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100mm Ribbon Tweeter BARGAIN! 100mm Ribbon Tweeter BARGAIN! CT2023 1.76

100mm Ribbon Tweeter BARGAIN!

CAT.NO: CT2023

  • 100mm Ribbon Tweeter BARGAIN!
100mm Ribbon Tweeter BARGAIN!

100mm Ribbon Tweeter BARGAIN!

CAT.NO: CT2023

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Ribbon Tweeters Affordable at last!
Spectacular U.S. Stock Purchase

All Audiophiles know that ribbon tweeters are the ultimate speaker for smooth high (and very high) frequency performance. Unfortunately, a good ribbon tweeter can cost between $100 and $500 to thousands for some custom German ones. Even high-end enclosure manufacturers all opt for dome tweeters simply because ribbons add too much to system cost.

Jaycar have made a massive stock purchase from a major US organ manufacturer who makes both pipe and electronic organs. They are an 80+ year old company and we cannot tell you who they are! They are restructuring their production of their high-end organs and their stock of ribbon tweeters have been sold to us far, far below the 10,000+ factory gate price! Their massive loss is your gain.

The product. The tweeter is made in Japan by the venerable manufacturer, Foster. The device itself has multiple ribbon diaphragm components in same-phase configuration. There are two basic types of ribbon tweeters, static or dynamic type. This product is the dynamic type which has conventional impedance (8 ohms) and is more efficient. Each speaker is supplied with a datasheet and securely packed.

Even if you do not have any specific need for a ribbon tweeter at the moment, we strongly urge you to consider purchasing it for future use. At the price we are offering, we expect OEM (manufacturer) interest. As it is a distress stock buy, quantities are limited. On many occasions in the past we have warned customers of this and the slow ones miss out.

Type: Regular-phase 100mm ribbon tweeter.
Power: 20 Watts RMS (cont), 50W max.
SPL: 92dB/Watt.
Frequency Response: 6,000 to 40,000Hz +/-2dB (SUBLIME!).
Impedance: 8ohms.
Crossover Frequency: 6,400Hz (12dB / Octave).

Warranty: 3 Months