carey, who shops at Jaycar Shepparton

"I wired 3 RGBW LED strips in post's in my 3d printer controlled by some code I wrote so I can have any colour and I can also dim lights if needed, a push rotary encoder for colour push button for white LED'S and to dim"

Rob, who shops at Jaycar Rockingham

"one quiet Sunday afternoon i whipped up a M.A.M.E Cabinet no plans :) still a work progress as you can see . powered by win7 quad core cpu / 120GbSSD HDD / 19" Dell panel / All Sony audio XM754x Amp,10" Sub ,2x4" it also supports Wii & Xbox Original controller and music streaming services."

Jason, who shops at Jaycar Alexandria

"My (enhanced) Raspberry Pi has an IR receiver and an emitter, and can now control the TV + AMP (via IR), and Xbox (via wireless). It’s also running a web server so I can control all 3 through my Google Home and custom commands. I'm almost done adding air con support!"

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Thomastown

"I installed a trip computer in my car. I used an arduino and a CAN-bus shield to read and decode information from my car’s ECU, it then displays all of the information on a little LCD screen that I can navigate with a button. My model of car shipped without one, so it’s nice to now have fuel consumption and other stats."

Brendan, who shops at Jaycar Adelaide City

"I’ve made myself a full digital dash to go in my classic Mini as well as adding a whole lot of other features that are controlled with microcontrollers. After building a stand alone ignition control module (from scratch) that drives four LS1 coils it just made sense to keep going NB: My local store is Mandurah in WA but it’s not an option on the drop down menu."

Warren, who shops at Jaycar Springvale

"Purchased an I pad, connected to wifi and fly my drone with the App. Connected chip to a Ho model Loco and run it with DCC"

Myles, who shops at Jaycar Sunshine

"I built a Siri-Controlled Garage Door Opener. Conveniently, my garage door has screw terminals for an external switch, and can provide 12V. So using an ESP8266, and a RR1A SPDT 12V reed relay, I knocked up a PCB and some software that simulates a switch. Using Homekit + Homebridge, I can ask my watch to open the garage. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7EiVLgRVo0 For security, the device talks to an MQTT server that is validated use secure certificates. Full write up here: https://hackaday.io/project/12482-garage-door-opener"

Nathan, who shops at Jaycar Aspley

"Sorry for too many words. I was sick of my bedroom clock being inaccurate and too hard to read in sunlight/too bright during the night. So I made a clock that is set by NTP off the internet (uses Power over Ethernet so just one cable) and has a photoresister so it can be bright during the day but dim at night (still easily readable, just not bathing the room in a hellish green glow)."

Nathan, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"The Video Latency Tester is designed to measure how long it takes (in milliseconds) for a video signal to change from one state to another. When a slide changes from black to green, the voltage change of the Green VGA pin is measured using Arduino, and it’s resulting time displayed."

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"We are a caravan repairer in Sydney. We made our own "Caravan diagnostic tool", which simulates a battery and we are able to test all electrical components with the tool. It has a remote control which can test electrical brakes, lights, solar, cameras, battery voltage and more. All homemade using parts from Jaycar"

Nick, who shops at Jaycar Wollongong

"I'm using an arduino board (feather huzzah) with an arducam pointed at my clothes line, where I can query my amazon echo device to find out if I left the washing out. It uses a combination of Machine Learning and Image recognition created with Amazon web services such as Lambda, Rekognition and S3."

Nigel, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"My home is an automated wonder! I have 4 PowerPoints remotely controller and managed to ensure energy is only used from solar (e mower battery, drill and camping battery) automatic lights (in shed and garden), remote electric motorcycle controller 4 devices monitoring 9 sun circuit consumption and a prototype remote control for my solar inverter and lithium batteries. The electric bike is of course, equipped with spotlights, switch, relay and electrical components from Jaycar."

Nigel, who shops at Jaycar Newcastle

"Solar / Battery Bluetooth remote gate actuation system. Open close gates via your phone."

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Thomastown

"All my electronic devices behind the bar need to be sorted out. Please help, what a mess"

Phillip, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"Automatic Telescope Dew Control system My Dew controls system continuously monitors the Ambient Temperature, The Relative Humidity and the Telescope Temperature. From Ambient Temperature and RH, the Dew Point is calculated. The Heater Driver are proportionally turned ON when the Telescope Temperature is about 2 Deg above the Dew point. The display shown the current temperatures and RH and Dew Point. Lower menus display the PID Parameters and operation. Lower menus allow setting the Dew Point to Telescope temperature offset and drive level of each of the 3 Heater Driver outputs. Lower menus allow control of the Back light brightness. Lower menus allow control of the brightness of LED light on the Tripod, to prevent people tripping over the tripod legs."

Patrick, who shops at Jaycar Melton

"My analogue project is a water saving device that uses the wasted cold water when the hot water tap is initially turned on. This water is collected in a small tank (15 liter pictured) and by the time it is full it is then warm. You then have a gravity fed shower at the perfect temperature, saving nearly 40,000 liters of water a year."

Paul, who shops at Jaycar Elizabeth

"Misting Fan Console / Controller 12 volt 3 different modes including Motion detection, Timer and Full power. Infrared control by remote or mobile phone app, runs a 3 Amp 100psi high pressure pump with a misting nozzle. LED Cooling fans x2 with Voltage gauge 7.5amp wiring with a 5 Amp fuse. Version 7.0 I spent lots of time perfecting this setup."

Paul, who shops at Jaycar Sydney City

"I replaced the stock electronics controller from my Chinese K40 CO2 laser with an open source G-code cnc controller. It allows me to cut and engrave within minutes without trying to figure out how to configure the chinese proprietary software. I can use Inkscape, T2laser, Weblaser, LightBurn software and it makes me very productive!"

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Bondi Junction

"I created this Fire Warden Light and Alert Tone Demonstration Unit to train our fire wardens on the various lights and associated sounds when a fire alarm is activated. Pressing a button activates a strobe light and the associated alarm sound. This helps make our training very practical and realistic as many people didn't know what the lights in the ceiling or the sounds actually meant. It only cost $100 to make and it has made a huge difference. It might even help save lives one day. (Can send a better picture this one came out distorted when I loaded it)"

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Elizabeth

"Requirement... 1/ No lights would come on during the day. 2/ Everything would be 12v, LED & eventually ran by Solar Panels/Battery Bank. 3/ At night time the lights in Area A – B – C & D would automatically be lit up with a small amount of White LED's. 4/ When the Pool Pump was started (Timer or Manually) the White Lights in Area C & D would turn off, Area C, D & E Blue lights come on but Area A & B would stay White & on. 5/ When the Pool Pump was Stopped (Timer or Manually) the Pool Light & all Blue LED's around the pool would turn off. Area C & D would return to White LED;s again. 6/ Area A and B would not be affected by the changing lighting condition of Area C, D or E. Had to really think about this but this is how I did it. Transformer 1 / Circuit 1 - The White LED's in Area A & B Transformer 1 / Circuit 2 - The White LED's in Area C & D on (but only when circuit 4 is off). Transformer 2 / Circuit 3 - The Blue LED Pool Light. Transformer 3 / Circuit 4 - The Blue LED's in Area C, D & E & also a white LED inside a project box. When the pool pump activates Transformers feeding circuits 3 & 4 get power. Circuit 4 lights the LED inside the project box. When Circuit 4 lights the LED inside the Project box the Twilight switch (also inside the box) cuts the feed to Circuit 2 as the twilight switch now thinks its daylight. The pool Area C, D & E will now only illuminate Blue lights and will remain that way until the pool pump stops & the LED inside the box turns off. A clear panel was made to allow light inside the box so in daylight if the LED inside ever failed to light & not trigger the twilight switch it will prevent any lights coming on during the day."

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Adelaide City

"Over three weeks at Christmas I built a campervan with my wife. I was in charge of the solar system and electrics. Jay Car was my source of crimps, wire, solar crimped and connectors, 240 volt smart charger and 1500w inverter, solder, heatshrink, soldering iron and multi meter. What great fun."

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Werribee

"A modular design with power supply, main amplifier and preamp plugging together to form a 50W rms per channel stereo amp. All controls, including channel selector, bass, treble, balance volume and power are remote controllable using a PIC16F64 and a standard programmable remote IR remote control. The design of the amplifier was done from first principles with each stage specified and tested on a test jig prior to assembling it into the system. There are NO solid state components in the signal path. The software for the remote control was developed by myself after analyzing the output from the remote control. This is my favourite way of listening to my vinyls and mag tapes. Jaycar in Werribee saw a lot of me during this project."

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Croydon

"A mission-control style nightlight for my kids. Uses various switches and knobs to control colours, brightness and patterns on an individually addressable LED strip."

Petar, who shops at Jaycar Wollongong

"Full wireless goto telescope control and imaging using Ubuntu and ksrars, a raspberry pi 3 as a server to guide the mount on a star and to take long exposure photographs and send them via WiFi to my laptop. My laptop also runs Ubuntu 16.04 lts. It control's my goto mount via Bluetooth. The entire rig only draws 2A of current at 12VDC making it fully mobile. It can be setup in 5 minutes. I have also built dew heaters from resistors that keep my guide scope and main scope free from dew during the night. I have also built a screw on set point tec/peltier temperature cooler to cool my dslr in hot weather to mimimise sensor noise due to heat."

Colin, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"This old school hand wired high gain guitar valve amplifier is built using off-the-shelf parts. A pair of 15-0-15 transformers and a voltage hextipler provide almost 400 volts for the HT section, and a standard 100v audio transformer with a centre tap performs output duties. The shine on the enclosure comes from 320 coats of shellac.."

Richard, who shops at Jaycar Caloundra

"It is a 2.3 metre Sat dish with fully articulated azimuth and elevation to track amateur radio satellites from horizon to horizon."

Raymond, who shops at Jaycar Browns Plains

"Pulled all the electronics out of my 33 year old camper van and replaced and relocated it with this. Installed in the van the solar controller is connected via 8g twin to the new 150W solar panel on the roof and the new 100/110 (can't remember) amp hour deep cell battery. The top power supply is 240v/24v and runs the fridge when 240 connected. the bottom one is 240v/12v and runs everything else when 240 connected. 12g twin used for heavy stuff like water pump, and lighter for the (now) LED lighting. Kept the grey power box with 240, 24,and 12v trips. Bought two high current DPDT, 24v coil relays and added them to the box. I commoned the contacts so twice the contact area for each circuit. One switches from 24v power supply to 12v solar/battery for the fridge when 240v off, and the other from 12v power supply to 12v solar/battery for the rest when 240 off. The black doobies under the power supplies are thermal fuses to protect it all. In line fuses on battery and solar as well. All prettied up with zip ties now installed."

Richard, who shops at Jaycar Croydon

"It's a 6 string resonator guitar using Jaycar stitches pots and knobs"

Richard, who shops at Jaycar Browns Plains

"I got sick of having to wake up very early to open up the chicken coop to let hens out, so I decided to automate it. I had a Velleman P8055N-2 USB I/O board I bought from Jaycar and other bits as well. A handy laptop and a VB.NET app was all it took to automatically open the gate on the coop at 5am and close it again at 7pm. The gate is controlled by a 12v 90' geared motor that runs a 3rpm and there are micro switches to detect that the gate is either opened or closed and stop the motor. The gate can be manually opened or closed by the push buttons on the Velleman board. A video camera mounted near the coop is also shown on the app screen to see the status of the gate."

Vasili, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"I was looking to purchase an immersion circulator so that I could experiment with cooking sous vide style, which is cooking food inside of a precisely controlled water bath. Unfortunately, the particular model which I was interested in only shipped in the USA and also was outside of my price range. I decided to construct my own device which utilises a solid state relay, PID controller, heating element and circulation pump. There are individual switches to control the pump and over power to the unit itself. A temperature sensor reads and communicates the water temperature to the PID controller which uses PWM to control the solid state relay and hence the heating element. I have cooked several dishes in the water bath including salmon, steaks and vegetables."

Richard, who shops at Jaycar Aspley

"Using an Arduino, magnetic reed switches to sense when open and closed, and a 5v relay, I was able to retro-fit my garage to allow for Apple HomeKit automation and Siri interaction."

Russell, who shops at Jaycar Clovelly Park

"I created an FM valve radio for the shed from an old broken radiogram and a second hand FM radio receiver. I salvaged the AM valve radio from an old radiogram and repaired it with new electrolytic capacitors and then built a retro style housing for it from the old timber panelling from the radiogram. I fed the signal from a second hand FM transistor receiver into the record player input of the valve radio - so effectively using it as a valve amplifier. I then salvaged the old speaker from the radiogram and built a retro speaker box from the remaining salvaged timber panelling of the radiogram and other bits and pieces. Now I can listen to FM with all the charm of valve radio while working on my next project."

Rob, who shops at Jaycar Brighton

"A device for measuring and improving cycling aerodynamics; measures air speed (differential pressure sensors), wind yaw angle (3 pitot tubes), relative humidity, temperature and pressure to calculate air density, GPS positioning for ground speed. When coupled with cyclist power data can post calculate aerodynamic drag of cyclist to same precision as wind tunnels which have an average time cost of $700 per hour."

Robbie, who shops at Jaycar Coburg

"Over recent years, Robbie Avenaim has been exploring and developing robotic and Kinetic percussive machines to augment his acoustic drumming practice, which has resulted in the creation and refinement of the EMS, SARPS device and software. EMS is a device that uses a small DC motor with a counterbalance attached to a drum stick, chop stick or flexible rod. Whilst in operation, the EMS device oscillates the stick attached and allows it to produce complex orbital paths by which it will strike an object or surface, propelling the stick to the next object. SARPS (Semi Automated Robotic Percussion System) was conceived as a way of introducing inhumanly intricate, fast and dense rhythmic embellishments into his acoustic performance practice. SARPS is essentially a human/machine interface which can be imagined as a logical extension of the pioneering efforts of these composers to introduce randomised elements into music to expand its boundaries. Most of these parts where purchased at Jaycar."

Robert, who shops at Jaycar Fyshwick

"sun systems sparc 10 unix pizza box with a defective power supply, rebuild power supply with ultra fast 3 pin regulators to correctly boot the system, re boxed into a small format and the 2 new video graphics cards and, 2 new nic cards. The system unloaded with Linux as a file and applications server"

Rodger, who shops at Jaycar Fyshwick

"This is a mains switching unit for controlling studio "On Air" warning signs for a community radio station. This was a rebuild of what was a poorly constructed unit."

Rodney, who shops at Jaycar Reynella

"Automated a sliding gate using a Raspberry Pi and an Apple TV (3rd Gen) to allow monitoring and control via the Apple Home app - allowed opening/closing and monitoring of the gate status from anywhere with mobile phone coverage."

Rod, who shops at Jaycar Browns Plains

"Scratch built CNC Plasma cutting table. Cuts 12mm steel, up to 21 m/min, Mesa 7i76e ethernet interface, Mesa torch voltage board, experimental LinuxCNC integrated torch height control adjusts cut height via plasma arc voltage feedback, PC mounted on back of monitor. Every touch screen needs a Jaycar Estop button!"

Ronald, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"I wanted to save power and the expense of replacing the UV tube in the water sterilizer every year ($180.00). Also the electronic ballast does not last long running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I tried to get something commercially but was told that the sterilizer must be run continuously. I made up the controller shewn in the photo, so that when the header tank goes down to two thirds full the sterilizer comes on, and if working OK starts the pump timer. After 4 minutes (to allow the UV tube to get up to full output), the pump starts up. When the header thank is full the pump stops but the UV tube stays on for 30 seconds more. The UV tube is now on for about 1 hour a week. Only 3 LED's and one I C is on when the system is on standby. Also any pump capable of pumping against a 6 meter head, can be used no need for pressure switches or built in non return valves. I do use a non return valve on the sterilizer to separate the sterile water from the tank water. All the best to all of you at JAYCAR From Ron Groves"

Robert, who shops at Jaycar Ferntree Gully

"Refit some old audiolines with Jaycar drivers, also made crossovers from parts from my local jaycar"

Rob, who shops at Jaycar Shellharbour

"My 7 YO daughter build a Jaycar kit... teaching her early the joys of building stuff!"

Ryan, who shops at Jaycar Frankston

"This DAC PCB was designed and built by myself inspired by my love of electronics and music. Features: - Shunt regulators with 3 milliohm output impedance. - TDA1541A, one on the first DACs ever made by Philips 35 years ago, and still one of the best to date. The sound that this PCB produces impresses even the fussiest of music lovers!"

Ryan, who shops at Jaycar Clarkson

"I designed and 3d printed a tank which connects to your pc over wifi and has nightvision. It is controlled using a ps4 controller. It was made using a jaycar 3d printer and a raspberry pi."

Sam, who shops at Jaycar Melbourne CBD

"I built a Wheelie-Bin soundsystem using components from Jaycar including, batteries, mixer, usb lights, wiring and new usb wiring panel. Sound is via one 10 inch subwoofer and 2x 6x9 speakers and a 400 watt car amp. It cranks for 10 hours straight, and hooks up to a Jaycar smart charger via external plug. I have placed all components under perspex, and it looks ace!"

Sam, who shops at Jaycar Adelaide City

"My project was making a hidden 55 inch TV drop down from my outside alfresco, so you can relax in the spa and watch movies. Using some electronics from JayCar and an Arduino prototyping board, you can lower/raise the TV from the press of a button on a mobile phone."

Stephen, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"The practical use of electricity paralleled the Industrial Revolution. An example from the 1840s is the development of the Morse telegraph. Light globes and electric motors did not come into use until the 1880s. In the 1820s, the development of trains started. Trains ran on time interval, i.e. a train would be despatched say 15 minutes after the previous train, with no idea if it had reached the next station. Accidents happened. In the 1850s railways saw the need to increased safety and the Block Telegraph was invented to regulate trains on railways to reduce accidents. This uses Block Instruments which use a simplified telegraph code using bells, and indicators to remind signalmen of the state of a “block” or section of track. By the 1870s, these evolved to give three standard indications LINE CLOSED, LINE CLEAR and TRAIN ON LINE. These instruments typically required 3 wires (plus a return), one for each track using a permanent positive, permanent negative or no signal (for LINE CLOSED) to show the status. The third wire was used for the bell. In 1900 a One Wire Block Instrument was developed which used one wire, plus a return, to send 8 different signals, LINE CLOSED, LINE CLEAR and TRAIN ON LINE plus the bell for each direction. This was achieved with changing polarity and half voltage pulses. Today this would be done with some smart electronics. Block Instruments are still in use today, including one major installation north of Melbourne. How many other examples of early electrical technology are still in use for a safety critical application. I decided that I wanted Block Instruments for my model railway. Real instruments are hard to come by and large. So I decided to build my own! Each Instrument has a range of parts sourced from Jaycar, 9 relays, a rotary switch, 2 milliammeters, 2 microswitches, a pushbutton, diodes and resistors, plus my own custom designed PCB, a metal etched face and four 3D printed components. The completed Instrument is 300 mm high While I wanted 4 Instruments, I’ve now built 18, as they are being purchased by other model railway enthusiasts looking for prototypical operation of their trains."

Scott, who shops at Jaycar Altona

"Used the Jaycar remote control unit (LR8824) to add remote switching to the light bars on the firefighting vehicles I manage. This means that when changing vehicles over we no longer have to run wires through the vehicle or drill holes for switches. This bar has 4 different light modes. While this one is mounted to the vehicles head board, another version is completely transferable between vehicles - with magnetic mounting feet and power lead that plugs into the 12v "cigar' outlet."

John, who shops at Jaycar Fyshwick

"The Tin Canoe is a sculpture using old corrugated iron and tar to tell the story in WW1 veteran Les St Hill's words about the days of making your own fun before modern communications. His story comes through a solar and mp3 player system put together from Jaycar: the old ways being served by the new. It was a hit at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi and will soon appear at Jindabyne and Bermagui events."

Marcus, who shops at Jaycar Malaga

"Deconstructed Open Air PC cases. I ordered some misfitting PC equipment then decided to over think the solution and get creative. The kids love playing Minecraft on their Open Air Custom Minecraft PC cases. Album here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PTh1tBTBIvcol7Am1"

Walraven, who shops at Jaycar Gold Coast

"My five nozzle 3D printer was always difficult to calibrate so all five nozzles printed in their correct position, this conical modifictation allows all five extruders to print through the same nozzle so no more offset calculations."

Shekhar, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"Please find my Low cost smart home design and implementation pictures for this competition"

Simon, who shops at Jaycar Alexandria

"Our house renovation included passive solar features to keep heat out in Summer and keep it in during Winter. I wanted to measure how this was going. The photo shows the NodeMCU microcontroller with a DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor, blu takked under our kitchen counter. Every couple of minutes it wakes up, samples the temperature and humidity and pushed it out to a data collection server. The chart shows the values over time. Plan is to package it up more nicely and make a few more for indoor/outdoor measurements. I can take better quality photos if you like."

Simon, who shops at Jaycar Kingston

"CAT TOILET SHOWER SURPRISE To deter cats from using scoria under our deck as a toilet – an Arduino project with a PIR movement sensor, which detects the cat, waits five seconds for it to settle, then activates an overhead sprinkler via a solenoid valve (100% effective on cats and tradesmen)"

Steve, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"A car speed switch to control forward facing parking detectors. Detectors should only be on at low speed. My solution is a reed switch behind the car grille, closed by magnet on a swinging vane at less than 30Km/h. A simple timer relay delays switch-off by 30 seconds. Has proven very reliable"

Scott, who shops at Jaycar Hobart

"I have put on my roof to protect my cameras that i purchased through jcar, some pvc down pipe to offer protection to my cameras from sun and rain, hail"

Steph, who shops at Jaycar Melbourne CBD

"Madame Tulalah's Magnificent Box Custom controller for a theatre show. Using a Teensy 3.2, mosfet, dpdt relay, this box is used by the performer to cue sounds via a laptop running QLab, control the lights and a roller blind, all from a single foot pedal. Link to show : http://www.melindahetzel.com/madame-tulalah.html"

Simon, who shops at Jaycar Joondalup

"This is a manual idle speed controller to override my cars IAC valve. The LEDs show when the rotory switch, modified to continually rotate, is connected to one of the four coils in the valve. Turn clockwise engine idle increases, turn anti-clockwise to decrease. All parts brought from Jaycar and looks really cool."

John, who shops at Jaycar Dunedin

"This is a PWM model train controller. It gives very good motor control especially at low speeds. Has built in overload protection. Runs off a standard 12 volt powe pack."

Glen, who shops at Jaycar Croydon

"I built the Dalek voice changer to an effects microphone, I demonstrate this at Australian Institute of Music (AIM) where i teach electronics and audio, it works great and the students are really impressed, it also encourages students to implement soldering skills.."

Ben, who shops at Jaycar Woolloongabba

"German word clock made with an arduino, clock module and addressable LEDS for my girlfriend after she got back from Germany. It adjusts brightness automatically, shows the temperature and date (using the letters as two 5x8 displays), changes colour and has an automatic secret birthday message."

Spencer, who shops at Jaycar Frankston

"I built a smart mirror. Making use of a Raspberry Pi Zero W as the brain, this is the proof of theory I am using to build a streamlined modern version next."

Sally, who shops at Jaycar Coffs Harbour

"Sometimes blowing bubbles with the kids is just too exhausting. The portable BubbleMaker 2000 combines recycled plastic with a fan, mini servo, Arduino Uno and L298 H-bridge motor controller to create hours of bubbles with just the press of a button."

Angellos, who shops at Jaycar Croydon

"I designed an RFID pet door to let my dog in and keep possums out. My dog wears an RFID chip on the back of her collar. An Arduino UNO was coded to read and verify the chip and control a servo which operates a latch. The system is housed inside a 3D printed ABS enclosure and mounted in a clear perspex panel, fitted to a window sash. The whole system is powered by a rechargeable USB power bank."

Steve, who shops at Jaycar Coburg

"This device automatically presses the unlock button on the door keypad at half a second on and 10 seconds off cycle. Allows entry to the building by simply dialing the room number. Used a Jaycar timer, solenoids, power supply and other components to construct the device."

Steve, who shops at Jaycar Launceston

"Improving power in the back of the 4wd for our weekend getaways. This fuse block and fittings were all from Jaycar as they had what I needed."

Steve, who shops at Jaycar Frankston

"On a 30 year old ship, with a hard coded control system, and a printer with no modern equivalent, the easiest solution to a failed printer was to make an Arduino protocol converter. Sitting between two serial ports it took the old control codes out of the printer data stream, and substituted modern, compatible print commands. More CPU and memory than the original control system, and costing less than $100. Sweet!"

Harrison, who shops at Jaycar Browns Plains

"I work at Bunnings and created a massive gift system for the whole shop I also integrated all computers into servers"

Stewart, who shops at Jaycar Adelaide City

"Its a solar powered automatic chicken-gate with web interface for config/status/manual-control. Uses an ESP8266 and PWM to a L6202 Full Bridge Driver for motor control. Open/close can be times and/or daylight levels. Temperature monitoring to trigger a misting pump for hot days. Temperature/light logged to thingspeak.com Chooks love it!"

Suat, who shops at Jaycar Smithfield

"A camera rig was setup to image 1000's of particles per second being analysed as they cross 5 different lasers in a flow cytometer."

David, who shops at Jaycar Albury

"This unit I built and named a Hydro Energy Unit proves and demonstrates a 2 kilogram weight energy, using only 400 mls of water. a ratio of 1 to 5. For ease of understanding, to use 1 tonne of water we can achieve 5 tonne of weight energy."

Graeme, who shops at Jaycar Underwood

"Converted a 1990 suzuki swift to full electric , 96V DC 400amp controller 150 A/H LiFePo4 battery pack , 15 KW capacity , DC series wound motor , Built in 2008 , daily driver since then. Range is 95 km recharge overnight top speed 115 kph."

Tony, who shops at Jaycar Penrith

"Hi guys, I'm Tony Barry, and together with Pierre Qian, we've made a microwave medical research tool from Jaycar bits. This is not your usual project - it's medical, and research, and normally such stuff comes with insane price tags and ivory tower attitudes. Pierre is a cardiologist at Westmead Hospital, and I'm an engineer in the Cardiology Research Workshop at Westmead. For the last 3 years we've worked on a better method to reduce high blood pressure in people who don't respond to medication. The tool is simple in terms of parts count and operation principle, but despite this has been granted a NSW Medical Devices Fund Award for 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHeJqoC3_dY We used Jaycar heatshrink (WH5530) as the outer jacket of the prototypes, and your nice right angle SMA connectors (PP-0631) as the feedline connector, for our tank test models. There was a simple reason for this - the heatshrink fit the target diameters well, it was available, and it didn't cost the earth, so we could make lots of iterations to get the flexibility right. The SMA connector is also available, and doesn't cost the earth either, and handles the very high power loads without complaint. The MDF award is very gratifying to have, but if we can score a 1k Jaycoin, that will probably be the most satisfying thing to hang on the wall."

Geoff, who shops at Jaycar Warners Bay

"This unit allows me to remotely operate my 12 volt compressor when re-inflating my tyres after a day on the beach. Otherwise you need to return to the pump each time to check the pressure. Except for the switch, all components are from Jarcar"

Thomas, who shops at Jaycar Townsville

"a (0-30v) (0-3a) bench top power supply with Arduino regulation for volts and amps."

Tim, who shops at Jaycar Ringwood

"I used a Raspberry pi with camera, to show a feed of the inside of my garage, which lets me see whether the door is open or shut from anywhere. then i added a duinotech relay board, connected to the door motor to open or close the door remotely. now i can use any internet connected device to browse to it's page, check if it's open or closed, and trigger the door."

Tim, who shops at Jaycar Townsville

"My modern upgrade on the indoor clothesline. With a 5 meter high hallway ceiling, a clothsline frame, electric winch, some pulleys and a couple of switches, my clothsline can stop at any height (great for the kids) and has an auto cutoff when it reaches its upper hoist limit."

Trevor, who shops at Jaycar Browns Plains

"Homemade rechargeable 12 Volt battery pack, suitable to run any 12 volt appliance. Rechargeable from solar or vehicle alternator. This unit was used on Western trip to Dig Tree, to run car fridge, using solar on vehicle as well as vehicle alternator whilst car was running, automatically switching from one charging source to the other when required. Currently used to keep Caravan battery charged whilst in shed as well as running shed 240 volt lights, through pure sine wave invertor. Also used for various other 12 Volt appliances when required. Made from scrap parts as well as proprietary parts."

John, who shops at Jaycar Warners Bay

"I call it my Bluetooth speaker on steroids It was built mostly from stuff I had laying around. It's built in an old roadcase and runs off a car battery with a smart charger running a Sony headunit with a separate Bluetooth receiver, amplified am/FM antenna, USB charging 10" 250W Venom subwoofer on a response amp 2 6*9 speakers and external speaker outs. The next step is to put solar recharging so when it goes camping it lasts longer than a couple of days."

Tom, who shops at Jaycar Blacktown

"Touch screens are great in cars but putting your fingers on a big knob is far more satisfying. Here I have an Arduino sending infrared volume commands controlled by rotary encoder. All housed in a 3d printed custom designed panel complete with programmable LED backlighting."

Malcolm, who shops at Jaycar Australia

"Like many adults I use a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea. Essentially it maintains a positive pressure in the airways to prevent blockages while inhaling (snoring). It has a 240V power supply. If there is a power failure while asleep, the machine stops and breathing continues through the mask and tubing with little or no fresh air replenishment. The lack of oxygen (and accumulation of carbon dioxide) will wake me, but can I be sure? If not, I will lapse into a coma and asphyxiate. My invention is a mains & battery powered alarm that rings a loud bell to waken me in a blackout. I live in Forster and blackouts occur about monthly. I am thankful for my bell."

Tony, who shops at Jaycar Springvale

"We made a Rotary welder for our Tig welder which gives perfect welds every time. we can control rotation speed, pre and post purge as well as overlap angle."

Tony, who shops at Jaycar Gepps Cross

"I have setup management of various devices throughout the house monitoring many aspects from temperature, humidity to power consumption and voltage. Using ESP8266 D1, Sonoff POW and various sensors into a Domoticz Amazon EC2 host."

Robert, who shops at Jaycar Brookvale

"11.4kwh electric motorcycle battery. So I'll use a little in the usb socket to charge my phone and a little in the LED vest I made to improve night visibility."

Troy, who shops at Jaycar Maroochydore

"Arduino Powered 3-Headed Digital Cutter I built this machine in my garage using mostly off-the-shelf components. An Arduino controls the 3 heads, which rotate to steer along a 2 dimension path. The device mostly be used to cut and crease corrugated cardboard."

Troy, who shops at Jaycar Townsville

"My home network/server cabinet tents to warm up in sunny Townsville, so I set about using my spare Particle Photon and a few components to automate the 150mm high flow fan. It is a cloud connected Arduino system, that I have setup with Ubidots to monitor all recorded temperature and humidity. Once my cabinet temperature reaches 34 degrees, the server fan kicks in via the relay shield. If the temperature continues to rise, i have a recipe at Ubidots that sends me an alert via email about the current temperature, humidity and fan status. This can also be adopted for use with a PI Zero. I also have the exact same system in my clothes dryer. It monitors the exhaust temp of my dumb dryer (timer dial and heat only), so when the exhaust temp is over 55 degrees AND humidity is less than 25%, the Photon disengages the heater element via a 20A solid state relay, and Ubidots sends me an email with "Your clothes are dry". That is a much more energy saving cabinet, but harder to photograph as all the components are insulated inside the dryer."

David, who shops at Jaycar East Kew

"Sends an email whenever the garage door is opened or closed. This lets me know if I have accidentally opened it, or have left it open, or whether it has been open unexpectedly. It works using a raspberry pi, and a hall effect sensor, and a magnet on the garage door."



Aldwin, who shops at Jaycar Botany

"portable rotisserie, good for camping bring anywhere. low amperage motor with 12 volts supply. Made out from acrylic and 3D printed gears."

Andy, who shops at Jaycar Christchurch

"Portable DVD player. The Jaycoins cards would improve it to receive tv channels. add Bluetooth and solar charging capabilities."

Jade, who shops at Jaycar Lower Hutt

"Used a raspberry pi to host OpenHab2 service. OpenHab is an open source brand agnostic home automation solution. I use this to: - control Sony TVs over IP - temp humity via sonoff s22 that also turns "dumb" heater into smart climate control - power monitoring dryer&washer&dishWasher to view status and send push notification to cellphones when cycles finish - intergration to 3d printer to view camera and current printer status and printing status - ip presence to detect if devices are on or available like cellphones, computers etc.. - intergration to Google audio to control volume and power on and off amplifiers - intergration to security camera service to view camera feeds - control lights and RGB lights. - Google home intragration eg "turn everything off" when I leave for work. All controllable and visable in one service. There is tons of stuff I want to do... So 1000 bucks might even complete my automation wants :)"

Will, who shops at Jaycar Christchurch

"Working on a custom led controller Where I make a led board usable again"

Anton, who shops at Jaycar Hamilton

"Our Local Jaycar Store is actually Taupo Tech Central. Grant (the owner) will attest as to how much we have purchased thru Jaycar to make the worlds first App-Driven Cloud-Controlled BrewmasterLESS SmartBREW. We have had alot of help and have rolled out this machinery, Controller etc world wide. Jaycar Parts, Controllers etc have gone into making our "beyond automation" micro brewery work for us. We can now go on holiday for up to 5 weeks at a time and get home to 7, yes SEVEN 800Litre batches of beer waiting for us. Thats working while having a holiday!! Thankyou Jaycar for your product range!"

Ben, who shops at Jaycar Wellington

""Sinbin" for Field Hockey. It automatically times timeout period of a carded player. Uses a Raspberry Pi, with four seats to sense when a player sits down. Main display uses an Arduino, Bluetooth shield, and four Freetronics DMD's. Other displays use Wifi. When no one is sinbinned, the system displays advertising."

Benjamin, who shops at Jaycar Wellington

"My Parents like stuff to be natural so we decided to have a cast iron bathtub instead of having a normal spa-like everyone else that is filled with chemicals and is bulky, but the biggest issue is when you are heating up the water with the two gas bottles and burners is that it quite often goes past the ideal temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. So I soldered coded and wired up a solar-powered, Node MCU - "ESP8266" that monitors the air temperature, water temperature and battery voltage. And if the air temperature is suitable outside it will send out a TXT message to me, and my parents and then we will turn the gas on and once the specified temperature is reached it notifies us again. And thus it no longer overheats."

Bryan, who shops at Jaycar Newmarket

"My project is a car battery minder . It plugs into the cigaret lighter socket in your car . When the battery voltage falls to 12.5 volts , the souder "beeps" and the LED flashes. This indicates that the battery needs charging . The circuit uses surface mounted components . The circuit uses two LM432 comparitors,one to drive the piezo sounder and the other to flash the LED. The circiut is mounted inside a cigaret plug a PP2001. The circuit is protected against reverse supply or will work positive or negative earthed car electrical systems."

Caleb, who shops at Jaycar Botany

"Over the holidays I created a bluetooth air rifle that can pan, tilt and shoot all through an app I created in MIT App Inventor. The Arduino board, Bluetooth module, relays, micro switch's and bread board where all brought from Jaycar. The drill, motors and project box I had lying around at home."

Scott, who shops at Jaycar Manukau

"I made a keypad controlled alarm system with an Arduino Pro Mini and Sparkfun Serial LCD, I have a video of this on my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/TheDefpom where I do electronics repairs, mostly fixing old test equipment."

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Newmarket

"A TV remote for people with poor eyesight who can't see or operate a standard TV remote. Arduino powered and with a sound chip to give a recorded voice to confirm which button has been pressed. Large buttons, and with a dedicated button for each of 16 favourite channels. This sends the correct Infra Red codes to the TV, Sky decoder and sound bar. Used by my 99 year old mother, and also by my 98 year old father-in-law who has macular degeneration. Many older people struggle to see and use a standard remote - especially tyoing in 3 digit codes to get to a specific channel."

Chris, who shops at Jaycar Wellington

""Fantastic Fans" - keep cool at night cheaply! Two fans (one behind the other) mounted in an elongated tube, both switchable with a square intake at the rear that fits the window space for efficient transfer of the relatively cooler outside air into the bedroom. It sits on a convenient fold away stand, and with the windows open on the opposite of the room, the powerful crossflow cools the room quickly to the outside air temperature promoting a cooler more relaxing sleep. The 'white noise' of the fans helps too. Nice."

David, who shops at Jaycar Newmarket

"Modified a Cobra 19DXIV CB for 26/27MHz, modified Fusion stereo to interface to for remote control and added scanning and music break thru/pause features."

Jon, who shops at Jaycar Hamilton

"These are just a few of many guitar effects units that I have built. They modulate , distort & warp the guitar input signal"

Francis, who shops at Jaycar Dunedin

"Arduino-powered smart watering system with temperature sensor, light sensor, and liquid level sensor. All data is fed back to a linux pc which is accessible from the web / smartphone."

Fung, who shops at Jaycar Newmarket

"My Project is a general purpose robotics arm which can draw and write controlled by my program, with PC mouse sketch recording to set drawing/writing path and provide 3D simulation. I did the same submission last Friday in a rush and this submission is to make sure I entered the correct email address. The YouTube video of my robot arm is listed below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI11iSEYNAY&t=41s"

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Christchurch

"A low cost (under $10) Wifi enabled temperature and humidity sensor for our disabled son's room. As he can't speak for himself, so it lets us know if we need to put the heater on. It also uploads data to ThingSpeak over a HTTPS interface. You can see the data at https://thingspeak.com/channels/354869"

Isaac, who shops at Jaycar Palmerston North

"This is a touch screen from jaycar. Linked to a computer in the boot with a 12volt atx power supply (discontinued jaycar product) The audio from the computer goes to a response branded amp and then to my speakers Volume control is the knob under the screen This computer runs spotify to allow any music i want."

James, who shops at Jaycar Lower Hutt

"Looking like something out of an 80's action movie, this kitchen timer was made entirely using components from Jaycar. No microcontrollers here, just plain old 7400 series IC's."

Roger, who shops at Jaycar Christchurch

"2m Amateur band hi power amp. constructed in a discarded DLT tape drive box. Amp is based around the Freescale MRFE6VP61K25H which is mounted on a copper heat spreader attached to the main heatsink. Amp will produce 1Kw output and is used to bounce signals off of the moon."

Steve, who shops at Jaycar Newmarket

"Bedside light for an Autistic child. Autistic's are poor sleepers. The intention is to keep the child in bed rather than giving them reason to get up. This light has an arduino controller, that has a timer and will auto turn of the light after 1 hour. It also has wireless remote so we can turn it off without entering the room. The on/off switch is a toggle - it will always toggle the status of the light rather than being an on/off switch."

Mark, who shops at Jaycar Botany

"I bought a Jaycar portable RCD .. swapped out the RDC for a smaller one and a contactor, added a raspberry pi3 with pwr supply..and 5v relay to drive contactor... the unit runs a script to down load from wifi, spot pricing from em6live and uses the clock and price to manage the charging of our EV, usually over night when prices are 5-10c/kWh."

Martin, who shops at Jaycar Glenfield

"This is a solar tracker for my solar panel. It tracks the sun from sun rise to sun set every day increasing the efficiency of the panel by about 40%. It has a built in lithium ion battery with a constant current, constant voltage charger. It also has a battery management system to safeguard the lithium cells from over charge, over discharge and equal cell balancing. The control circuit is a simple op amp with photo resistors as the sensor and a relay module to drive the actuator."

Matthew, who shops at Jaycar Palmerston North

"2 devices to relay a GPS heading, position, speed and altitude from a fishing kite at sea, to the shore via LoRa. This information is then available via BLE to a smart phone app. Both ends are bespoke PCB’s using AtMega328’s, semtech LoRa modules, NeoGPS module and a nordic BLE module."

Max, who shops at Jaycar Wellington

"My Flitzer Z-21A homebuilt biplane ZK-FZR is equipped with an own design navigation unit (Funkpeiler) which provides me with in-flight position information via Morse code. The Funkpeiler incorporates an Arduino Uno and GPS receiver with assorted control switches and signalling LEDs. I wrote the Arduino sketch so as to simulate aircraft radio direction services of 1920, the period represented by the Flitzer."

Nathan, who shops at Jaycar Christchurch

"Take free pallets from work and add MDF board for a basic workstation. Sprinkle in some Neopixels for lighting. A power board with a hacked in relay to easily turn everything off or on; and a Bluetooth connected Arduino for the brains results in retro looking smart work station."

Peter, who shops at Jaycar Christchurch

"This Arduino project monitors grid power entering the house and switched on the hot water cylinder whenever the grid tied solar is exporting. The units communicate using Ethernet over mains. The water temperature is measured and never allowed to go cold."

Ric, who shops at Jaycar Palmerston North

"This is my WiFi enabled multi plug that is made from a Sonoff Basic brought from the internet and a 4 plug multi-box from around the house. A bit of disassembly, soldering and having to sacrifice one of the sockets to mount the Sonoff Basic on the top, and i can turn on or off anything plugged into it from my Phone, tablet or Google Home anywhere in the world."

Royston, who shops at Jaycar Rotorua

"A nice simple, but effective project (aren't they always the best!). Being a massive Star Wars and saber enthusiast, the Red and Blue LED Saber with Sound FX naturally caught my eye when filling up on supplies in the Rotorua NZ store. A few buddies and I occasionally duel with dedicated sabers, but mine sadly was lacking sound. After a 60 sec play with the kiddy version it seemed to have all the functionality I needed and a plan was hatched. The board was borrowed from the kiddy saber, cheap, quiet speaker replaced with a beefy bass speaker (the board had enough grunt to run it LOUD), the LED string was replaced by high power CREE LEDS run through a IRF540N MOSFET activated by the old LED output. To ensure everything was nicely powered, the 3x AAA batteries were replaced with a single 18650 protected cell, all mounted on a makeshift chassis made from prototype board and tidied with lovely JayCar heatshrink.. This now has breathed life into a full contact duelling saber that we rock in our own little Endorian Redwood Forest here in Rotorua."

Michael, who shops at Jaycar Invercargill

"This is my battle station everything is voice controlled by an amazon echo dot contacted to a raspberry pi 3 with an ir header running home Assistant controlling screens and consoles and hdmi box's."

Adam, who shops at Jaycar Christchurch

"Our kids kept losing the remotes, and it drove us crazy ! I read the IR codes in the remotes and stored them in an Arduino Pro Mini. Then I attached a NodeMCU (as it didn't support IR properly at the time) and setup a websever with an AngularJS app to present a virtual remote interface. I also wired in the garage door opener too so we can activate that from the same remote."

Henry, who shops at Jaycar Glenfield

"My project (still under development) is a power monitor for my motorhome's battery system. Based around an Arduino Mega with colour LCD touchscreen and dual 16-bit "floating" ADC, it constantly measures current into the system from solar panels, generators, etc, and current out of the system to loads, and breaks this data down into a host of monitoring information, such as maximum and minimum currents, live readings, daily and monthly amp-hour totals, and logged data in graphical format. (Photo shows project prototype plus 3 screen shots.) When complete, the PowerMonitor will be able to control all charging sources for smart charge management, and to turn certain loads on and off according to user-selected criteria (such as time of day, available input power, charge history, temperature, etc.)"