The best new Arduino compatible modules explained

Expand the horizons of your prototyping with one of these phenomenal new modules.

Are you stuck at home, getting tired of the 'same old' and running out of ideas for new Arduino projects? There's nothing quite like the rush of creativity that can be spawned by the possibilities and implications of new and previously unheard-of modules.

Here are five of the latest and greatest input/output devices for you to add to your inspired creations. We’ve even thrown in a few 'serving suggestions' about the kinds of projects they might be suitable for!

LED matrix module
Brighten up your projects with an 8 x 16 matrix of blue LEDs, with brightness adjustment and four-pin connectivity for 12C control. It comes with a 220mm four-pin cable and draws less than half a watt.
What to use it for: Scrolling sign, digital clock, alarms and alert messages, simple graphics

Digital rotation sensor
Take your turn with a rotary encoder which senses direction and number of rotations using pin change interrupts, with voltage divisible into 1024 increments.
What to use it for: Encoding text, adjusting parameters such as sensitivity or PWM duty cycle, scrolling through menus

Black/white/red e-ink display
Transform the way you display with an ultra-low-power 200 x 200px e-ink module. More than just monochrome, it displays black and red on a white background, with two levels of grey, a >170° viewing angle and SPI interface.
What to use it for: Digital name tag, push notifier, weather station, mini calendar

Amazing audio amplification
Add a 'sounding board' to your next project with a tiny 47mm amplifier module, which includes a tiny 23mm speaker, trimpot for volume adjustment, and delivers 2W output.
What to use it for: Musical output, touch tones, voice alerts, gaming devices

Thin-film pressure sensor
Take the pressure down – literally – with a force-sensitive resistor that can measure up to 10kg (or 100N). It’s waterproof, and durable enough for an estimated 100,000+ loadings.
What to use it for: Simple digital scales, bump alarm, plant-watering reminder, full rubbish bin alert

Click here for a collection of advanced Arduino-compatible shields.

- April 2020

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