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Below are the four winners from our "Show Us Your Builds" competition that we ran in early 2017. These four customers each win a $1,000 Jaycoins Card. We also feature around 400 other projects that were submitted. Some projects are very ambitious with emphasis on robotic-type projects, all of which feature Arduino controllers. We encourage you to take some time to review these projects – they can be very inspiring.

Claude from WA, who shops at Midland

"I spent pretty much all last year building this arduino-based set of MIDI controllers. There's the Claudeatron (mk4), Whackatron (Percussion), Claude Controller, Astro Gears (Looping), the Footsie 100 (pedalboard) & 3 modified keyboards. For a cool vid google 'Claude's Marvelous MIDI Music Machine."

Sam from AUCKLAND, who shops at Newmarket

"Custom H8 20kg UAV with 10kg test weight. Tools, wire, solder, heat shrink, HDMI cables, HD SDI to HDMI converter and flight controllers box all from Jaycar."

Mark from NSW, who shops at Stockist

"We were unable to get NBN Fixed wireless at out house, but could in the back paddock. Thanks to some Jaycar solar power products (battery, charge controller and 24-12v DC-DC converter and a bunch of cables and fuses) we've now got a radio relay station beaming the NBN connection down to our house."

Aaron from VIC, who shops at Thomastown

"My mini desktop drill press, motorised sliding rail and a 45 degree drill mount"