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80W Outdoor Fold-up Solar Power Pack 80W Outdoor Fold-up Solar Power Pack ZM9312 1,149.00

80W Outdoor Fold-up Solar Power Pack

CAT.NO: ZM9312

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A range of affordable DIY solar package deals from small entry level for light weight camping to a serious system to provide sufficient power for your off-road or boating get-away. Most of the packages come with everything needed to set up the complete power system with minimum wiring. Each package includes a versatile bright 60 LED light strip to illuminate the campsite or cabin, and the smaller deals also provide the option for a deep-cycle battery. See individual components for full details and warranty information.

ZM9312 80W Folding Solar Panel Package
For portable applications, including camping, to power a 12V fridge/freezer, LED lighting, etc. Position the folding solar panel to get the most sunlight.

Part number                   Description                                                       Qty
 ZM9130                SOLAR PNL 12V 80W MONO FOLD-UP PORTABLE             1
 HB8500                BOX BATT PLAS W/PWR ACCESSORIES                           1
 SB1695                BATT SLA GEL 12V 100AH DEEP CYCLE                            1
 ST3950                LED STRIP 60XLED IP67 FLEX H&L 12V                            1

Component Item 1 ZM9130
Item Quantity 1 1pc
Component Item 2 HB8500
Item Quantity 2 1pc
Component Item 3 SB1695
Item Quantity 3 1pc
Component Item 4 ST3950
Item Quantity 4 1pc