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Tools, Components & Cable > Active Components > Other > Sensors
CAT. NO. ZD1900
  RRP $24.90
HKZ-101 Hall Effect Device Re-introduced

HKZ-101 Hall Effect Device Re-introduced

This device is a rugged Hall Effect switch designed for automotive ignition applications. Jaycar stocked it for over 15 years until it was discontinued by Siemens in about 1998. It was very popular. A second source became available and we re-introduced it - albeit at a higher price because it was very expensive.

We are pleased to announce that we have now secured an Asian source for an identical copy. As far as we can tell, it is the same as the original Siemens unit. The best news is the price. Itís cheaper than even the 1980ís prices at $19.00AUD. These once sold elsewhere for closer to $100AUD a few years ago.

This device consists of a Hall Effect semiconductor sensor separated across a small gap by a magnet. In its normal state the Hall sensor (with inbuilt output transistor) is conducting. It will sink up to 40mA between the impressive temperature range of -40 to +150 degrees C. When an iron vane is introduced into the gap between the Hall element and the magnet, the output transistor switches off. The sensor is hermetically sealed, resistant to petroleum products and incorporates metal bushed mounting hols to facilitate fitting to a carrier plate, bracket etc. It is ideal as the commutator for an electronic ignition; however it has many other usage areas. Lead connections: Red V+, Black earth, Green signal (on/off).

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  25+ $19.70
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