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5 Inch Touchscreen with HDMI and USB 5 Inch Touchscreen with HDMI and USB XC9024 119.00 In stock

5 Inch Touchscreen with HDMI and USB

CAT.NO: XC9024

5 Inch Touchscreen with HDMI and USB

CAT.NO: XC9024

This 5 inch display has a 800x480 pixel resolution, HDMI input and includes a resistive touch interface.
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This 5 inch LCD screen has a resolution of 800x480. It can connect directly to a Raspberry Pi and can connect to any other HDMI source that outputs the native 800 x 480 resolution, via the built-in HDMI port. It also includes a resistive touch interface via the GPIO header. This module is designed to connect directly to the top of a Raspberry Pi, with a small HDMI double plug that locks the two together, but it can be used as a standalone display powered via the micro USB socket on the display. A backlight with switch is included. Now you can add a compact second display to your HDMI device, or make your own portable display device. Some display and driver configuration may be needed for operation.


- 800x480 pixel HDMI
- 5 Inch with resistive touch
- Touch interface GPIO only
- Screen: 5”, 800x480 Pixels
- Inputs: HDMI, Resistive Touch
- Supports: Raspbian for touch, video via HDMI at 800 x 480,
Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Product Dimensions

Weight 175g
Width 121mm
Height 78mm
Warranty: 12 Months