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COVID-19 & Shipping Updates

In line with government guidelines, all Jaycar company-owned stores are open to all customers. We encourage all customers to take advantage of free delivery for online orders over $99. We thank you for your support as we continue try to keep our community and stores safe. See here for the latest on delivery delays.

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Dave from QLD, who shops at Ipswich

"Had a problem with my dog breaking through my fence into neighbours yard. So I set up an electric tape fence to deter him. Used a 12V D.C. battery from Jaycar to run the energiser and a Jaycar solar panel to keep it charged during the day. I know, pretty basic compared to other entries,but it works!!"

Jeremy from QLD, who shops online

"This is my power transfer switch. 6000Watt of power. Marine applications."

David from SA, who shops at Reynella

"Soldering led nav lighting and more battery power to my Jet Ranger RC helicopter. Added heat shrink after too . I'll be back!"

Mark from NSW, who shops at Stockist

"We were unable to get NBN Fixed wireless at out house, but could in the back paddock. Thanks to some Jaycar solar power products (battery, charge controller and 24-12v DC-DC converter and a bunch of cables and fuses) we've now got a radio relay station beaming the NBN connection down to our house."

Matthew from NSW, who shops at Warners Bay

"For my Year 12 Electronics project I decided to make a fully self sufficient Remote Area Communications System for Emergency Services to use in remote locations to help improve their Radio Communications Network. Using a Jaycar 70W solar panel and 20Amp charge regulator I was able to complete this."

Mathew from NSW, who shops at Smithfield

"Hey guys, here's my recent diy bench power supply build I completed. Main power supply is out of an old amplifier and auxiliary power supply from hp docking station. The whole project was a combination of different parts and a lot of these parts were purchased from jaycar! Can provide more photos."

Jason from WA, who shops at Joondalup

"Dual reverse camera setup that I purchased from Jaycar on my 4wd ute. So I can see what's happening behind the vehicle because the canopy obstructs the view."

Ashley from NSW, who shops at Warners Bay

"32" Light Bar on a Civic, one of the stranger but greater things I've ever done with a light bar was attaching one to the front of my 97 Honda Civic, and now she's got teeth! :)"

Jeremy from QLD, who shops online

"Solar power transfer switch using high power relays. Inverters. Battery charger. Solar regulators."

colin from VIC, who shops at Sunshine

"DIY project Vintage soundcase/boombox used switches connectors and Re- chargable battery power to complete the project."

Geoffrey from VIC, who shops at Cheltenham

"The 1m tall model crane was crafted by my neighbour from redgum posts. It uses 3 Jaycar 12V DC gearhead motors & battery. I built the 100% Jaycar sourced control box using Duinotech xy joysticks to trigger 5V reed relays which trigger 12V car horn relays to power the crane via DPDT fwd/rev switches."

Andrew from ACT, who shops at Tuggeranong

"10 solar panels, 3 charge controllers, 10 lead acids, 4 energy meters, 2 Inverters, 8 battery desulfators (Jaycar parts), 1 x 350 watt wind generator (3 phase bridge rectifier diodes, with 2 step up DC to DC Converters), mains battery charger, 15 volt over voltage protection. Lots of Jaycar thanks"

Andrew from VIC, who shops at Ferntree Gully

"My telescope takes high res images of the Moon. www. visit-the-moon .com It is powered by Jaycar! A 555 timer-based 12v supply delivers 3-15W to tiny heaters that stop dew formation on the optics. A 16v supply with a slower relay-based duty cycle drives Peltier coolers to improve camera performance."

Nathan from NSW, who shops at Shelharbour

"After the HSC I have been fitting out my van for travel. This included installing a Waeco fridge, 130AH battery, 20A Redarc battery charger, 8 rocker switches, 2 12V & 2 USB outlets, a voltmeter, a 10" 750W subwoofer and amplifier, a 7" JVC headunit, various fuses, LED lighting, a bed and insulation"

Jamie from QLD, who shops at Stockist

"12v power box providing power to a built in air compressor, water pump and camp lights with on board volt and amp meter, for the canopy of my ML triton. This enables me to monitor the load on my auxillary battery and provide basic comforts for my partner, my dog and I on our trip around Aus."

Paul from QLD, who shops at Underwood

"Funnily enough i built a power box similar to the one you pictured for our camping trips. It was always a pain leaving devices in the car etc for charging and/or running more than one cable from the car to the tent. This box solves that problem.The voltage meter lets me keep an on the battery."

Richard from AUCKLAND, who shops at Glenfield

"This is my DIY motion racing simulator.It is using a Jaycar Powertech 13.8V PSU to charge a battery bank of 3 9AH batteries. This then goes to a controller box with 3 motor controllers which control 3 DC worm drive motors that gives the motion.All connectors, wires and isolators are from Jaycar"

Adam from VIC, who shops at Thomastown

"This solar-powered letterbox has a Jaycar 10W solar panel in the roof, connected to a solar controller that turns LED strips on after sunset. 18Ah of SLA batteries sit on an internal shelf. A reed switch attached to the letter flap activates a wireless doorbell inside the house when mail arrives."

David from SA, who shops at Modbury

"This solar rig powers my home and recording studio. It has 20x 260W panels, 5KW inverter, 3x CombiPlus systems, Powertech 360W & CSA 150W inverters, 3x 12v 270A/H & 12V 150A/H AGM batteries, Powertech 200A breakers, power meter, charger, DC switch, buss bars, & cable, AC breakers."

Najam from AUCKLAND, who shops at Botany

"8-10 year old kids build a picnic plate speaker and drive it using Jaycar's Powertech Regulated Switchmode Laboratory Power Supply via a Jaycar 12w amplifier module, and learn the basics of audio electronics."

Lachlan from QLD, who shops at Cairns

"Little project for my caravan that automatically isolates the battery's and activates the charger when a 240v source is connected. It also switches on a 240v to 12v transformer to power the caravan well the battery's charge."

Rusdy from WA, who shops at Oconnor

"In pursuit for affordable solar charging for my electric bicycle, I designed and built my own MPPT charger. There was no affordable off-the-shelf offering for custom voltage output MPPT charger (since my electric bicycle runs on 36V battery), especially when solar panel have lower voltage than batt"

Brian from NSW, who shops at Port Macquarie

"My own design and build cell management boards for LiFePo4 battery. Four boards prevent over charging of individual cells and keep them top balanced which is essential.for these cells.Optocouplers, opamps, Zeners, relays, resistors, circuit board and etch kit, etc. sourced from Jaycar Port Mac.."

colin from NSW, who shops at Albury

"i have made this ej holden completly out of timber at 1:5 scale it has a working radio all lights motor runs wipers work horn works to complete this project jay car was the place to get the crome tape electrical tape wires radio and LEDs switches car is now complete and i have posted it on you tube"

Aaron from VIC, who shops at Thomastown

"I present my mini desktop Tesla coil"

Maurice from QLD, who shops at Capalaba

"This Arduino controlled CNC machine was hand built following a plan from the Internet. All the encoders, stepper drives, discrete power components (mosfets, relays and terminators) were sourced from Jaycar Capalaba. It ran successfully first time. At present some upgrades are happening."

Mark from NSW, who shops at Tuggerah

"This is a variable voltage current controlled power supply 0 - 30 volts, 0 - 3 amps, based on a LM723 voltage controller. It is a very versatile, short circuit protected supply which I use a lot. I made the case, but sourced the other components from Jaycar."

Ray from ACT, who shops at Tuggeranong

"A need to distribute 12v battery supply on our campsite for fridge, LED lighting and options to charge USB devices saw this powerboard manufactured with all parts sourced from Jaycar.Works like a charm!"

John from SA, who shops at Modbury

"Home-made evaporative cooler to keep the rabbits cool. It is controlled with an Ethermega. It automatically turns on at a specified temperature, triggering relays to turn on the water pump and fan. Separate is a solar powered fan to provide constant airflow. This includes battery backup."

Rob from SA, who shops at Modbury

"I designed a solder-fume extractor which I can now put to use when soldering my short circuit kits. By using PVC pipe, carbon-filter porous foam as the filter, two 12v fans, a solar panel and a 12v rechargeable gel-cell, I built the extractor. The extractor saves me from the harmful effects of lead."

Michael from NSW, who shops at Erina

"My fishing Kayak fitted with an electric trolling motor and features such as sonar/fish-finder, power meter, bait-well pump, light, bilge pump and safety related controls. Nearly all the control equipment, switches, cabling, connectors, cable ties etc were sourced from Jaycar. It all works well!"

Maurie from WA, who shops at Rockingham

"I now run LED lighting to all rooms in our home. I do not use Synergy power for lighting anymore. All this is fed from 1 only 12volt auto battery."

Steve from TAS, who shops online

"We needed to count the books coming out of our rather large XROX printer as we print the books in their thousands .So a conveyer belt was the best option , it also needed to count the books in total and in 25 book lots , then move to the next box after counting 25 and so on back and forth ."

Chris from VIC, who shops at Werribee

"With quite a few projects that run from 12V, I made up a box from MDF & pine, complete with multiple switched & constant outputs, fuses, master switch, various connection types, battery meter, and Voltage & Amps LED displays. With the turn of a switch I can power them all from the 100Ah SLA battery!"

Aaron from QLD, who shops at Gold Coast

"This started out as a simple solar powered fish tank using a Jaycar solar panel water pump kit but has grown into an automated aquaponic setup. It has a Linux web interface for setting four different light ring and pump schedules via an 8 port power relay. The next step is totally solar!"

Justin from QLD, who shops at Ipswich

"A solar battery charging panel, using Jaycar, LED's, thermostat, fan, cable and heatshrink. The device automatically looks after any sealed, flooded or gel battery. It has an automatic thermostat that kicks in at 35 degrees to keep the solar unit cool."

Chris from NSW, who shops at Port Macquarie

"Wired up a 12v system for my camper trailer with all cable, plugs and sockets from Jaycar. Now i can run a fridge, lights and even charge my phone while im out camping. Thanks Jaycar!!!"

steven from QLD, who shops at Underwood

"With the solid state relays, transistor, and advice I got from JAYCAR.I was able to design a simple and inexpensive dc motor controller to drive the SmartDrive motors."

Norbert from WHANGANUI - MANAWATU, who shops at Palmerston North

"I Have Developed Wind&Solar Controller Switchboard. It Can Charge The Batteries With 12Vdc By Wind & Solar energy (both in the same time)."

John from VIC, who shops at Thomastown

"The camper of a life time travel all over australia fitted with all jaycar equipment eg alarm solar sercurty chargers the list goes on. Thank you"

Chloe from NSW, who shops at Dubbo

"I turned what was meant to be a garden candle lantern into a solar light for my mum's Christmas present. I used the components from a solar garden light and some other things I had lying around from jaycar. All the wiring is waterproof, and it can be easily taken apart and moved around the garden."

Glenn from WA, who shops at Rockingham

"I am fitting out our camper trailer with a 12V system. It will run lighting and our fridge. It will be charged by the tow car while towing and solar panels while camping. There is a Jaycar 10 way fuse box at the heart of the system, handling circuit protection and power distribution."

Daniel from NSW, who shops at Campbelltown

"I built a power station for a camping setup switching lights, inverters, water pumps and fridge separately. Each circuit is procted by a 10A circuit breaker with allocations to expand to 25A per Circuit. also has a Digital Volt and Amp meter. Ide upload more photos of in but inside, it only lets one"

taher from NSW, who shops at Blacktown

"I created a manual glow plug switch for my 4WD. On a recent trip my glow plug system failed in outback nsw. It took me over an hour and a half to diagnose the issue so when I got back I made a simple system using only a circuit breaker, isolator and switch. Much more simple and easy to diagnose!"

Kevin from VIC, who shops at Cheltenham

"HiThis is a "soundblaster " that i built using mostly Jaycar Electronics components. The idea of the project is to lure predators into view of my motion activated camera.It uses a 12v battery, solar panel and solar controller,amplifier 7db 3G antenna and audio speaker all purchased from Jaycar."

Lorraine from NSW, who shops at Newcastle

"During the horrific storms of April 2015, we had no power for a week. Hubby got his 12 v battery pack ( he made earlier for his 12 volt drill) and added a cigarette lighter socket to it. We were able to charge our phones, to keep in contact with the family until the power came back on!"

Shane from QLD, who shops at Townsville

"Power supply boxes for multiple laptop and communication equipment for Defence Force vehicle application."

Geoff from NSW, who shops at Port Macquarie

"This is the main power board for my motorhome using all Jaycar components: Dual battery monitor, 6 Gang switch panel with circuit breakers,12v USB outlet,12v Power outlet, 20A - 240v circuit breaker with power in & out indicators. 240v double pole outlet. The unit was easy to build and install."

Karl from ACT, who shops at Tuggeranong

"Got sick of flat battery on fishing trips so put in power tech dual bat system and Aussie all rounder battery hasn't missed a beat in 6 months Also put the remote start button in cab for easier access Cheers Karl"

Christopher from QLD, who shops at Caboolture

"I designed and installed 1kw of solar on my van. It charges my ride on toys. Runs the TV, esspreso machine, shower, microwave and LED lights. The panels are connected to 4 x 30 amp powertech controllers. 2 powertech inverters a 1kw plus a 2kw. A 12v pump for the sink. The trailer is next in line."

Tammy from NSW, who shops at Dubbo

"Rather than spending over $1200 on a bathroom cabinet with a built in light box, we made our own for under $450 (including the cabinet). Although the bathroom reno was a nightmare at times, the final product was well worth it and the special lighting give a relaxed atmosphere while having a spa."

Will from SA, who shops at Adelaide

"Here's my Jaycar enhanced JayCAR. It's got roughly 60 metres of cable, numerous Deutsch connectors, LED warning lights, camp lights, driving lights, relays, fuses, switches... all that make getting out of the city and off the grid more enjoyable. Getting lost is made easier with Jaycar!"

Mark from NSW, who shops at Tuggerah

"0-30volt 0 - 3 A current controlled power supply.The unit was scratch built using perfboard and components from Jaycar. I made the heat sink and the sheet metal chassis."

Rachel from NSW, who shops at Liverpool

"This is a fuse panel for the main controls for a bridge to bridge speed boat! I've never wired up a boat before but managed to put it all together and have it work first time with no muck ups! I even heatshrinked all the lugs with dual wall heat shrink so the glue makes the boat waterproof"

Mathew from QLD, who shops at Townsville

"I decided to move out of town. No Mains Power. So made my own Solar System. I run 150l fridge. Led lights. Computer. Tv and Car 12v stereo. On 2 Solar panels 4 AGM Batteries. 5000w invertor. I have enough power for 3 days if no solar input due to Rain/Cloud. All for Approx $2500-$3000"

Harry from ACT, who shops at Belconnen

"My portable fluorescent lamp used a 6volt 4.5Ah SLA battery to provide 3 hours operation, but never achieved it. Modifying D cell battery holders to suit two 3400mAh 3.7V Li-Ion batteries, my lamp operates for 4+ hours. Adding an Arduino USB Lipo charger finishes the project."

Sean from QLD, who shops at Strathpine

"Hi,I made a automated entry timber gate for the front of our house & used all Jaycar parts & a golf buggy motor to open & close it. To successfully make this work I used the D.C. Motor speed control kit , a remote control kit, relays & reed switches , mounted in a box with a solar panel on top ."

steven from TAS, who shops at Launceston

"i wanted a slide on camper to go on my six wheeler and the price was too high (around 35 thousand dollars) so i built my own .jaycar were an excellent avenue for all my electronics from battery switches ,led lighting,television antennas and accessories and battery packs etc.everything you could want"

Lucas from QLD, who shops at Tweed Heads

"Project: polar icebox A Custom carrier class server rack Features: gateway, router, switch, ptmp, apcooling technology upto 1000 degree celsius suitable for stratosphere space travel Ceramic painted oven bakedHeat Shielded Internal thermostats with 6 channels of fan control"

Benjamin from VIC, who shops at Werribee

"I have made a bench top power supply from an old pc power box. It has 12v, 5.5, 3 and -12."

Chandy from ACT, who shops at Fyshwick

"Built a computer controlled N scale layout with extensive soldering and wiring sourced from the Fyshwick store."

Grant from SA, who shops at Gepps Cross

"My solar panels charge deep cycle batteries so I can run 2 fridge/freezers and also powers 12volt led strip lights throughout the house & charge points for iPads / mobile phones, I also have a large power inverter to run 240v. I've been lucky to have lights when Adelaide had those power breaks"

Trevor from SA, who shops at Clovelly Park

"I made this box to check the output of my solar panels.It tests voltage and amp of the panel so i can move the portable panel to maximize the input to the battery."

Paul from NT, who shops at Darwin

"solar power controller and distribution centre.what it does; it takes the power from solar panels on the roof to charging the deep cycle battireys to distributing to around the house, it powers my server box, (that has NAS drives, cameras and the router/modem) to emergency 12v lighting and more."

Jonathan from NSW, who shops at Maitland

"An "emergency" bathroom fan to help with the recent heat. Lucky that room gets full sun, for solar ... A 12 V 5 W panel directly drives three old 40 MM CPU fans, with the help of some Arduino jumpers and a (very) jury-rigged circuit. It will get us by until I can fabricate something more permanent!"

Adrian from NSW, who shops at Maitland

"Made a power box that supplies 240V in any world power plug plus 2 USB outlets. Also runs a 750W ATX Power supply through a rotary switch to provide 12V, 5V or 'other' to the bus bars to the terminals. Power indicated by digital AC 240V, DC Volt gauges and an LED. Also LED switches."

Rhys from NSW, who shops at Brookvale

"I built a stand alone battery power supply for display model that was AC powered. The model required 3v and 9v DC that would automatically switch on when mains power was disconnected, The unit switched with solenoids and was backed up with an on-board charger. All sourced from jaycar - perfect!"

John from CANTERBURY, who shops at Christchurch

"I have upgraded my boat to 2 outboards, one a jet for getting up river and the other prop driven for lake trolling. Both are electric start so I have fitted the 2 batteries with solar panels. The charge controllers are fitted in a waterproof box. I always have fully charged batteries."

Craig from VIC, who shops at Melbourne

"Created more than 20x noise & weather station loggers for environmental monitoring. This required an assortment of Jaycar cases, tools, solder, plugs, sockets, power lugs & plugs, fuse holders, fuses, & wire, solar panels, battery chargers & building up the wiring & mounting components to the kits."

Adam from VIC, who shops at Mornington

"Behind the fridge is a secondary battery connected to a dc-dc charger, fed from main battery and an 80w solar panel mounted to the roof of the canopy. Battery powers fridge, air compressor, interior lights, exterior lights and multiple 12v sockets. Everything is wired back to fused switch box."

Graham from WA, who shops at Osbourne Park

"Running a fridge in your car without a dedicated (and expensive) dual battery system can be difficult.This unit uses a conventional vehicle auxiliary output to both boost the (often low) voltage and also provide around 4 to 5 hours of backup time when parked.It also monitors inputs and outputs."


Entertainment Kits And Electronics Power Tools