Boss-level Bluetooth® tricks

There's more to Bluetooth® than meets the eye. Here are some uses you may not know about.

Bluetooth® technology is everywhere, which means it's easy to assume all it's good for is audio. But have you considered just how useful this wireless, Wi-Fi dodging data exchange can be? Here are three of our favourite Bluetooth® hacks.

Unlock your house using your phone
Sick of losing your keys? With a Bluetooth®-operated smart lock, all you need is your smartphone to get into your office, home or apartment.
A smartphone-controlled door lock is ideal for buildings that many people need to access. Family, friends or colleagues can download an app on their smartphone or tablet, or enter a unique passcode on the keypad. The power is in the palm of the app administrator, who can change, freeze and delete codes, plus set timed (6hr) and one-time (24hr) passcodes. Security-wise, a smart lock will record information on who has entered the building, sound an alarm if someone tries to damage the lock, plus lock an intruder out if a passcode is entered incorrectly too many times.

Turn your boom box into a smart speaker
Hooking up your smart home device to your speaker will give you clearer, less tinny audio so you can enjoy your music tracks in high fidelity.
Syncing up your Alexa or Google Home to a high-quality speaker is a great way to get the very best out of your smart home experience. The way you interact and issue commands to your smart home device won't change, however audio will reroute via Bluetooth® to play from your selected speaker. With a completely wireless set-up, you'll be able to move your speaker around the house or out into the backyard.

Hook smart devices up to an external mouse and keyboard
A keyboard or mouse equipped with Bluetooth® offers great versatility when paired with your tablet, PC, smart TV and even your smartphone.
We all know that typing and navigating on a tablet or smartphone isn't always as user-friendly as on a PC, which is where an external mouse and keyboard come in handy. On trips away, you won't have to worry about your laptop getting damaged or stolen, as you'll be able to catch up on work, send emails and book activities on your smart devices with ease. You can also use a Bluetooth® keyboard to browse through Netflix on your smart TV, as well as browsing the web without leaving the couch if your PC is casting to your TV screen. They're also lightweight, with indicator lights to tell you when you're out of range or low on battery.

-May 2020

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