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Australian / New Zealand Standards Car Engine Immobiliser Australian / New Zealand Standards Car Engine Immobiliser LA8970 17.22

Australian / New Zealand Standards Car Engine Immobiliser

CAT.NO: LA8970

  • Australian / New Zealand Standards Car Engine Immobiliser
Australian / New Zealand Standards Car Engine Immobiliser

Australian / New Zealand Standards Car Engine Immobiliser

CAT.NO: LA8970

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This high quality fully featured engine immobilizing car alarm is made to and has passed the latest 2001 Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4601:1999 - Vehicle Immobilisers. Some insurance companies will offer a discount on your policy if you have a standards approved immobilizer fitted to your vehicle, and in the case of high performance or imported cars you may be required to have one fitted as a condition of your policy.

Most insurers require, as a minimum, an Australian Standards approved (AS/NZS 4601:1999) Immobiliser with a minimum of two immobilizing points, and some of the more specialised insurers require 3 immobilisation points.

The Shadow meets and exceeds these insurers' requirements by having the required standard two internal immobilizing circuits as well as a third external immobilizing circuit.

The Shadow is sold with the alarm components separately (LA-8975), allowing the user to save costs if they do not require the alarm functionality.

Features include:
* Micro- processor controlled technology
* 2 button 2 channel Code Hopping 433MHz remote control - more than 100 million individual codes prevents code- grabbing by would be thieves
* All wiring is black and same gauge to confuse thieves
* Electronic twin relay circuits for two points of immobilisation
* External relay output for the third immobilisation point **
* Panic button personal safety feature
* Emergency 5-number pin override makes car immediately drivable in case remote transmitters are lost or damaged
* Auto Immobilising: when disarmed or engine is stopped, the alarm will immobilize the engine after 30 seconds
* Horn or siren output (siren available separately - see LA8975 below)
* Indicators flash and siren sounds (if siren fitted) to alert arming, disarming and automatic immobilising
* Ignition sensing - tampering with ignition will automatically sound horn (if connected) or siren (optional)
* Heavy duty 2x 40 amp immobiliser relay circuits
* Up to 3 remote controls can be programmed into each system
* 28mA ultra- low current draw when armed has little effect on battery drain life
* Up to 100 metre remote operation range under most circumstances
* 3x sector isolation (both immobilisation circuits and input sensors)
* 2nd channel output trigger for boot release (may require solenoid purchased separately)
* Armed ground output to control accessories
* Armed status memory - system will return to same state of arming if power is removed and then restored, thwarting theft by cutting battery power to the car
* External sensor input function for extra sensors (eg, microwave, shock, etc)
* Remote central locking (if car fitted with central locking)
* 12 month warranty

* Purchase Cat LR-8830 for 4 door and Cat LR-8838 for 2 door to add central locking to your car.

** Purchase SY-4070 relay and SY-4069 relay base to give the third immobilization circuit.

* Black box electronic module with all of the above features, made to Australian and New Zealand Standards
* 2x 433MHz code-hopping remote control key fobs
* High security all-black wiring harness (numbered for installation purposes), including central locking output wiring
* Flashing dashboard LED
* Installation and user manuals

- Multi-Tone 20 watt Battery Back-Up Siren with security key shut-off
- Shock Sensor (adjustable sensitivity settings)
- Bonnet Pin Switch (protects engine bay from tamper)
- Supplementary Installation booklet

Warranty: 12 Months