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Cat III Multimeter with Temperature Cat III Multimeter with Temperature QM1323 49.90 In stock

Cat III Multimeter with Temperature

CAT.NO: QM1323

Cat III Multimeter with Temperature

CAT.NO: QM1323

• Data hold
• Relative measurement
• Woven nylon pouch with room for the meter and leads includedA budget-priced meter with everything yo...
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A budget-priced meter with everything you need - capacitance, temperature and 10A on AC and DC, compact and light weight with rugged moulded case.

• Category: Cat III 600V
• Display: 4000 count
• Basic DVC accuracy: 0.5%
• Ave/RMS: Ave
• Data hold
• Relative measurement
• Woven nylon pouch with room for the meter and leads included


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Measures Voltage AC

AC Voltage Ranges 400mV,4V,40V,400V,600V
AC Voltage Accuracy 1.2%
Measures Voltage DC

DC Voltage Ranges 400mV,4V,40V,400V,600V
DC Voltage Accuracy 0.5%
Measures Current AC

AC Current Ranges 4mA,40A,400A,10A
AC Current Accuracy 3%
Measures Current DC

DC Current Ranges 4mA,40A,400A,10A
DC Current Accuracy 2.5%
Measures Temperature

Measures in Celcius
Outdoor / Exterior Scale -20°C-760°C
Celcius Accuracy 3%
Measures in Fahrenheit
Measures in Kelvin
Sensor Temperature Probe

Sensor Type K-Type Thermocouple
Probe Material Woven Teflon
Lead Length 900mm
Connection to Meter Mini-Marlin Plug with Banana Plug Adaptor
Measures Frequency

Frequency Accuracy 1.5%
Frequency Ranges 4kHz,40kHz,400kHz,4000kHz,10MHz
Measures Resistance

Resistance Ranges 400Ω,4kΩ,40kΩ,400kΩ,40Ω
Resistance Accuracy 1.2%
Measures Capacitance

Capacitance Ranges 4nF,40nF,4µF,40µF,100µF
Capacitance Accuracy 3%
Meter Safety Rating

Safety Rating Cat Cat III
Safety Rating Max Volt 600V
Meter Probes

Probe Type Basic Meter Probes
Overall probe length 142mm
Tip length 2mm
Tip diameter 2mm
Connection to meter Shrouded 4mm Banana Plug
Lead Length 870mm
Probe rating voltage 600V
Probe safety rating Cat III
Onboard Sensor

Inductive Pickup
Onboard socket
Digital Multi-Meter

Count / Maximum Reading 4000 count
Measures duty cycle
Meter Data Control

Data Hold
Relative Measure

Input Protection Fuse 10mA
Meter Input Impedence 10MΩ
Measures diode
Led Indicator Display
Inline Sensor
Power from disposable battery

Battery type 9V
Battery Quantity 1pc
How is battery compartment kept closed Clip and Screw
Battery compartment location Internal / In-built
Are batteries included
Batteries can be replaced
Product Dimensions

Width 68mm
Height 138mm
Depth 37mm
Meter Display

Display Type LCD
Display Backlight
Display Height 55mm
Display Width 25mm
Warranty: 9999 Months
Special terms or exclusions: Lifetime Warranty
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