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Arduino Arduino Starter Kit Arduino Starter Kit XC9200 199.00 In stock

Arduino Starter Kit


Arduino Starter Kit


Contains over 200 parts to get your new Arduino project up and running with a minimum of fuss.
• 400 Point Breadboard for Solderless Construction
• Includes a Buzzer, Motor and Servo for Interactive Output
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In Stock

This offical kit from Arduino includes all the essentials to get you started in the exciting world of Arduino. The kit includes the Arduino UNO board, which is one of the best boards to learn about first, along with a breadboard and plenty of prototyping accessories. Components include LEDs, resistors, switches, a potentiometer, a buzzer, a motor with fan, which can make any of the five projects described in the printed user manual, and for other projects you can find online. A generous amount of coloured jumper wires are also supplied. The kit makes the perfect gift for a young electronics enthusiast or maker in the making.

The Starter Kit includes:
• 1 x Projects Book (170 pages),
• 1 x Arduino Uno,
• 1 x USB cable,
• 1 x Breadboard 400 points,
• 70 x Solid core jumper wires,
• 1 x Easy-to-assemble wooden base,
• 1 x 9v battery snap,
• 1 x Stranded jumper wires (black),
• 1 x Stranded jumper wires (red),
• 6 x Phototransistor,
• 3 x Potentiometer 10kOhms,
• 10 x Pushbuttons,
• 1 x Temperature sensor [TMP36],
• 1 x Tilt sensor,
• 1 x alphanumeric LCD (16x2 characters),
• 1 x LED (bright white),
• 1 x LED (RGB),
• 8 x LEDs (red),
• 8 x LEDs (green),
• 8 x LEDs (yellow),
• 3 x LEDs (blue),
• 1 x Small DC motor 6/9V,
• 1 x Small servo motor,
• 1 x Piezo capsule [PKM17EPP-4001-B0],
• 1 x H-bridge motor driver [L293D],
• 1 x Optocouplers [4N35],
• 2 x Mosfet transistors [IRF520],
• 5 x Capacitors 100uF,
• 5 x Diodes [1N4007],
• 3 x Transparent gels (red, green, blue),
• 1 x Male pins strip (40x1),
• 20 x Resistors 220 Ohms,
• 5 x Resistors 560 Ohms,
• 5 x Resistors 1 kOhms,
• 5 x Resistors 4.7 kOhms,
• 20 x Resistors 10 kOhms,
• 5 x Resistors 1 MOhms,
• 5 x Resistors 10 MOhms

Arduino Boards

Microcontroller ATmega328P
Fully arduino compatible
Computer Specifications

Flash Memory 32kB
Onboard Storage 1kB
Arduino Modules

Required Supply Voltage 7V-12V
Book Details

Knowledge Level Beginner
Title Arduino Projects Book
Page count 170 pages-170 pages
Physical structure Bound back soft cover
Subject Arduino
Product Dimensions

Weight 25g
Dimension details Arduino Uno Board
Width 53.4mm
Length 68.6mm


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