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Bring a classic car up to speed with the 21st century using these tech essentials

In an age of fast hardware turnover and planned obsolescence, many of us get nostalgic about the times machines were built to last and designed to endure. If you work on a classic vehicle as a passion project, or simply maintain that old Torana with love and affection because of its sentimental value, how do you reconcile technology from last millennium with the demands of today’s always-on culture?

It's simpler than you might think with these low-impact yet high-performance auto accessories.

Revive the tape deck using a cassette converter with a 3.5mm aux connector you can plug into your phone or media player.

Transmit music directly to FM radio with a unit that supports mp3 playback from MicroSD card or USB, as well as letting you answer calls and charge smart devices super-fast thanks to Qualcomm® Quick Charge technology.

Give your car onboard hands-free even if it was built in an era before mobile phones, with an unobtrusive visor-mount Bluetooth® unit.

Install central locking for convenience and security, with a remote-controlled four-door kit that includes a kill switch and wiring loom.

Always know your car's location with a GPS vehicle tracker: just pop in a 4G-compatible GSM SIM card and use a smartphone or computer to track where it is in realtime. It's even got an engine-kill function that lets you remotely disable the fuel pump.

Check your speed, compass heading and other details without taking your eyes off the road thanks to a state-of-the-art head-up display. It might not be a flux capacitor, but it’ll still give your ride serious street cred.

Dive under the bonnet and check the electrics using an automotive circuit tester suitable for both 12V and 24V systems, with an active voltage function that lets you send current to relays and other components without a jumper wire.

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- March 2022

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