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7 Inch Colour Wireless Weather Station 7 Inch Colour Wireless Weather Station XC0370 339.00

7 Inch Colour Wireless Weather Station

CAT.NO: XC0370

7 Inch Colour Wireless Weather Station

CAT.NO: XC0370

A professional grade weather station.
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A professional grade weather station coupled with a 7 colour LCD that will measure almost anything planet earth can throw at it. It's capable of displaying temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, barometric pressure, and dew point. These readings are sent from the outdoor solar transmitting sensor and indoor sensor built into the display. You can see how much rain has fallen in 1 hour, a day, a week, or a month, see the current UV index reading, and even see the current lux measurement outdoors which is great for those who have rooftop solar arrays. Install the sensors outside and the readings will be transmitted wirelessly to the base unit up to 100m away. 

Overall a highly functional weather station brimming with features.

Weather Stations

Weather Station Style Weather Station
Storm Warning
Wind Chill
Dew Point
Sensor Type Remote wireless sensor
Sensor Battery Size AA
Sensor Battery Quantity 2pc
Sensor Battery Type Alkaline
Measures Temperature

Indoor / Interior Scale -10°C
Thermometer Resolution 0.1°C
Indoor / Interior Scale 14°F-140°F
Outdoor / Exterior Scale -14°F
Measures in Celcius
Outdoor / Exterior Scale -25°C-60°C
Celcius Accuracy +/- 1%
Measures in Fahrenheit
Measures Humidity and Moisture

Relative humidity range 10-99%
RH Humidity measure accuracy +/- ±5%
Relative Humidity
Measures Wind

Wind Speed Range 0km/h
Measures Wind Direction
Wind gust m/s
Measures Rainfall

Maximum Rainfall Reading 6000mm
Data Control Logging

Data Storage Internal
Data Storage External
Meter Data Control

Data Hold
Records Minimum
Records Maximum
Measures Atmospheric Pressure

Pressure Range 30kPa
Power from disposable battery

Batteries can be replaced by user
Warranty: 12 Months