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Competition Winners

think. possible.

It's a simple statement, but when we asked you what it meant to you, you came up with some amazing answers. Congratulations to our 10 winners, who each won a $500 gift card and will be featured in our 2019 annual catalogue!

D. Abela, Victoria

Arduino will be a key part of future technological advancements as it gives the ability for people of all ages and especially the younger generations the ability to learn and develop Electronics, Coding and Engineering Skill's. You now have the ability to literally create anything you can think of!

J. Kadlec, New South Wales

I am very excited about the recent development of surface supplied dive equipment (SSBA) that eliminates the need for air tanks typically used in SCUBA diving. The technology has a great potential to grow with ever-evolving battery technology to provide greater dive time and depth.

B. Chislett, South Australia

I believe that 3D Printable Human Tissue is a grand new technology, as I am someone with many scars I believe the medical benefits of 3D Printable Tissue will evolve over the next couple of years into something that is a vaible option for people with medical or cosmetic issues.

T. Hadley, New South Wales

My ICD or cardiac defibrillator implant has a short battery life and needs surgery to be recharged or replaced. I think it will evolve to be longer battery life and charged externally without surgery. Also an app will be available for ambos to check it.

J. Najera, Victoria

Chargers, Portable Turbines: for recharge electronic devises, in 5 to 10 years, it will be afordable to everybody and coming in sizes easy to keep in the pocket, with option of wireless charging.

B. Whitby, New South Wales

As the price of 3d printers becomes more affordable I can see it becoming commercially viable that consumers will be able to purchase products online and then be able to print the product directly to their home printer. No waiting for delivery or missing parcels.

W. Wilson, South Australia

The camera will pick up your face as you drive into the drive way, open the roller door, start your favourite spotify music or turn on the news if its that time, decrease the temp of the fridge so the beer is super cold, enjoy.

D. Skyes, New South Wales

Augmented reality is the future of computing. Instead of looking down at a screen all the time, people will be able to interact with the environment around them as part of their computing experience. Over the next ten years Augmented reality devices will replace smartphones and personal computers.

A. Pinheiro, Waikato

Virtual reality will take over not just in the gaming industry but also in the building planning and operational training spaces.

J. Gowty, Queensland

I can envisage a miniature non invasive health monitoring system that could be worn to record in real time all the key body functions which could be transmitted to the individuals appropriate designated health professional in real time. This could device could have an alarm feature that could activate in an emergency situation