The 5 best car accessories

Our top 5 automotive accessories for your next road trip.

With eased restrictions, the open road has never looked so appealing. So, why not make car rides a little more entertaining and comfortable for the whole family? We'll show you where to start.

Keep the tunes coming
We all know that a great play list is a road trip essential but if all your tunes are on your phone and you don’t have Google Assist or Apple Car play then this inexpensive In-Car Handsfree Kit will be a saviour.
Why we're fans: Connects easily via Bluetooth to your FM radio so you can stream your tunes from your Smartphone through the radio.
When it'll save the day: When you also need to charge your Smartphone you'll find dual USB ports too.

Get everyone plugged in
Power up your family's devices simultaneously in your car, truck, or even your boat with this handy USB charger.
Why we're fans: With four USB-charging ports and up to 7.2A combined charging power, you'll never be caught out with a low battery again. Charge smartphones, tablets and other high-demand devices.
When it'll save the day: Next time you're on the road and the kids are in the back arguing over the charging cable – or you're always having to choose between keeping the GPS or your music app running, plug this in to keep all passengers happy with powered up devices.

Play a movie
Watch videos on this LCD monitor via a game console, DVD player or similar source.
Why we're fans: With low power consumption, a wide viewing angle and a lightweight design, this is a truly useful travel companion.
When it'll save the day: Passengers can watch their favourite flicks during car rides, or you can use the mirror-image function with an installed rear camera to help view what's behind you while reversing your car or caravan.

Set up a screen
Attach this mount to your headrest, pop in any tablet and keep kids in the backseat entertained.
Why we're fans: Its strong ball joint means you can rotate the tablet 360 degrees, and even tilt and swivel 60 degrees.
When it'll save the day: When you're on a road trip and need to distract restless kids from the long journey. Plus, the rotation allows two people to comfortably share the same screen.

Get better airflow
On those stifling days having the windows open just doesn't cut it. That's where this fan comes in.
Why we're fans: Plug it directly into your cigarette lighter socket and enjoy an oscillating breeze.
When it'll save the day: When your aircon needs a boost and you're stuck in traffic, plug this in to circulate the air and help keep your whole family comfortable.

-March 2022

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