Best ways to power up your USB devices

Here are some of our top gadgets to help keep your phone, tablet and other USB charged devices at 100% at all times.

Phone, tablet or laptop battery on its last legs? If you're out and about or you have minimal charging points at home these gadgets are – quite literally – (battery) lifesavers.

Use solar power
Editor's pick
Great for outdoor adventurers, this solar mobile charger will ward off the dreaded low battery sign when you're away from mains power.
Why we're fans: It's flexible, lightweight, water-resistant and comes with two thin solar panels that, when in full sunlight, can charge your phone in less than 4 hours.
When it'll save the day: When you're hiking, camping or away from power sources, solar energy comes to the rescue.

Enjoy a strong boost
The ultimate power bank which lets you charge your devices many times over, from anywhere.
Why we're fans: Its 3 USB ports and massive 15,600mAh capacity mean you can charge multiple devices at once and feel assured they won't go flat.
When it'll save the day: If you have large devices that use a lot of power, multiple devices, or you know you'll be away from a power source for a while, this is for you.

Get the quickest charge
Now here's a charging station that will get your battery out of the red zone. Fast.
Why we're fans: It can keep compatible devices charging at rapid rates in one compact station.
When it'll save the day: Quickly and reliably charge all of your power-hungry portable devices in a flash.

Charge everything at once
Put an end to family arguments that begin with "who stole my charger!?" with this multi-use charging station.
Why we're fans: It features USB ports for 5 different smartphones or tablets, as well as a storage compartment to avoid tangling cables.
When it'll save the day: Place it in a central room of the house and there will always be enough charging ports to go around.

Keep things running on the road
This nifty set of chargers can be used in the front and back of your car, perfect for those long trips.
Why we're fans: Plugs easily into your cigarette lighter and has two USB ports for the front seats, plus a 1.8m cable connecting two USB ports for those in the back.
When it'll save the day: You'll be able to ensure your phone or GPS never runs out of battery in the front, while keeping the kids entertained in the back.

-June 2020

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