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12V 40A Dual Battery DC-DC Charger with MPPT Solar Regulator MP3744 599.00
12V 40A Dual Battery DC-DC Charger with MPPT Solar Regulator

12V 40A Dual Battery DC-DC Charger with MPPT Solar Regulator

CAT.NO: MP3744

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This fantastic product is a dual battery DC charger and a MPPT solar charge controller in one - meaning it can take care of most of the charging of your deep cycle battery in your camper, caravan or RV. Including via your solar panel array.

The DC-DC charger is a full buck-boost type DC to DC charger, which boosts or reduces the incoming DC voltage to produce the FULL output voltage required to properly charge your deep cycle battery to a full 100% with true 5-stage charging. That means it eliminates the dreaded voltage drop issue, and it’s also completely safe to have it operating constantly as it has proper maintenance charging. Oh, and let’s not forget that it can charge a 12V battery from a 24V alternator, and vice versa! The cut-in and cut-out voltages are completely programmable, so it’s fully compatible with 2-stage alternators found on newer model 4WDs and utes.

When you are camping, the MPPT solar controller takes care of charging, providing up to 95% efficiency. The wide input voltage allows you to have either a 12V or 24V solar array to charge your deep cycle (12V or 24V), so it has maximum flexibility available. The unit will automatically flick over to solar power (if available) once it detects that the engine is not running, so everything just works automatically. The unit is programmed via the front control buttons with an LCD screen to display all the info.

•    5-stage charging
•    12V or 24V battery charging
•    Programmable charge voltages
•    Priority to solar charging when engine not running
•    Fully programmable cut-in/cut-out voltages
•    Suitable for wet/AGM/Gel lead-acid batteries
•    Common negative grounding

•    DC input voltage: 10-50VDC
•    Adjustable cut-out: 10-12.5V
•    Adjustable cut-in: 12-13V
•    Solar input voltage: 10-50VDC
•    Max solar array: 480W (charging 12V battery), 960W (charging 24V battery)
•    Max charge output: 40A
•    Dimensions: 236(L) x 203(W) x 88(H)mm

Product Length 236mm
Product Width 203mm
Product Height 88mm
Warranty: 36 Months