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Downloadable Guides

Here you will find extensive primers^ and valuable application notes on many subjects.

PRIMER - Ammeters and shunts
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Ammeters & Shunts-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Batteries
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Batteries-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Batteries - lead acid
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Batteries-Lead-Acid-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Batteries - lithium rechargeable
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Batteries-Lithium-Rechargeable-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Car amps
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Car_Amps-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Decibels
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Decibels-Jaycar.pdf

FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-DMX512-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Firewire
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Firewire-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Fuses
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Fuses-Jaycar.pdf

FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-HDMI-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Indoor TV antennas
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Indoor-TV-Antennas-Jaycar.pdf

FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-OBDII-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Primary cells and batteries
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-PrimaryCellsAndBatteries-Jaycar-.pdf

PRIMER - Speaker crossovers
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-SpeakerCrossovers-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - TV broadcasting in Australia
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-TV Broadcasting in Australia-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Video camera basics
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Video-Camera-Basics-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Deutsch plug connection guide
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-DeutschPlugConnectionGuide-Jaycar.pdf

PRIMER - Breadboard breakdown
FILE DOWNLOAD: Primer-Breadboard-Breakdown-Jaycar.pdf

^Primer n. any small book of basic instruction.