Best 5 productivity boosters

Work smarter, not harder when you're back at the office with these productivity-boosting gadgets.

As we trade our PJs for workwear while slowly transitioning back to the office, why not trade our old tech for more efficiency boosting devices too? These are 5 of our favourites.

Get a boss two-screen setup
This dual-screen stand is the ideal office accessory for setting up your screens at the perfect height and angle. It holds up to a combined 8kg and accommodates up to two 27" monitors.
Why we're fans: This will keep your setup neat and ergonomic, and you can even manage your power and AV cables with detachable cable clips.
When it'll save the day: If you have a delicate tabletop (such as glass) this stand is more suitable than a clamp – and it frees up desk space if your monitors usually sit side by side.

Hold productivity in the palm of your hand
This wireless Bluetooth® mouse has an ambidextrous design, pairs easily with your PC, tablet or other smart device and offers great precision.
Why we're fans: Customise its resolution with one tap so you can scroll however suits you.
When it'll save the day: It's compact and ideal for travel so you can take it from your home office to your workplace easily and pair it with all your smart devices.

Manage time and charge wirelessly
This suave LED clock charges QI compatible smartphones wirelessly while helping you keep track of time.
Why we're fans: It's set-and-forget simple! Just put your phone on the charger and it'll begin charging at speed. The rubber base will ensure it doesn't slip off.
When it'll save the day: If you're prone to checking the time at work and getting distracted by notifications, this charger will display the time boldly and keep your phone juiced for when you need it.

Play music and chat cable-free
These rechargeable wireless headphones are comfortable enough to wear all day and offer crystal-clear audio, and an inbuilt microphone to take calls. Pair them with your phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth® and you're able to move around cord-free and reduce cable clutter.
Why we're fans: Headphones can be bulky, but these fold up easily so you can throw them in your bag or coat pocket.
When it'll save the day: If you have a long commute, a big battery with capacity for 18 hours of playback and 14 hours of talk time means you won't be caught without audio.

Power up on your mouse mat
An inbuilt phone charging zone is what sets this mousepad apart. Plus, you'd be hard-pressed to find a smoother pad.
Why we're fans: Your wireless mouse will glide over this ultra-soft mousepad and you'll never have to worry about a flat battery again.
When it'll save the day: When you're busy at work and need to check your notifications at a glance and ensure you never miss an important call. You'll also never have to fiddle with cords to keep your phone juiced.

-July 2020

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