Full STEM ahead

Teach young people in your life about engineering, physics and mechanics with toys they can assemble themselves

If you happen to be unfamiliar with STEM, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, and it's a branch of education that's taking off in a huge way.

Learn as you build

Circuits that can be drawn on paper or created from snap-together components are great for kids who are naturally curious about such things. But how do you get children interested in engineering if they want a real toy to play with, rather than a theory-based novelty?

The solution is a functioning model that requires assembly. Building from scratch helps fine motor development in young children, as well as improving hand-eye coordination. Some kits include complex mechanical linkages, giving young makers a personal experience of how torque can be transposed to linear motion, for example. As both research studies and ancient aphorisms attest, you just can’t get that from books.

Here are some highlights from our range, and the engineering concepts they demonstrate.

Learn about fuel cells by building a model car powered by salt water and magnesium plates.
Get an in-depth understanding of how gears work and interact by assembling a functional clock.
Build an amazing robot arm that simulates hydraulics using pneumatic pistons.
Learn about solar power while putting together four fun, easy models.
Discover pneumatics by creating a car with a pressurised piston engine.
Assemble a robotic lizard with simple fight-or-flight AI based on infra-red sensing.
Some kits, such as a set of 12 robotic models, use overlapping scientific fields (in this case, hydraulics and solar power).
Young teens will love the challenge of assembling an all-terrain robot that uses belt drive and caterpillar tracks.

Click here for more details about the different varieties of kits available for children.

-Updated January 2021

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